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  1. pc9

    Fetch TV Mighty question

    Yes. I have one as part of my Optus subscription but you can use it as a media and streaming device as well as to receive FTA channels. PVR functions and streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and Youtube work well. My only criticism (wich may not concern you) is that the linear TV channels dont seem to upscale properly on a 4K resolution setting.
  2. Plenty of reasonably priced LCD TVs are available with VA panels. I own a 2017 Samsung MU7000 75", purchased for $3200 and am extreemly happy with it. Off axis viewing is fine to about 30 deg and reasonable to about 50 deg. Hisense and TCL also use VA panels also and can be purchased at buget prices. I would purchase Hisense in a heartbeat over LG, lower end Sony or Panasonic LCDs with IPS panels. IMHO the viewing angle issue is largely an invention of the OLED lobby to steer the consumer towards that tecnology.
  3. Correction - $1495 at Good Guys.
  4. Not aware of the NU 7400 being available in Aus. If so, it may be the curved version of the NU7100.
  5. Thats for the 65" version.
  6. Was checking the NU7100 in our local JB yesterday and despite the lack of a local dimming feature (which isnt such a big deal in an edge lit TV) and a limited colour gammit, the unit on display impressed with good black levels and brilliant screen uniformity. It was listed at $1895.
  7. pc9

    4K on a budget

    Umnless you have a wide seating arrangement, I would ignore LCD/LED TVs with IPS panels such as LG, Panasonic and lower end Sonys. Go for the TCL as suggested by davewantsmoore above. The VA panel will give you sperior blacks, better contrast and dark room performance. Hisense series 4 or 5 would also be worth a look for the same reasons.
  8. pc9

    Ch7's VFL Coverage

    In Rockhampton (central Qld) 7 main channel is now in HD (mpeg 4), presumably for the cricket. Mate has reverted to sd. Will be interesting come March 2019 to see how AFL is broadcast.
  9. pc9

    Sony TV opinions

    great price for a very good full array backlit TV.
  10. pc9

    Sony TV opinions

    rule of thumb for an LED/LDC, is if viewing angles are not an issue then go for TV with a VA (vertically aligned) panel; for better blacks and contrast.
  11. Edge lit TV from 2017 with a brilliant local dimming algorithym. So good that a couple of reviewers even thought it was full array. Panasonic have reverted to IPS panels for their LCD tvs in 2018. Like LG they just stay in the LCD game whilst all their R&D goes on OLED.
  12. really nice PQ on Buster Scruggs, 1080p but HDR makes it really pop.
  13. According to RTINGS the Sony X850 is an edge lit television with an IPS panel (except the 85" version which has a VA panel). Apart from the benefit of superior viewing angles, I would stay away from any TV with an IPS panel, as this technology produces weak blacks and poor contrast. Viewing in a dark room environment is also problematic due to the low native contrast ratio.
  14. Pretty sure the X85F is edge lit with a VA panel which should produce decent blacks and contrast. The Sony 900F and above are full array backlit.
  15. LCD/LED with an edge lit IPS panel. Don't waste your money on a professional calibrator. Out of the box settings in Cinema/Movie mode should do.