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  1. the Sony X900F would appear to hit the 'sweet spot' for those requiring a decent LCD FALD TV at a reasonable price - saw a 65" version in JBs the other day for about $2900. As a long time Samsung customer, it pains to see the overpricing in the QLED range - $4300 for a 65" (edge lit) Q7 is absurd and the FALD Q8 & Q9 are way overpriced IMHO. The NU8000 is a better option for the budget buyer; decent screen uniformity and colour gamit despite the edge lighting. Pity the TCL 6 series is not available in Australia; full array local dimming for the 65" version in the US for under a grand which equates to about $1800 in AU.
  2. Would be reading a few reviews on this prior to purchase - full array local dimming fails to overcome contrast/black level shortcomings of IPS panel. Another LED 'flop' from LG.
  3. LG are a 'name brand' and you should get reasonable quality control and technical support with your new TV, however LG have thrown the towel in regarding production of LCD/LED televisions. They are still chugging out inferior edge lit IPS panels when the competition is producing more vibrant units with deeper blacks and contrast for, in some cases, a lower price. LGs main game these days is OLEDs so nearly all of their production investment is being channelled into this type of panel at the cost of any decent LCD products.
  4. LG use an IPS type panel with poor contrast and dark scene performance. Even the new top of the range LG LED with full array local dimming does not hide IPS panel shortcomings. You would be much better off with a Hisense or TCL at a pinch.
  5. If you are watching mainly FTA terrestrial television, I would suggest have a look at the Samsung NU 8000. Its an edge lit LCD TV with a VA panel (as is the Hisense) but the Sammy should do a slightly better job processing poor quality (compressed) standard definition FTA. If you do take up a streaming video service such as Netflix or Stan at a later stage, you will be surprised at the vibrancy and detail of 4K material with both the Samsung and Hisense. I experimented with an LG LCD TV some years ago and was bitterly disappointed with the poor contrast performance particularly in dark scenes, due the IPS panel used by LG.
  6. at the end of the day Panasonic is a name brand probably worth the purchase. Just be vigilant utilising the manufacturers and statutory warranties if you have any defect issues. I wouldn't touch Panasonic LCDs though. Edge lot IPS panels with poor contrast and HDR performance.
  7. Look for a 2017 model - at the end of the day, they all use LG panels and any differences are largely due to video processing etc.
  8. Paradoxically on hd impoverished VAST, Imparja are showing it on GEM, their so called HD channel, and you guessed it, in native HD! if you think this bad, wait until 7 gets the cricket rights later this year with the crazy 7/7HD/ mate HD/mate sd arrangements depending on where you live.
  9. See some of the 2018 Samsung TVs are now on display in the major retailers. Spotted a 65" NU8000 (edge lit LCD/LED with VA panel and HDR), listed at $3099 in JBHiFi (Rockhampton). Haven't spotted any of the QLED range yet but note the Q9 and Q8 are listed as $6999 and $5899 respectively on the Samsung Australia web site. These prices are incredibly steep and appear on par with last years QLED prices notwithstanding all of the hype about a more reasonable price structure in 2018. The good news is that the QLED 8 series appears to have a full array backlit as opposed to the European variant which is only edge lit. Understand that the TCL series 6 are FALD so if they are available in Australia, will definitely look at this cheaper option.
  10. pc9

    75" Recommendations

    As a footnote to the discussions above, with a retirement present to myself I budgeted $4000 to purchase an LG C7 OLED - no brainer I thought; just a visit to my local JBs to negotiate a suitable deal and fulfil a dream to own an emissive display following a dozen or so, post plasma years with LCD. In the end I surprised myself by purchasing a Samsung 75" MU7000 (edge lit LCD with a VA panel) which I picked up for $3500. My reasons are as follows: 1) 65" is no longer large enough to watch movies and streaming video. 2) $4000 budget limitations ruled out larger full array local dimming units such as the upcoming Samsung series 9 QLED or the Panasonic 900E/F. 3) not interested in any television with an IPS panel as viewing angles are not an issue for me. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of this set which seems to debunk many of the well publicised defects of edge lit technology. For example, screen uniformity is excellent and I have not noticed any vertical banding, haloing or light bleed. Like most mid range sets, the MU7000 responds well to good quality source material particularly 4K video, Foxtel HD etc. On the negative side, contrast/black levels and overall brightness could be better and colour saturation is pretty average although improves with HDR source material. Cheers and happy hunting.
  11. pc9


    disappointed with the HD quality on this series of Vikings. Looks washed out almost an upscale - same on VAST SBS HD.
  12. pc9

    Samsung KS7/8XXX

    Got my KS 8005 60" for $1995 at JBs Boxing Day specials. You should be able to get one for less than that. There are still a few around.
  13. pc9

    8K TV

    Stop dreamin guys