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  1. How about a petition demanding better picture quality than the bandwidth starved crap that Foxtel serve up.
  2. PQ on the Foxtel now box (at 720p) was so bad in the dark scenes I switched to Netflix
  3. Has anybody heard when KAYO is going to be available on Samsung TVs. Earlier in the year, Samsung made a big song and dance about a software upgrade sometime in April but so far no sign of it?
  4. The FTA terrestrial channels are heavily compressed due to lack of bandwidth. In Rockhampton 7HD transmits in MPEG 2 @ 1080 x 1440 and is still plagued by macro blocking, pixellation and other compression artefacts. The AFL is broadcast on 7 mate (MPEG 2 SD) and the PQ is appalling. Its KAYO for me.
  5. Watching on a Foxtel Now streaming box and the picture is woeful. I suspect the shitty PQ is more than just the 720p resolution. Dark scenes on my FALD TV were terrible.
  6. Then go IPS LED or fork out some more bucks for an OLED.
  7. Congratulations - fantastic edge lit LCD HDR with a VA panel and brilliant local dimming algorithm which matches many full array sets. I'm not surprised that Panasonic has re-run this premium model since 2016; they bombed out by switching to IPS panels in 2018 so its no surprise that the 2019 LCDs are all VA panels. I hope the features and quality of the 780fx can be reproduced in these new models.
  8. If you desire an LCD TV with a wider viewing angle then buy one with an IPS panel. All LG LEDs and lower end Sonys use IPS panels however the trade off is poor contrast. Read a few reviews to learn about this issue in greater detail.
  9. I own 3 x 4K TVs but with the wisdom of hindsight I would have purchased a couple of spare bulbs when I purcased my Sony 1080p rear pro all those years ago and I'd still be watching this beauty.
  10. Had a look at the TCL Australia web site today and it appears that the 2019 top end models in the Asian region are still edge lit - damn shame we cant get the US series 6 down here. Notwithstanding, the premium model has a nice set of features including inbuilt sound bar, qantum dot filter, HDR and wide colour gamut.
  11. Scooter is on the money with the Sony 900e although you may struggle to find one as it was a 2017 model. The 900F is basically its sucessor and can be sourced for as low as $2200 (for the 65" version) in capital cities. The FALD wont provide a huge advantage at 55" over an edge lit set at your nominated sitting position. Sony TVs generally provide the best motion handling with Samsung a close second. The main reason I have not considered an OLED is not image retention/burn in (I think this has been widely over exaggerated) but the issue of black crush in dark scenes which reduces shaddow detail. I have seen this in a number of household environments and also in store demos. Dont get me wrong, OLED produces some brilliant images but for me, as a movie watcher, its greatest strength being insanely dark blacks, is also its biggest weakness.
  12. Matt - for me personally, unless my viewing position was very close to the television, I would not waste my time investing big bucks for expensive OLEDs and high end LCDs at the 55" inch size. In a 55" TV, sitting at a normal distance (2 - 3 metres) you can get quite an immersive viewing experience with a mid range set such as the Sony 900x or the Samsung Q6FN which can be purchased at discount prices due to the imminent arrival of 2019 models. The 900F has the advantage of a full array panel with better local dimming, whereas the Samsung Q6FN will give you a nice punchy colourful picture (due to the quantum dots). Both are available in 65" which in IMHO is a much better choice for watching movies at normal viewing distance. Over to you.
  13. Direct backlighting as opposed to edge lighting in LCD/LED TVs. Most high end backlit TVs also have local dimming zones which dim the screen as required to improve dark scene performance, hence tha FALD acronym. Its a videophyle thing - good quality edge lit LED sets with decent native contrast and local dimming algorithym will be good enough for most people. For the purest picture quality, self emissive displays (no backlighting) such as OLED are the way to go. Hope that helps.
  14. Yep - in the US, TCL series 5 and 6 have full array local dimming (FALD) as well as Roku. Noticed that Samsung have cheapened up the build quality and lowered prices on their 2019 QLEDs. I suspect that this is in direct response to damaged inflicted on Samsung market share in the US by budget priced TCLs and Vizio FALD TVs.
  15. Unfortunately not - the c65us is an edge lit model produced by TCL for the Asian market which includes Aus. Nice set for the price though with VA panel, qantum dot filter and pretty decent HDR performance.
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