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  1. TCL edge lit TVs usually come with an extreemly thin panel but may cost a bit more than the Kogan. TCL generally use VA panels which will give decent contrast and "pop" for a budget LCD.
  2. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    Why dont you save some bucks and purchase the 65" version of the Sony 900F which can be bought for around $2300.
  3. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    Good call. I buy all my gear at JB. They are fairly decent with returns so if you experience any blooming/backlight bleed or other issues dont hesitate to exercise your consumer rights.
  4. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    If you can get a good deal - have a look at it but dont expect a premium movie experience. That being said, I watched a Netflix 4K HDR movie on my 75" MU7000 (the predecessor to the NU 8000) last night and the HDR effect eas quite immersive.
  5. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    I wouldnt pay a whole lot of attention to the HDR thing. The tech is still early stage so unless you are purchasing an OLED it wont be a major issue. Full array local dimming (FALD) backlit TVs will generally provide superior contrast in dark scenes to that of an edge lit unit but the difference is not "night and day". I own a Samsung 65" Q8FN (FALD), a Samsung 60" KS8000 (edge lit) and a 75"Samsung MU7000 (edge lit). Ironically, the edge lit MU 7000 provides the best viewing experience for me due to the extra size, brilliant screen uniformity, nil dirty screen affect and very little blooming. The other two sets have blooming issues and DSE to some extent but are obviously superior in PQ and have the extra colour volume associated with the qantum dot technology. In the 75" range, I would still go with the Sony 900F but you will get some nice results with the edge lit Q6FN if the price is right. I would avoid any LCD TV with an IPS panel (LG, lower end Sony and Panasonic) due to the poor contrast performance of that technology. One final point- buying an LCD TV is a bit of a lottery in terms panel performance so dont hesitate to exercise you right of return if you are not satisfied
  6. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    Might be a good call as the 2019 successor, the 950G has already attracted a couple of negative reviews due to the new wide angle technology compromising black levels. Pretty sure I saw a 900F 75" on special at JB for about $4000.
  7. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    Panasonic 2019 LCDs when released in a couple of months might be an option as Pana has reverted to VA panels - not sure whether a 75" is available though. Give some thought to a mid range Samsung LCD such as the NU 8000 which are now being run out in preparation for the 2019 models. Dont be put off by the edge lit panel as Sammy generally produce decent screen uniformity and local dimming algorithm. If absolute PQ is a priority then the Sony FX900 is probably the best option due to the FALD backlight system.
  8. pc9

    4K TV for movies only

    Watching movies on television is enhanced by good contrast,, black levels and colour volume, amongst other things. From a budget perspective, a full array local dimming (FALD) LCD/LED with a VA panel, may be the way to go. The best value FALD unit at the moment IMO is the Sony X900F, the 65" version of which, can be picked up for low $2000s. I own a Samsung Q8FN which is also another fine FALD TV with inky blacks and superb colour reproduction, but you will be paying an extra $1000 or so for the 65". If your budget is more constrained you might like to consider an edge lit LCD which in the 65" size can be purchased for as little as $1000 (TCL). The golden rule for edge lit TVs is to avoid IPS panels (LG, lower end Sony and Panasonic). IPS panels traditionally produce sub par contrast and black levels but have superior viewing angles, so if off axis viewing is a priority then you might like to consider an IPS LCD TV. 2018 OLEDs are currently discounted across most major brands, LG, Sony, Panasonic etc and you can pick up a 65" set for as little as $3,200 in some of the major retailers. I have never owned an OLED, so I can't comment on picture quality although, OLEDs are the preferred, reference level, technology for most reviewers due to the emissive technology that produces infinite contrast and superb colours. On the negative side, I understand that screen burn in, may be a problem if the unit is left on for long periods and a number of reviewers have also commented negatively on the presence of 'black crush' in dark movie scenes. Hope this helps and good luck with you purchase.
  9. Good article but doesn't quite tell the whole story. Edge lit LCD LEDs with a VA panel and decent local dimming algorithm can produce good blacks and contrast - rivalling full array in some cases. I own a Samsung KS 8000 edge lit (60") and a Q8FN full array (65") and the only noticeable advantage of the Q8 over the KS 8000 is better shadow detail in dark movie scenes due to the FALD. The KS 8000 actually outshines the QLED in a couple of areas such as better screen uniformity and has less dirty screen affect, not to mention its a much more attractive set.
  10. pc9

    Sony TV opinions

    Correction - Sony LCD LED.
  11. pc9

    Sony TV opinions

    Ditto - legendary Panasonic Plasma v Quality Panasonic FALD LED LCD. Like to see that.
  12. pc9

    100hz or 200hz

    Excellent call by Panasonic - demonstrates they haven't thrown in the towel regarding LCD LED tvs, which still have relevance for the budget conscious buyers.
  13. pc9

    100hz or 200hz

    Just a quick update. Panasonics LCD range are rumored to be returning to VA panels after much negativity in response to the decision to switch to IPS in 2018. No news however about FALD in 2019. In the past Panasonic has utilised very good local dimming algorithyms in their edge lit models so the absence of FALD may not be a significant issue. To be contined.
  14. The bitrate on Showcase is appalling. Last i checked it was under 3mbps so am happy to wait for the bluray version to get decent PQ.
  15. pc9

    The Expanse, series 3

    To be fair it looked pretty good streaming on Netflix despite the limited bitrate. Inky blacks and shadow detail even on my edge lit LCD.