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  1. I would be surprised if any of TCLs advanced tech. TVs come to Australia. As far as the company is concerned we are bracketed with the Asian region which pretty much limits the LCD range to the cheaper edge lit models. The TCL series 6 range with FALD has been available in the US for several years but is yet to be seen on our shores. Hisense appear to be adopting a similar approach with the "ball breaking" series 9 model (including a host of advanced features) just released in the US, but not coming to Australia any time soon.
  2. Purchasing an LCD/LED always involves a "panel lottery" in terms of quality control so its great that you have obtained a good panel. To be fair, most of the well known reviewers are paid up members of the "OLED fan boy club" so whenever a high end LCD comes along that makes an impact, they move very quickly to find fault with it. My Q8FN is not without some issues (minor DSE, screen uniformity etc) but I wouldn't be without it. Bloody brilliant colour, brightness, contrast, black levels and excellent local dimming system.
  3. Lower end LCD TVs have come along way in the past few years - even at larger sizes such as 75". I own a Samsung Q8FN which is a higher end model from 2018. I also own a Samsung MU7000 75" TV from 2017 and whilst the Q8FN is the overall better unit, mainly due to the full array local dimming, in some respects the MU7000 outperforms it. For example the MU7000 has brilliant screen uniformity and almost no dirty screen effect (DSE) whereas the Q8FN is less than optimal in these areas. I would recommend looking at the Samsung NU7000 75" model from 2018 if you can still find one; failing that, TCL is a good "bang for buck" option in the budget LCD/LED category. Even in these lower end, edge lit, models, you will get some impactful results from YouTube 4k videos and even some Netflix HDR movies. Regardless of whatever TV you choose, a sound bar is always a good option.
  4. Almost every review that I have read about the X950G has been critical of blooming and light bleed into the black bars during widescreen movies. If you are looking at a full array LED/LCD, the Samsung Q70R is a much safer (and cheaper) option than the X950G. It may not have the same HDR impact but you will get impressive contrast and decent screen uniformity at 75". I own last years Q8FN at 65" which is an outstanding TV. The Q70R has a similar number of local dimming zones but not as wide a colour gamut and slightly lower peak brightness which means that HDR is not as immersive, but in every other respect it is similar to the Q8FN.
  5. You are obviously happy with your purchase. The LG IPS panel will deliver a great viewing angle but not so good with black levels. If your previous unit was an LG then this may not be an issue. Enjoy the big screen
  6. Good call. FALD with a VA panel and I believe the the larger screen sizes of the X9500G come with the wide viewing angle technology. Some reviews have identified a blooming issue but interested in your impressions.
  7. the higher native contrast on the Q70R is due to the wide angle viewing filter on the Q8 & Q9 which as you point out is overcome on these two models by a higher number of local dimming zones. David Attenborough's Our Planet has spectacular 4K HDR, however in my view is best viewed in mute mode to avoid hysterical over exaggerated claims about the impact of climate change. Attenborough deliberately and consistently avoids focusing on the real cause of species decline, the abundance of plastic in our waterways, urban expansion and most of all, the erosion of funding for legitimate wildlife conservation measures, diverted to the world wide climate change industry.
  8. As a humble lower end of town guy, I am actually looking forward to seeing Panasonics 2019 LCD/LEDs. I understand they have ditched the crappy IPS displays for VA panels. Much improved contrast and a decent processor should result in a better product all round at a reasonable price, along with the Panasonic brand name.
  9. TCL continue to disappoint with their Australian televisions. Unfortunately we get lumped with their cheap low tech Asian models. The Series 6 manufactured for the US market is a cracker full array local dimming unit with a brilliant immersive picture at about half the price of equivalent Samsung models. Damn pity its not available in Australia. That being said, for the budget conscious Australian customer, the higher end TCLs on sale here are a decent TV - nice and bright with reasonable contrast, colour and plenty of other features.
  10. My last 7 TVs have been Samsung. They have their critics (mostly from the OLED fanboy club) but are generally reliable and long lasting. Good luck with the "Frame". Not sure where the technology sits on these models in 2019; past versions have been edge lit LEDs. Like most of Samsungs mid range models they will do a decent job but could benefit from full array local dimming like the QLEDS.
  11. Rule of thumb - avoid non brand name TVs. Good quality budget sets are available from TCL, Hisense and Soniq. Stick to one of these purchased from major retailers that have a decent returns policy such as JB Hifi.
  12. Despite the fact that Samsung has cheapened up their TVs in 2019 with poorer build quality and less features in the high end models, reviews of the Q70R are mostly good. Apparently HDR performance doesn't pop the way it should and peak brightness in SDR is only mediocre but on the plus side, this years Q7 has full array local dimming, excellent native contrast, good screen uniformity and minimal blooming. I suspect that it will satisfy most buyers movie, general TV and sports needs.
  13. Good call - would stay away from IPS based panels though, unless you need wide viewing angles.
  14. Good to hear from you again Owen. Is your 70" LCD still going?
  15. How about a petition demanding better picture quality than the bandwidth starved crap that Foxtel serve up.
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