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  1. Looking to sell my Rotel power amp as I am changing to an integrated to save space. Great condition with fairly low use (only used for music for time to time) Can drive anything and doubles to 400w per channel at 4ohm. Plenty of great reviews for a budget amp. After $900 ONO. Happy to post.
  2. Selling my near new headphone amp/DAC/PRE as I am upgrading to a higher end stand-alone DAC and headphone AMP. This is an absolutely magic AMP/DAC for the money. Will drive absolutely any set of headphones and includes dual Wolfson 8741 with 8x oversampling. The amp and pre are fully balanced which is unheard of at this price point. Supports 24/96hz via USB and 24/192 via coax and SPDIF optical. Outputs are coax and balanced XLR. This model includes remote and the cheapest price in AUS is $675. Purchase receipt from April will be included with full warranty. Suggest an audition to anyone who is on the hunt for a serious DAC/AMP. Its as new with no marks whatsoever. Looking for offers above $500
  3. Selling this great compact 5.1 channel setup that was used for my computer room but I have recently decided to move to a 2 channel setup. These are great stylish speakers that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on their included stands and wall mounting is also possible. They are silver in colour and in brilliant condition minus a superficial red stain on the front grill of 1 speaker. This in no way affects the sound quality which is by the way unreal for a package of its size. I I have a Yamaha rx-v 430 that was used to power them if anyone is interested. Looking for $500 for the speakers and sub and will grow the Yamaha amp in for another $100. Pickup from Canberra or postage can be arranged. My contact number for any questions - 0414 195 417.
  4. You mean the eq-max 12 not 15? There is no way a new eqmax 15 can be had for $900 in Aus. I just purchased the 15 and got $200 off @ $1499. The 12 can be found on special for around the $900 mark. Great subs and very competitive at that price point.
  5. I am looking at the Paradigm currently too and it seems to be a pretty good buy! If you can stretch your budget slightly further then the Sunfire HRS 10 is worth a look. It can be had for around $1500.
  6. A little more than I was hoping to spend on the power amp :-( Good luck with the sale.
  7. Yeah sorry - good point. My original post was in case the OP was interested.
  8. I honestly wouldnt be as its a new unit now. I am in Canberra. I am so sure of how well it operates that I am more than happy to give a DOA/7 day warranty for you to put it through its paces.
  9. I have just had a look around the net and maybe I am expecting slightly more than what is fair. I would be happy to accept - $900
  10. It includes everything and in its original box. The story goes - Amp was purchased just before they discontinued (with IPOD dock) and then around 6 months in the amp failed for an unknown reason ( I believe it was a power surge). The amp went back to the local authorised Yamaha repairer under warranty to be fixed. The short of it is that after about 2 months of the authorised repairer replacing 1/2 the internals the unit was sent to yamaha who replaced EVERYTHING! Since then the amp spent around a month in a test environment in my computer room to make sure it was fully operational before being packed into storage awaiting my new house to finish being built. It has been stored now for around 8 months without any use. I am really not sure what to expect for it in regards to resale as you rarely see them for sale. I purchased for around $2300 with the ipod dock and that was a damn good buy. Considering how much use it has had I would consider offers around the $1200 mark. If you think that is too expensive then come back to me with an offer.
  11. I have an RX-V3900 that I was considering parting with. I know the 3010 is newer but it is similar in most respects and an unbelievable amplifier. Let me know if you are interested.
  12. I have a Yamaha RX-V3900 with essentially no use that I am considering selling to upgrade to a surround processor and power amp. I may part with it if the offer is decent. Awesome receiver for the money and would fit your budget perfectly. It also provides a REAL 140w per channel with all channels driven.
  13. +1 for the Def Tech in walls! Any of the UIW models.
  14. Cheers mate, will definitely be keen on the power amp dependent on price.
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