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  1. I already have The Terragraph in Sydney from NEWScorp. Don't need more Murdoch media to try and avoid
  2. It's not delivering the best value at the moment with the extra shopping channels
  3. I noticed all 3 maps had Windsor further south than its actual location. Very little to no coverage for Wilberforce. I know I'm about 20 k away from the Kurrajong DTV Site. but i have to be outside the van I live in to even try and receive DAB+ on a portable device.
  4. according to the 9Now website u either get their android app or the Freeview app or use the latest web browser
  5. So what is the OS of your phone? What is the Web Browser do you use on the computer?
  6. What device are u using to view the Freeview Channels? Phone/Tablet, Computer, or TV?
  7. Watched the Last episode last night (02/07/2017), gotta wait till Boxing Day to see the new Doctor. Get to see the 1st Doctor again.
  8. I used to watch it on ABC when my father was on afternoons at Tamworth station in the '80's
  9. I bought an AWA TV in 2013 and I can't find anything on how to get MPEG4 without an new STB
  10. I need some one who can install an antenna on a van in the Windsor Riverside Van Park on Wilberforce Rd. My internal one no long seems to pick the Nine network from the Kurrajong Transmitter
  11. The Box asked for the viewers in the room as an input of A(1st person), B(2nd person) and guests (anyone not Living at the house)
  12. I remember when my parents had the rating boxes you only had to be in the room to be on the list
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