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  1. Sold pending funds clearing. Will notify next in line if anything chances thanks
  2. Further information: Isotek Initium 1.5m power cord. In excellent condition, no box though Photos:
  3. It will comply with your arm especially with the brass weighted mounting screws 👌
  4. Further information: 100 maximum hours on it calculated on the high end to be safe, more likely in the lower. Have misplaced the weight plate but have included another one plus weighted brass thumb screws which a. make install a breeze and b. are a better way to get weight compliance if you have a light tonearm. The brass screws add just over 3 gram to effective tonearm mass. Photos:
  5. Further information: 1more Triple Driver earphones. Used once, design didn't fit my ears well (seems to be common for me). Tried with my Sony Hybrid eartips so none of the 1more tips have been used. Everything in brand new condition, even the barcode warranty tag still in place. Tons of excellent reviews online Express Post $12 extra Photos:
  6. Further information: Canare 4S11 3 meter pair. Hand made by me, with low mass quality gold plated copper banana plugs from CAV in Carlton. Most of the customs I've seen have been cheap high mass bronze banana plugs. From my experiments, heavy bronze plugs affects the sound negatively and its quite audible. Photos:
  7. Further information: Denon DL-110 cart, new and unopened. Bought this as a spare (having been running another DL-110 on my turntable) but am going to try another option next. Sorry for fuzzy pics but don't want to take it out of its packaging........ Photos:
  8. That's awesome. And yeah pretty much where I found myself, definitely as good and better in many was as Chord Odyssey. I've been playing with flat woven OFC from Jaycar. To me it's not as forward as 4S11, more open and more detailed than 4S11, goes down further into bottom freqs and is a little less tight, a little more euphoric. Wide and deep soundstage. I like both. I think the brain gets bored a few months in and it's ideal for me to swap out every few months to refresh the mind and how it processes sound.
  9. Great thanks. Personally, after making the mistake of buying heavy brass banana plugs and hearing how much it changed the sound for the worse, I'm keen on a simple solution to go bare wire at home with ferrules and provide ferrule ends for friends who want cables made. That way they can use quality light weight screw banana plugs if they want to. The biggest eye opener so far has been how bad those chunky (but expensive looking) banana plugs have sounded. In all instances the lighter weight more basic looking bananas made of gold plate copper sounded much better in my set up
  10. Hi Steffen, any links to where we might source gold plated ferrules and maybe a appropriate low cost crimp tool. Really like this idea and have read reviews on the benefits. Great idea and cheers for suggesting it.
  11. Absolute bargain, the new model 8006 RRP around 2.5k. I've got the 8005 and love it. Made on Japan too. GLWTS
  12. Further information: FS: Van Den Hul D-352 Hybrid Speaker Cable 2.65m Pair with jumpers Bought 6 years ago from Audio Trends, terminated at CAV. These have been in the system the majority of the time beating out IMO Chord Epic Twin, Odyssey, Duelund DCA16GA etc etc. Very detailed and open without harsh highs or high-mids, big punchy bass, wide side soundstage. Thick 10awg conductors. They do have a few little scuffs/indents here and there on the thick soft outer cover, the one pictured below the only one of any note, at surface only. Jumper cables are approx 19cms long. These retail around $500 plus Photos:
  13. Hi all, about 20 PMs to sift through sorry. Will sort through soon. Thanks for your patience......no more purchase requests from here please Cheers
  14. Further information: (not sure what happened but previous ad today got marked as sold) Isotek EVO3 Premier Power Cable 1.5m in excellent condition. C15 Australian plug Comes with retail box, just forgot to photograph it Would prefer local collection but shipping will be easy too Photos:
  15. Killer cable. Just made up a pair myself and they are quite a bit more detailed and open than my existing more expensive cable. No idea how
  16. Thanks mate for the link but I've had vintage Western Electric and Duelund tinned multi strand. Wasn't 100% to my liking. Made up some solid core cable using magnetic wire and really liked the sound I ended up with, so I'm keen for solid core only at this stage, mostly Anticables
  17. Item: Anticables speaker cable 2.5 to 3m pair Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: mostly looking for Anticables 3.1 but am open to what is on offer Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  18. Yeah the ones I ended up using from Carlton Audio weren't exotic by any means, just your decent gold plate copper and weren't any more expensive than the hulking brass things I got from jaycar that sounded awful.
  19. Agree. Someone asked me if had used a drain wire and really, I can't think of any of my large company made cable that had a drain wire besides Supra 3.4s really
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