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  1. Sorry about replying to this 7 months later 😂. Weirdly got notification on your reply from July just now and didn't bother to check the date before replying! Yikes.......carry on........
  2. That's awesome. I think Canare is a great platform to start with and the benefits cost wise are evident against the lower to mid priced big brands......which is no mean feat. Does it compete with some of my best cable, not quite but it's not far off and it's a fraction of the cost. I think the process of making speaker cable is the bigger revelation. There is so much great cable available off the reel, and now you know how to terminate and etc, you can experiment with lots of great cable without the exorbitant price of factory termination. Hell, I've even made up some solid core OF
  3. Out of curiosity what Van Den Hul speaker cable are you using?
  4. Be aware that the flex from Cliffs isn't officially tech-flex. Tech-flex is a company. Proper Tech-Flex offers non-fraying weave which is ideal tbh because when you cut the length to size on say for example Cliffs one, it will quickly start to fray so you need to get your heat shrink onto the ends pretty quickly. Where Tech-Flex none fraying is easier to work with if that makes sense
  5. I think the particular flex comes up as a "suggestion" when youre on the 4S11 page. But in any case, tech-flex has a massive stretch/constrict range. I don't have Canare here at moment but you'll be able to search the manufacturer specs for the total diameter. Then on ebay for example tech flex listings normally have the stretch range per the specific size. So you don't have to be super accurate really, just ball park making sure that it's minimum constriction ability is smaller than your wire diameter
  6. Cheers Cliffs in QLD. But tech-flex is all over ebay so there plenty of options size wise and colour wise I'm pretty confused by what you are suggesting especially using two different gauges of Canare
  7. LOTS of purchase emails, thanks all for the interest. So far I have a sale pending payment and collection over the weekend. I will keep the other interested parties informed if this sale falls through for any reason
  8. Further information: Musical Fidelity M3si, with remote, manual and receipt from Klapp Audio from August 2020. Preference to local buyers. No original box but have plenty of sturdy boxes and bubble wrap if necessary to ship (buyers expense and insurance). Photos:
  9. That.......i don't know! It's got to be a little warm and musical so have been thinking Marantz PM-KI Ruby but I'd look at a Roksan K3, if a modern Luxman fell out of the sky for my 3k budget I'd definitely consider. Borrowing a Musical Fidelity M3si in the meantime and it's surprisingly good for my needs tbh. Open to suggestions!
  10. Further information: expressions of interest and/or trade options for an excellent condition Yamaha A-S1100. There is a pin prick mark (last pic) at rear top panel. No idea how. It's only surface paint and I just dotted it with a black marker and it's pretty hard to notice unless using a macro lens. Front panel, side panels, rear panel all mint. Interested in trade options in same ballpark, whether I add cash or cash my way whatever is agreed upon market value wise. I don't have original boxes but have the pack and send double boxing here if absolutely necessary to ship, but would prefer local
  11. Excellent, I'll definitely chat to him as it's in my neck of the woods. Have also heard great things about Tony McKay at Tivoli too. No doubt both will be busy so I'll see who's got the time to look at it Cheers
  12. Awesome will check. I'm kinda hopeless with forums so thanks for the heads up
  13. Thanks mate, will look at these. Ideally hoping for personal experience. I had an absolute nightmare with one repairer a few years back. I won't go into the gorie details but nearly 6 months stuck in that workshop and had to go back multiple times as simple repair work created further issue 😔. That was a tube amp but really looking for rock solid no fuss recommendations!
  14. Hey all, Tried this on the general forum but didn't any recommendations. Can you recommend any good solid state amp repairers in Vic for a channel Imbalance issue I have. Looking for a tech that is reasonably priced, reasonably quick and easy to deal with. Really appreciate your input on it Cheers Brad
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