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  1. Sorry misread, thought the Sommers were 1.5m. Too short for me.
  2. Can I please take one of the Sommer cables. Pm you now Cheers
  3. Can I please take 1 x power cable cheers. Pm you now 👍
  4. All good logical ideas. There is at least a few new records that are distorting. But then that is also trusting that modern pressings are mastered correctly which is probably a can of worms too. In the 70s and 80s bands would try to put their quieter tracks near inner groove but these days most albums seem to be uniformly loud in the digital age. I've done a fair bit of equipment flipping so it's hard to know when the issue became apparent. It could have been there earlier and I've only zeroed in on noticing it recently. The cheap Goldring E3 sounded so good that I ended up selling the Nagaoka MP-200 so I may need to grab another different cart to eliminate a fault in the Goldring E3. Having said that, the Nagaoka MP-200 was having some IGD issues too but I probably wasn't as focussed on it then. I think you make a good point trying those records out on another table to eliminate old record damage or poor mastering first
  5. Yeah good idea, probably easier to leave it with pros and see what they come up with then test a few of my worse records. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Looking for some guidance from experienced turntable maestros. I've got a Pro-ject The Classic turntable which I've run various carts on: Ortofon 2m Blue, Black, Nagaoka MP-110 settling with a Nagaoka MP-200 and a Goldring E3 as a spare a year ago. I've had Regas before this and got good results with aligning via arc protractors obtained from another forum. From memory Stevenson worked well. My problem with the Pro-Ject is I'm having a devil of a time resolving what I assume to be IGD but could well be something else. Both the Nagaoka MP-200 and Goldring E3 show up quite a bit of distortion from mid to end of record side. I notice this mainly in vocals, especially in loud chorus sections on rock albums or loud guitar solos or saxophone solos for example. Not every record. An example of this might be Talking Heads "Remain In Light" record. The wailing guitar solo on The Great Curve at end of side A ends up very distorted, slightly worse on right channel. My tone arm is parallel to the playing surface, azimuth is dead perpendicular but I've experimented a tiny bit to see if that helped or hindered but got nowhere with that. The Pro-Ject comes with a two point alignment card, and I've got the Ortofon alignment card as well. Both the Nag and Goldring cantilevers are not perfectly straight with the cartridge body so I'm careful to align cantilever at the null points rather than by relying on cartridge body at null points. But I've also aligned by cartridge body just to see, still same issue. What is perplexing me is I'm certain I'm near perfectly aligned say with the Ortofon alignment card but I still hear IGD on half my records and very noticeable as mentioned above with peak sections of loud solos or vocals etc. So this weekend I just experimented endlessly with angles and lengths on the tone arm head and just played inner groove to see if any variation worked. Couldnt get rid of the problem! I've experimented with tracking weight, didn't help. I'm fairly lost on how anti skate works on this thing too with the weight hanging on the nylon wire. 3 settings I can see and I've tried them all and with no anti skate at all. Couldn't detect much difference but I might revisit that. Am I correct in thinking (hoping) the Pro-Ject and Ortofon alignment cards are pretty useless? Would I have more success trying to source an arc protractor online for say Lofgren, Stevenson etc? I'm assuming the Ortofon and Pro-Ject cards are Baerwald? I don't hear peak distortion or any real distortion from start of record to midway. And if the two last tracks are pretty quiet I can get away without hearing much IGD at all. Pro-Ject is going directly into phono stage of my Marantz PM8005 then into Monitor Audio RX8s. I've eliminated speakers as issue as problem is present via headphones. Pretty frustrating, very keen to hear opinions Appreciate it
  7. One of my first amplifiers. If I was in NSW I'd buy for sentimental reasons alone. GLWTS
  8. Ended up buying Van Den Hul the Isis 3 days ago. Ohhhhh boy so much detail and very refined highs and mids. Very happy with it although I feel like I've lost about 10% bass but it's not lacking in bass. Might be just because it's so much tighter that I perceive it to be less. Did you find that it warms up a bit after a say a number of hours burn-in (if you believe in that theory anyway!) cheers
  9. Item: Michell Record Clamp Location: Kew, Victoria Price: $65 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: collecting dust so time to move it on. Comes with the felt ring as well. Can ship for $10 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Hey mate, thanks for the info. Very tempting. I'm assuming fairly small boxes if I need to ship these to Melbourne? Cheers Brad
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