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  1. Hi all, about 20 PMs to sift through sorry. Will sort through soon. Thanks for your patience......no more purchase requests from here please Cheers
  2. Further information: (not sure what happened but previous ad today got marked as sold) Isotek EVO3 Premier Power Cable 1.5m in excellent condition. C15 Australian plug Comes with retail box, just forgot to photograph it Would prefer local collection but shipping will be easy too Photos:
  3. Killer cable. Just made up a pair myself and they are quite a bit more detailed and open than my existing more expensive cable. No idea how
  4. Thanks mate for the link but I've had vintage Western Electric and Duelund tinned multi strand. Wasn't 100% to my liking. Made up some solid core cable using magnetic wire and really liked the sound I ended up with, so I'm keen for solid core only at this stage, mostly Anticables
  5. Item: Anticables speaker cable 2.5 to 3m pair Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: mostly looking for Anticables 3.1 but am open to what is on offer Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Yeah the ones I ended up using from Carlton Audio weren't exotic by any means, just your decent gold plate copper and weren't any more expensive than the hulking brass things I got from jaycar that sounded awful.
  7. Agree. Someone asked me if had used a drain wire and really, I can't think of any of my large company made cable that had a drain wire besides Supra 3.4s really
  8. Bill what's your thoughts on drain wire to the amp end for Speaker cable like 4S11 or any other speaker cable for that matter?
  9. Yeah agree, especially the connectors element. I initially bought heavy side entry bananas from Jaycar since I was in there anyway for heat shrink. They did something really weird with the treble, very metallic sounding when I compared back to bare wire. Had some Nakamichi bananas here but read somewhere they are all fake and not copper, rather they are iron with a plating. And again they didn't sound as good as the bare wire. So sourced some nice banana plugs from Carlton Audio which are low mass, copper with gold plating and it sounds great. I'm pretty surprised how much the 3 different banana plugs affect the sound, 2 negatively and the last set getting out of the way of the music nicely. What other cable have you had success with?
  10. Bill I'm staggered by the clean detail and frequency extremes to be honest. It's made my existing cables sound like Radio Shack wire and I'm not sure how, and I've gone back and forth multiple times to make sure I'm not biasing my opinion. Thanks for inadvertently sparking my interest in trying it. How does the smaller gauge 4S8 compare to the 11 in sound signature?
  11. Thanks mate. Ended up pretty easy, so now to experiment with different wire. But to be frank, a wire this inexpensive has no right to sound as good as it does. I know Bill's Cable swears by Canare and I've always scoffed. It's good to be surprised sometimes and you don't always have to shell out $500!
  12. Had fun making these Canare 4S11 cables. Definitely demystified the big brand cable game for me as these kind of blow away my Van Den Hul D-352 and Chord Odyssey, and those two were the best result previously for me under $400. Shocked at the performance so far of the Canare cable which was only $6.50 per meter! Jumper leads next.. ...
  13. Out of curiosity, is it shielded enough for a turntable? I know Chord Chameleon wasn't for my needs, Shawline was. Cheers
  14. Hey mate, no problem. Are you local or need shipping?
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