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  1. Item: Michell Record Clamp Location: Kew, Victoria Price: $65 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: collecting dust so time to move it on. Comes with the felt ring as well. Can ship for $10 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. It's manual under the platter from the belt
  3. Hey mate, thanks for the info. Very tempting. I'm assuming fairly small boxes if I need to ship these to Melbourne? Cheers Brad
  4. Hey out of interest, what per channel output is it into 8 ohm with just the integrated, and then what does the output jump to with the second unit? Also, does this have a DAC on board or phono stage etc Cheers
  5. To check for this you need to push the left button while the unit is on, and keep it pushed until the functionality toggles (either "auto standby on/off" or "screensaver on/off"). If that doesn't appear it's the first version.
  6. Is this the later version with the screensaver option for the oled display?
  7. If you can ship this to Melbourne I'll grab it. I'll PM you
  8. Let me know your thoughts on the performance when it arrives? Will this be connected to turntable or cd/streaming?
  9. Have you used them before in turntable context? And what sort of sound signature and detail did you get out of them if you have used them? Cheers
  10. As I mentioned in the original post, I've had Belden 8402 rotated in and out of my system both in tube and solid state set ups and always noticed a loss in detail and detail smearing. My Chameleon and Shawline leave it for dead unfortunately so I sold my two Beldens despite a few blogs touting it as the second coming of christ (along with Duelund DCA16GA which I also have 😔). The Belden is ok for the money, not class leading imo. The Duelund speaker lead is actually quite good if dialled in to the right set up. It's not lacking in detail per se, but it is a much softer signature which is common to tinned copper. If you were tiring of a bright very forward system Duelund would work very well.
  11. For the price of a new record, it's pretty hard not be tempted just to see!
  12. Aurealis is looking high on my radar at this stage
  13. Thanks......what's the overall characteristics of The Isis sound signature and detail wise? Could be an easy audition for me as I'm near Carlton Audio who generally lend me a few options
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