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  1. Thanks - I realise 4k is the way of the future, but the 9200 is not a 4k projector, so I'm really looking for something just to enhance a 1080 signal to a better 1080 signal. I know the Darbee won't fix a blocky image, but I was wondering if the blockiness was actually caused by my pj, so if I lower the sharpness on the pj but use the Darbee to add the sharpness back in (which it is meant to be good at doing so without adding a lot of noise) - Id be better off overall?
  2. Thanks - yes I'm using an anamorphic lens and zooming on the projector to match the size of the screen, but my inputs and outputs are both 1080p. If I ever watch DVDs I'll play them through my PC over HDMI and use MadVR to scale them to 1080p before it hits the AVR or projector. So I'm really after an enhancer rather than a scaler. It's sounding like the Darbee is the better fit as the DVDO is just replicating settings on my avr and projector? I did try renting a HD movie on iTunes recently and playing it through my PC. On the projector it looked terrible! I had to check it was really 1080 (it was). The picture looked extremely grainy and 'broken up' and I was wondering whether the DVDO would be useful here to smoothen it out? Or whether I could get the same result by lowering the sharpness /super resolution settings on my projector and then adding the Darbee in?
  3. Long time lurker looking to benefit from the vast expertise on this forum... I've been using an Epson TW9200/6030 projector which I am thoroughly pleased with, but my home theatre is tight and I sit close - about 2.5 metres from a 120" 2.35:1 screen. I mainly watch blu-rays and HD rentals from the Sony network through a Sony BDV-N9200 home theatre system. So by no means as hardcore as many on this forum but having a crack I'm considering adding a Darbee or a DVDO Iscan Mini, and I do realise it's not like-for-like, but was hoping to get your views on which delivers better bang for buck? I want to make the picture even better for good quality HD material, and try to smoothen out blocky images I'm seeing on blu-rays that have less-than-perfect transfers. I use of the Epson Super Resolution feature today around level 2-3, so if I put the Darbee in and lower this to say, level 1, I'm thinking I might get the same or better in terms of image and get rid of the blockiness that super resolution sometimes adds? Or - do I get the iScan which looks to me like a jack-of-all-trades across video enhancement, noise reduction, etc. Appreciate your help
  4. Confirmed I have the same capacitor problem. Photo can be seen here: https://dyp.im/JwJzeq56vs I guess the faulty capacitor is the large one in the middle of the pic with the slightly pointed top. This would in keeping with whats all over these forums. I'll be be headed to the electronics store over the next day or so to get a suitable replacement.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been the proud owner of a HT8000 for about 3-4 years now and have just run into a similar problem as what many people on this forum appear to be. Over the weekend my unit was left on while I was out, when I returned it had frozen, and when I tried to turn it off and on using the power switch at the back it hung on the words 'Loader v100'. I then tried unplugging the power cord from the wall and plugging back in, after doing that even the Loader v100 doesnt appear any more. I suspect I've got the same capacitor issue as many seem to be having, only apparently unlike many of you I have no engineering expertise :/ Fortunately a friend of mine can solder, so I may still be able to get by. I intend to open up the unit over the next day or so and see whether something jumps out at me as obviously blown or out of place, and if so take it to a local Jaycar to try to buy the right replacement part. Question for the group -- can you explain to me in lay man's terms what I'm looking for? Or even supply a picture if possible? Thanks a lot
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