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  1. Mine too. For anyone unsure how to get there: Setup > Installation > Decoder > Enhancement. (Takes 5-10 minutes to update.)
  2. I called Austar Techincal today (you're welcome lol). They said the new UI was "released on the 19th of April, and will be distributed in batches". Your box will update automatically, but they couldn't tell me when. Should be soon enough.
  3. Firstly, typical Austar! They've got a terrible Telstra attitude that I wish they'd shake. And yes, I am having the same mute issue with my HD box. Have rebooted to fix, but problem returns. My OSD has been unresponsive and slow lately also. These issues normally correct themselves eventually, but it's been a good couple of weeks now and I'm very close to calling them myself. Anyone else experiencing these issues or have fix?
  4. Mine does this also. More annoying than anything else, I was hoping they might fix with update. My 8 year old HDD DVD-R performs these functions a lot smoother!
  5. Touch wood, so far the SD and HD FTA reception on MyStarHD is pretty good, so to solve this issue immediatley I'm going to move my HDD-DVD-R and HDSTB from my lounge room to my master bedroom (where a standard Austar Digital resides). This way I can still burn-to-DVD my grandfathers EPL team games, so he can watch them without giving his pension money to Austar. When someone discovers a fix to the copy protection, I'll see if my "boss" will let me upgarde to a Blu-Ray burner for the lounge....wish me luck
  6. Got mine installed on Thursday. So far really impressed! Only had standard box before, so installer had to muck around a bit running new cable etc. Also glad he had a spare box on board cause the card reader in the first one he tried was damaged. Glad no one got that one for self install! HD channels look great on my Bravia 46", watching V8's now...pretty nice picture! So far no problems with recorded shows. Have already used recording time adjust on fta (cause times are always slightly wrong). EPG and online tv guide programming work well...online is gonna be handy from work!! I am way overdue for a new antenna, but the Mystar box picks up SC10 and OneHD better than my HDSTB and Bravia built in ever have! Had no fta program info until Friday morning, but installer had already warned me that info may take a while to fully upload. All good now. My HDD recorder is attached via S-Video (it's an older unit) but won't let me record from Austar or fta through MystarHD box...bugger! What's my best fix for this? Hopefully one day we'll be able to program recordings for selections in Viewers Choice programs. Who decided that MTV is Entertainment?...put it back with the music channels please!
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