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  1. Not sure about the first, but HT Bypass should be possible via the app. Select the analogue input and choose AV fixed volume.
  2. Set of Focal Electra fronts and Seaton Submersive sub. I do have a pair of Paradigm bookshelves but think it'll be wasted as surrounds, that might be a separate expense in the future.
  3. So just an update, a friend who has a Elektra theatron HD amp is willing to loan it to me for test so will see how it performs. Still need to sort out the processor, but managed to source a Focal cc1008be center to go with my existing set. Budget is already blown at this stage 🙃
  4. Does sound like my $5k will be significantly blown at this rate 😅 Might focus on the processor, then look into the multichannel amps then. Btw any dealers in Sydney that I could potentially audition the Elektra amp?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have any experience with Anthem, but do like the NAD sound profile. Guess might need to audition these in the next few weeks!
  6. Hmmmm guess need to factor in something like the Elektra in the equation, and looking likely a processor makes more sense than an AVR then. Any reason why the Elektra can't power all channels if having a multichannel?
  7. Thanks for the feedback @betty boop , that narrows down the thinking a bit. In terms of centre speakers, with your experience what would your suggestion be to power, say an Electra or Utopia 😬? I would think a centre speaker is key in HT and won't think an AVR would drive that channel. Saw that there's a pair of the MF M1 power blocks available, but doubt they'll be sufficient to drive that? What are some alternatives I could consider?
  8. Hi all, I've been out of the loop when it comes to home theatre so would really appreciate some suggestions with my equipment overhaul. Recently sold my trusty pioneer Kuro plasma, so will be looking to upgrade to an oled TV and thought it might be time to actually get a 4k compatible processor/AVR. Primary usage will be for movies with a little bit on gaming. I don't usually change my gears often, so now might be the time for a proper overhaul. I currently have a pair of Focal Electra speakers that are driven by Musical Fidelity A5 pre/power amps and active sub. Was in
  9. Interested to get one for my old school musical fidelity setup. Can I pop by tomorrow for payment & pick up?
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