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  1. Item: Parasound A21 OR A21+ Price Range: Depends on model Item Condition: USED Extra Info: IDEALLY IN ADELAIDE BUT WILLING TO PAY POSTAGE Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Item:Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier/Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Will purchase either or both depending on price. Would also be interested in Benchmark HPA4
  3. You might want to listen to the Jim Smith Podcasts about when he built a listening room. From memory he made the walls with two layers of plasterboard thinking that would enhance the sound but actually resulting in an acoustically dead room. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/breaking-through-the-through-the-sound-barrier-podcast/id736205165
  4. I am also late on this one but Sabai is one of the best Thai restaurants in SA and Mediterranean has good salads. Organik is good for breakfast especially if you eat outside in the back which has a nice relaxing vibe. All are in South Glenelg so a bit of a stroll to get there.
  5. Just wanted to give an update. I set up my NAD AV receiver using Audyssey as suggested by Satanica. The extra power of the amplifier and the DSP improved the sound stage but at a cost of decreased clarity. The resulting sound seemed a bit muffled. I think part of the problem is that my Chord Quetest Dac has made me accustomed to very high resolution . When I used analogue bypass I got a similar quality of sound to the NAD D3020D but found I prefer the somewhat brighter sound of the 3020. As indicated by several of you the key issue is the room which isn't as easy to fix given its multi-use. I
  6. Item: Parasound Halo A21 or A21+ Power Amplifier Price Range: Depends on age and condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Prefer to pick up in Adelaide Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. I will give Audyssey a try this weekend on the NAD. Regarding REL subs and Class D amps on high level see: https://relsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004486607-Class-D-Amp-Connection-Methods
  8. Thanks Satanica. You sound a lot nicer than your name. I have a NAD T785 AV amplifier which has a stereo mode. It has Audyssey Auto Calibration. Is that the same type of DSP you describe? I suspect not but mqy be worth a play over xmas. I just connect the Rel subs using hi level connections but not hi pass. In the process of checking I discovered that not including a ground to the stereo system is not the recommended setup but sounds just fine. I will work on including a ground but with subs turned off - I don't see any difference (except system sounds much worse). Perhaps my expectations
  9. Thanks AI.M. I think my speakers are placed ok as equilateral triangle but suspect stand up desk is part of the problem. Speakers are around 1.5 meters from back wall. I notice when I turn up the amp - the sound stage really expands but I don't like it so loud. I wonder if that is the limited wattage of the amp? I read that up to 15 year old amps are ok but beyond that capacitors etc start to fail. So I will be looking for something in the under 15 years old range. I like the idea of the parasound 21. I will keep my eye out for it and as you indicate - move quickly.
  10. How old are the speakers? They look beautiful to me but WAF might be a challenge.
  11. Hi Satanica I have twiddled the knobs until it sounded good to me based on something I read online. Not sure how to measure crossover frequency. The subs are RELs so I run directly from amplifier output as recommended by REL with subs to stereo. I think that means they are high pass. I do have a sub out but have the impression this is better. Speakers are set up sort of as an equilateral triangle toward listening position and about 2 meters from the back wall.How do I measure frequency measurement/plot? I am still a bit of a newbie.
  12. Thanks so much for all your speedy responses. Here are my replies Snoop - Kef LS50+Rel Subs-> NAD 3020D->Chord QUetest->Mac Mini via USB. Other Gear are sitting in readiness but not in my audio chain. Open to change (even the DAC but I really like how it sounds) SIR - excellent comment. I haven't done yet will make this a priority. I have been doing some A/B comparisons between my current amp and A/V receiver and could have mixed them up. Forgot about phase.... Bunno - I have a room problem. First has a sloping roof from the side. Second - two doors one at the end o
  13. I should have mentioned I have two REL T3 subwoofers so base is not an issue - its the soundstage that seems a bit lacking
  14. Hi I have been slowly upgrading my system and every year about this time I wonder if I can improve the system. I currently have a mac mini sound source, Chord Quetest DAC, an NAD 3020 d V1 amplifier (with 30 watts per channel) and KEF LS50s as speakers. I have a mix of audioquest cables but am using generic 10 gauge speaker wires. I also have an older model NAD T785 AV amplifier which has a preamplifier output and a schiit sys passive preamplifier. I was thinking getting a power amplifier would be the best upgrade as I don't have much of a stereo image (? Schiit as already have DAC) Howe
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