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  1. I thinking of getting Showtime without the movies to save me $20
  2. Or get the kids for $10 so you save $14 and not $24
  3. new channel numbers as well. http://www.foxtel.com.au/cms/groups/webcontent/@fox/@corporate/@dotcom/documents/webcontent/foxtel_channel_numbers_nov14.pdf
  4. this use to be one of the best pay tv forums site now its a complain site. i moving on to knowfirst and tvtonight. goodbye
  5. i am happy with my foxtel and happy with what there doing with the movies.
  6. just rang them. they will rename the movie channels and have 8 HD movie channels
  7. Press and hold select + back buttons until all lights light up. Release and wait until all lights light up a second time and then press the power button, up arrow, down arrow and power button again on the box.
  8. As of 26 January Foxtel will no longer be offering Fashion TV the best news i had all day
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