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  1. The Selector - Too Much pressure Both Souxsie please
  2. For me please: New order - all Nina Hagen Selector Shriekback Souxsie Sisters of mercy Cheers AJ
  3. Depeche Mode construction time Japan tin drum INXS listen like thieves Please Thanks AJ
  4. I’m surprised as both components from the same manufacturer - doesn’t make any sense ?
  5. Sorry I missed this definitely keen to compare them to Kajaks old ML1+s that I still have. I had an unexpected surprise last week - let’s just say never take your time on this planet for granted - anyway I’m stuck at home and not allowed to drive for a couple of weeks. If they are around for a while longer I would be keen to have a listen
  6. ajst2duk

    Currently Spinning

    I saw these guys live in 83 - they opened with India and it was the best set at the festival (sweetwaters) - coincidentally I just spun this LP this weekend as well for old times sake 1 brilliant just brilliant
  7. Well to quote Pink Floyd kinda - wish I was there
  8. What’s the RRP of something like this ?
  9. ajst2duk

    Tidal streaming numbers

    Doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I do like and use tidal and hope it continues but I think the model and credibility is under some pressure.
  10. A set of Lenehans ribbontek ribbon cables would possibly do it for you - they are great on base and do in my humble opinion smooth the highs
  11. ajst2duk

    Yamaha AVR - where's the caps ?

    That sounds fair - the power supply is more about the transformer than the caps - the caps are just there to minimize ripple
  12. ajst2duk

    Turning the TV on mid album

    It used to be a repetitive conversation in our joint - can you turn that music down we can’t hear the TV - me - the music is loud so I can hear it over that stupid cooking show. -circular argument
  13. A polarizing topic this one - I see the middle ground ie; be nice & reasonable and good things happen
  14. ajst2duk


    Ran out of my usual Tulips this morning as forgot the dishwasher - used my Norlan whiskey glass - I think I might do this again