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  1. Currently Spinning

    Im in Nirvana
  2. I could bring Mario’s originals over to compare ? AJ
  3. Cheap Line Magnetic 518IA?

    Isn’t it 15% duty on hifi gear ?
  4. Connecting atypical banana plugs

    Yep for additional piggy-back plugs - I’ve used them for line level sub as an example
  5. Mike might have taken fright after I said I could throw stones at them ?
  6. SOLD: FS: Ortofon 2M Black cartridge

    Once you go black you will never look back - they are miles apart
  7. Another thumbs up - I have the GT2.0’s and love them like a valentine - only imagine these would bring an extra dimension
  8. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Sorry to have missed this
  9. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    I’m sorry I’ve been offline for a while and didn’t realise was this weekend. I don’t think I can make it .... doh
  10. Did I say yes ? I could kill two speakers with one stone if I heard them at yours