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  1. outdated

    Kef LS50 v the rest

    Glad to hear this, I was going to ask whether the Revel stacked up in this company. I was demo'd a pair and was blown away.
  2. outdated

    Outdoor Speaker/s - Which one/s

    Hi, I'm reviving this thread as I'm looking for some outdoor speakers for my back patio area, probably 8m x 10-15m all up. I'm in a rural area so I don't have to worry about the neighbors (much), the direction they'll be firing only has kangaroos and tiger snakes so the louder the better. They will be driven by a Bluesound Powernode2. The PSB CS1000 are available on ebay with a 20% off at present, they come down to au$399 shipped, which seems like a bargain. One good comment on them in this thread, anyone else have experience? The Yamaha mentioned on page 1 can be had at one place for $440 right now, I assumed they would be inferior to the Krix Tropix and PSB's etc but very positive comment here from POV. I like the idea of supporting Aussie business with the Krix Tropix, they are $675rrp, no online discounters I can see but I can possibly haggle a set for $600 ish I guess? Missed a 2nd hand set here recently. I have listened to some Acoustix bookshelves and found them too bright and lacking bass, no idea how the outdoor ones compare... Any other input/suggestions? Cheers
  3. outdated

    HIFI scenes in australia

    I actually didn't realise Miranda was still trading! How observant am I?? It might be because I stopped seeing those ads on TV "Miranda Hifi, more music for your money". Now I think of it, that's because I no longer watch commercial TV. I just checked out their site, ok, I will pay them a visit next time I'm in town. Having a real shop is great, especially when they stock a number of products. I was quite convinced I wanted a set of Krix Acoustix till I listened to them back to back with a couple of others at Duratone. Way too bright and thin for my tastes compared to others at a similar or lower price point. You can't determine these differences - particularly with something as subjective as sound - with online reviews.
  4. outdated

    HIFI scenes in australia

    Check out Revel while you're there... amazing. Getting back to the thread topic, aside from Duratone what else is left in CBR? Nothing other than big box retailers selling consumer grade stuff and 'lifestyle' stores like the Bose shop at DFO. Is there any other independant HiFi shop anymore?
  5. outdated

    HIFI scenes in australia

    Hey, another Canberra original here, now residing in NSW. It's interesting to read a negative impression about Duratone, to see how different people see things differently. I grew up in the area and both my parents and more recently myself have bought gear from Duratone (or their sister shop Kingston HiFi for a time) since the 70's. I don't think there was ever a piece of equipment we ever bought there that did not perform well and sound good - even if it was usually 'budget' gear. In between times I bought some stuff at lesser 'flashy' shops and was never happy with any of it. Recently I wanted to get back to something approahcing quality gear and thought I would try out Duratone for old times sake - it had been 18 years since I went there last. It was exactly as I remembered it from the 80's and 90's, somewhat chaotic and "well worn" to put it kindly, but stacked with proper quality gear and people who love hifi. Such a breath of fresh air in a world of overly flashy and pretentious shops staffed by clueless tossers who know absolutely nothing about what they're selling. I got excellent service, excellent advice and a decent discount from RRP such that it was only a little more expensive than buying online. Well worth the small premium. Maybe it's just me, but I was totally stoked to find the shop just as it had been for years... a proper "old school" shop! In my opinion it's well worth a visit for any hifi enthusiast. No connection to the shop, just a happy customer.
  6. outdated

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    Have used Couriers Please for shipping ~25kg boxes, very cost effective and quick.
  7. outdated

    Google Chromecast Audio Discontinued

    Sad to see these go, I got on the streaming bandwagon last year after visiting a friend with a Sonos system. For $150 I got two audios and a video chromecast, and used them in conjunction with Plex (freeware) on my NAS to evaluate the whole streaming thing. That tiny investment added a huge featureset to my old (& not particularly good) equipment and made me see this was the only way to play music in the future (ok, phono is different). I since scoped things out and went with Bluesound/NAD for my streaming devices. Enormously more expensive, and the software is not quite there, but a great end result all the same. One thing I hated about chromecast - if you didn't have a connection to the wider world, you couldn't even play anything from your local NAS. I live rural and occasionally lose the internet, when that happened I couldn't play music. That really annoyed me! The implication of course is that everything you listen to or watch goes back to google to be added to your metadata. Bluesound plays from my NAS fine with no external connection. 😎
  8. Store now closed... All sold out ?? I was still considering a pulse2 at that price.
  9. Darn... bought a Powernode 2 before Christmas! I have ponied up for a couple more Flex's at this price though.