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  1. Good thought, I hadn't even thought about this idea!! Only problem is I have now spent the money on the extra cable and the 6 way splitter.
  2. Thanks for your answers fellas. The cause of our signal deterioration is a rather large Silky Oak tree that is in direct line with Mt Canoblas! 25 years ago it was only a 6ft high young tree, now it is a 40ft mature tree. I see that I have 3 options, cut it down (no way), move the aerial to the other end of the house, or install a booster. We are on the edge of Forbes and being on a small hill we have no signal obstruction other than the tree. My aerial is an 18 element Yagi, I have removed the old now redudant VHF aerial and diplexer that were above it. Four of the outlets will be in the southern end of the house and the other 2 near the northern end, so if I move the aerial to the northern end to clear this tree and others, then cable is going to be expensive (4 cables running the length of the house). So you see my predicament! Another thing is as the house is on the side of a hill and the southern end is about has about 4ft clearance under it compared to the northern end with maybe 18inches. But in saying all this, I have thought again about swapping the aerial location, especially when there is a power point quite close to where the base of the aerial is. I should have mentioned the aerial is attached to a pole and is about 20ft above ground level. Regards Andrew
  3. I'm about to upgrade a 25 year old fta aerial cable system. Our existing system is all coaxial but the older style. We have an old 4 way un-powered splitter where the cable is just screwed and clamped to the splitter. Our signal has deteriorated slightly over the years so now it has come time to add a power booster to the aerial. The boss (read wife) now also wants a tv in our bedroom, "and while you are at it why not put a socket for one out on the back deck". So this meant a powered booster was a definite and a 6 way splitter. 3 months ago when she only wanted the existing upgraded I purchased some cable, fitting, tools, booster and 4 way splitter from a place in Vic. Recently a new electrical wholesaler opened business here in town, so I thought I would do the right thing and get more cable, wall plates and splitter from them The Vic business was dearer with their cable but cheaper with the splitter (Matchmaster) as against the local bloke whose splitter was nearly twice the price but was a Clipsal (3105 SPF6). So here's my question, Is the Clipsal a better product than the Matchmaster? At this stage I'm up to over $400 in all the parts needed to do this job, so I'm now trying to kerb any extra costs! Can anyone help me with this? Regards Andrew
  4. Yep the LNB is a 4 outlet. We got up in the roof and on the roof and had a good look over the weekend. 2 of the cables from the LNB go direct to the playroom the other two as stated earlier go to a Sat splitter. As he doesn't plan to get Sat TV and one of the bedrooms has a FTA socket that will never be used, I think the best solution is to run about 12meters of cable from the FTA splitter (using the outlet that will not be used) to the Sat dish and connect it to one of the cables going to the playroom. This way when they move from this house it is only a matter of removing a cable that is under the verandah and lying on the roof. Hopefully this will solve the problems Andrew
  5. The LNB probably is a 4 outlet one with one not used 'can't see from here ') Happy crawling ! Tazzy. Thanks Tazzy, I didn't know there was such a thing as a 3 outlet LNB let alone a 4 outlet. As far as the crawling goes I will leave that to my 30 year old son! Apparently the cabling was done by the previous tenant with full approval of the owner. I would like to talk to the previous tenant and get a wiring diagram on paper. Not just for my son but for any future tenants. Here's a list of the outlets, lounge, bedroom 1, 2 & 3 have 3 outlet plates. The 3 outlets are 2 Austar and one FTA. Bedroom 4 (now playroom) & kitchen have 2 outlets plates.The bedroom 4 outlet is all Austar while the kitchen is one Austar and one FTA. Well put it this way, we are presuming the outlets that do not give a FTA signal are Austar connected! Andrew
  6. My son and his family have just moved into a rented house that has Austar and FTA outlets in nearly every room. One of the rooms has two outlets but neither of them are FTA and it happens to be the room that he wants as the kids playroom and he would like FTA in there. There is two splitters high up on the outside wall next to each other, obviously one is Austar and the other for FTA. But there aren't enough cables coming of them for the number of outlets in the house, so we are hoping to juggle some of the cables to get FTA to this room. He doesn't plan to get Austar at this stage. Could there be an additional splitter up in the roof? One interesting thing that I've never seen before is that the LNB has 3 cables off it. I have Mystar so I understand the 2 cable system but three cables??? Any suggestions? He plans to get up in the roof on the weekend and follow the cables. Just something extra, the cable from the FTA aerial goes directly to the splitter on the wall. Two of the cables from the Austar dish go directly to its splitter, the third cable disappears up into the roof. Does any of this make sense??
  7. Long time lurker, first time poster. Our HD box was really good up until about 2 months ago. After having had a SD Mystar and going through all the pain with it, it was a pleasure to get the HD Mystar. But about 2 months ago it started freezing with a black screen and requiring the power plug to be pulled out the back to get it going again. Then about a month ago I did the Enhancements thing and now it is worse, we have to reboot it about every second day, then over last weekend it rebooted it self four times. Not happy Jan!!!!! Good grief, I just looked at my profile and I have posted before, don't know when?? Must be getting too old!!!
  8. OzyDave, are you saying you are having this problem with the new Mystar HD box or is it the old POS Mystar? I've been watching this forum very closely since the intro of the Mystar HD and it would appear Austar has fixed many of the MyPOStar problems by going to the new HD unit. Your problem was my biggest frustration with the old POS and I was going to get rid of it and get something like a Tivo, but when Austar announced the HD Mystar was about to be released I decided to wait and see if it was a big improved over the old one. I was thinking of ordering a HD Mystar next week but you have now got me worried!!!
  9. Well after reading many of the forums about Mystar, I now know I'm not alone with this POS. We were connected to Austar for the first time 2 months ago and I thought the Mystar would be a good choice. But we have had nothing but trouble, right from the word go. All the problems previously mentioned, booked programs disappearing, the recording light is on but nothing recorded, saved recordings disappearing, you name it we have had it! Five times I have contacted Austar about the problem and each time they tell me "we need to reformat your hard-drive" to fix the problem, but it doesn't fix it. One time I said no because it hadn't worked before so why would it work now, the response was "well I'm sorry we can't help you any further" and they hung up on me. After the last couple of nights fiasco, I'm going to ring them again and demand a new box or take this POS away. I know they will want me to reformat the hard drive so here's my problem, I have 2 recordings that I don't want to lose. One was off FTA the other was from FoxSports (NRL game). Is it possible to get these recordings off the HDD? Is there a device/cable that could go between the Mystar and say the USB port or the Firewire (IEEE1394a) port on my notebook? Any help would be appreciated.
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