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  1. Cool , just showing you these Godzilla proof speakers. scm100 is not child safe.
  2. So beautiful. whats the finish for the top one? very talented !
  3. Excellent dac for the price . Definitely on par with pricier chord qutest. Will need to spend quiet a lot more to do any better.
  4. Schiit Audio SYS will also be my recommendation. No coloration whatsoever, and does its job. And it's also excellent as a volume control "preamp" for active speakers.
  5. Personal experience, Fibre HDMI definitely improved whats shown on my projection. I have attached the video which made me try the Fiber HDMI. How much the improvement is worth , that's up to you to decide. And also depends on the contents you watch.
  6. You are welcome. Most new soundbars will support ARC and even eARC , so I guess, that would be the way to upgrade in the future.
  7. No . Old cables are fine for HDMI ARC. it has been around since HDMI 1.4 You would only need a new HDMI 2.1 cable for the new eARC. and the fibbr is unidirectional, hence why it will not work with arc. it has a one end that says tv and one end that’s says play. That’s the model I have, unsure if new models or higher end version has bi-directional. ARC is better connected directly to the sound bars that already have ARC. I am unsure of the mode of your audio extractor, but I suspect the box is more the problem, not the cable.
  8. Depends on what you compare it to. for how they are built , they are cheap . We all view value differently. they are called fibbr, because there are actually 4 fiber in them. For a fiber hdmi they are cheap. just like 5K for the epson 9300 would be stupid for a officeworks 1080 projector people. But very good value and cheap for a 4K projector .
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