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  1. Agreed. So that’s why I don’t think people are talking about $1750 as a great deal. But the unit themselves are a great deal.
  2. The bargain is talking about how it's such a good dac. And that it performs above the $1750 price. (classified or not) Not comparing it to buying direct from Europe. Even German stuff has faults. Nothing is perfect. and sending it back and forth is not what everyone is willing to do.
  3. lol... you are quiet the investigator ..i assume it has something to do with your day job? How can you not recognize Neil's beautiful hands.
  4. Btw , I think the speakers are really good . I think the placement might be the issue , lol.
  5. Would be a terrible waste to let it sit there. You are doing the right thing . Someone is going to be very happy this Xmas 👍
  6. Beautiful headphones with a soundstage that can’t be beat by most headphones. The price is amazing too. GLWTS , not like you going to need it though 👍
  7. https://www.storedj.com.au/isoacoustics-iso-130-mk2-studio-monitor-isolation-stands-small-pair
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