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  1. I would say go with the plantation shutter first. if you have the clearance, go with z frames. they will less likely have light bleed. With a good quality plantation shutter, you will be surprised how less light pass through with a z frame.
  2. I would suggest not using black vinyl if it's facing the sun. As it will absorb heat and break the glass due to thermal shock. I work for a sign company, and we have to do repair for these from time to time.
  3. Further information: Bought these of BlueOceanboy in May to see what top of the line headphones are like. Beautiful headphones. Just needs a new home as I spend more time on my speakers. AUTEUR - /ōˈtər/ - an artist whose style and practice are distinctive. The ZMF Auteur is the epitome of ZMF Headphones craftsmanship, sound and style. Our first open back headphone takes musicality and engagement and blends it with effortless resolve and head-staging. The result is a sound that's just right, with a protean tactility that makes the Auteur perfect with any genre. • Auteur in Ambrosia Maple • Wood Owners Card • 5.5 FT Stock Cable (OFC and OCC Available) • Perforated Auteur and Eikon Pads • Seahorse SE430 Airtight Case Weight: 475-500g https://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/zmf-auteur Photos:
  4. Great amp for the price, also has balance input. Plenty of power to drive any bookshelf speakers well. GLWTS
  5. Hi guys, Was looking for prices on sotm stuff on Crux Audio and realised it’s no longer on their website? Anybody know what happened ?
  6. Jump in the gun sounds painful, lol. but yeah each to his own . Just like plenty of people see us audiophile as crazy too.
  7. At this price, it’s probably not going to last the day.
  8. Beautiful speakers , GLWTS. New owner will be very happy.
  9. Btw , beautiful unit . new owner will be very happy with it. i have the p3 and it made a very noticeable upgrade to my system. glwts .
  10. I think most if not all people would know what he means. not trying to start a fight. But yeah it’s impossible not to know where PS Audio comes from.
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