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  1. There's still quiet a lot of sound quality difference between Tidal and Spotify. Hopefully by end of the year, we will be able to enjoy Spotify in CD quality. Can't wait.
  2. I know we are early in this century. but this is definitely Bargain of the century . I would so get this, if it’s Black or Red. Wonderful speakers. Even just the Kii themselves are wonderful.
  3. Or you just listen at lower volumes. It would take a lot more volume than Gybrock to absorb bass. But definitely better than brick walls. As the bass passes through the Gybrock.
  4. I would suggest getting a better Streamer + a DAC. PC are just too noisy to be playing music from. Something like a Bluesound Node 2i would work well for not too much money. (and if you are thinking external dac) External Dac, i think Ares 2, Chord Qutest, RME ADI 2 are very very hard to beat for their prices. I think the speaker and amps are fine for now. However speaker would be first to upgrade, the 840A are pretty good amps. I would leave the amp for last.
  5. Remember there was a WTB for Linn and Naim , earlier this year, searched and turned out to be your WTB. This is really future-fi ... so many features making it a lot more future proof. GLWTS And good luck with the multichannel..
  6. Thank you . I am looking for a pure transport as I want complete isolation from Dac . Thank you though .
  7. There's also the CDT2-MK3 , that is only transport. Other than that? Is there any other difference? Thank you
  8. Thank you Yeah that's on the card, but want to see if there are others first. Cheers for that
  9. Item: Any good CD Transport Price Range: $2k-$3k Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Transport only please, already have an amazing DAC. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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