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  1. Evening all, Well my trusty Samsung plasma in our living room finally started getting lines down the right side.... So managed to pick up a Panna 65GX850a seriously cheap at JBHIFI. I’ve seen some settings for tweaking True Cinema but can’t find any in depth settings with Advanced, Gamma, White Balance etc... Also couldn’t see an owners thread on here either ... Any links or direction is welcome. Thanks
  2. Picked up the 820 from Selby, being delivered Weds
  3. Hi mate, Yes, most 4K content will be either downloaded or Netflix, Apple etc but I do also have a few discs I have been buying over the last year or so when I see a good deal, so need a 4K player. The 820 is now down to $549 from Selby Acoustic in Melbourne. Cheers
  4. Picked up the last 65FZ950 at my nearest Hardly Normal today $3,900 Question on a 4K bluray player now though, I was going for the Panna 820 but I hear the XBoX One S is a pretty good option aswell, especially for downloaded 4K content ... Your thoughts guys.
  5. I can go to $4,500 on the TV and want to get the best possible picture quality, I’ll be getting the TV calibrated aswell.... I’m really leaning towards the FZ950 now given a 65 inch will do the job.
  6. Soooooo, Went back round to the house again today, to get the benefit of Dolby Atmos, I’m going to move the sofa towards the TV by about a foot or so. This will mean from centre of TV to central seating position is 7 feet maybe 7.5 feet, so now I’m leaning towards the 65 inch OLED Panna again with the Panna UB900 4K bluray supplying the source material....... am I being too picky ??? 😁😁
  7. OK thanks, given all the feedback I think I’ll stick with the Sony 900F -$4,495 at JB at the moment...
  8. That’s great, really good feedback thanks !! With your models in mind, what are your views on the Sammy 82 inch NU8000 ?? Thanks
  9. OK, So the Sony X9000F is Dolby Vision and HDR10 but the Sammy Q6 is HDR10+ The Sony is backlit but the Sammy is edge lit...... No idea what TV to choose ....definitely needs to be 75 inch though. Cheers
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Yes, PQ is absolutely the priority as it will be a movies only TV, so I might go with the Sony FX900 as the reviews were very good and it will be wall mounted so the stand won’t be an issue for me. Cheers guys
  11. Ok, further update, I measured the room up (TV wall mounted position to central seating position) and a 65 inch is going to be too small. So I’m looking at 75’s now and have been reading up on the Sony 75X9000F, Sammy 75NU8000 or the LG75SK8000. An OLED in this size is too much money so I’m onto LED Any thoughts ?? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!!! Interesting how the guys in the stores don’t tell you this when browsing the TV’s
  13. OK, So if I go with a Panna or Pio 4K bluray player and a Sony A9F I can watch HDR10+ which is the equivalent of Dolby Vision. Or I can go with the Panna or Pio bluray player with a Panna FZ950 but only be able to actual watch Dolby Vision blurays. Is that correct?? Thanks
  14. Just seen the Oppo with latest firmware can play both formats but there’s more 4K discs with HDR and HDR10+ format...
  15. Well damn, that looks like being the TV for me, the cost of a 65 inch may hurt a little... What if I had two 4K bluray players, does it still come down to what the TV can accommodate??
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