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  1. The latest DAB+ Radio Survey is out. Looking at the major cities for total listeners > 10 years old: SYD 1. Edge 2. ABC Jazz 3. Coles MEL 1. GOLD 80s 2. Coles 3. KIIS 90s BNE 1. Coles 2. 97.3 The 90s 3. OLDSKOOL HITS PER 1. SMOOTH 2. OLDSKOOL HITS 3. Double J ADL 1. Double J 2. Buddha Hits 3. equal Coles and ABC Jazz See: https://www.gfk.com/en-au/insights/report/radio-audience-measurement-survey-summary-reports/
  2. Alas, Koffee is no more. Even the internet station is gone You are now redirected to Smooth FM.
  3. Here is an article about the unlikely success of Coles Radio broadcasting in DAB+. See: https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/how-coles-came-to-dominate-digital-only-radio-20190814-p52gww.html
  4. Who would have thunk it...........................Coles Radio is the highest rating DAB+ station! See:https://www.radiotoday.com.au/dab-digital-ratings-coles-radio-double-j-over-200k-listeners-each. In the larger cities, but not Canberra, you can also listen to Chemist Warehouse REMIX on DAB+.
  5. I scanned my DAB+ radio today There are now 28 DAB+ stations broadcasting in Canberra. They are: Canberra DAB+ Stations 19 July 2019 ABC CANBERRA ABC Classic ABC Country ABC Grandstand ABC Jazz ABC KIDS Listen ABC NEWS ABCRadioNational Double J SBS Arabic24 SBS Chill SBS PopAsia SBS PopDesi SBS Radio 1 SBS Radio 2 SBS Radio 3 triple J Unearthed 2CA 2CC Buddha Radio Coles Radio Hit 104.7 Kix Country Mix 106.3 My Canberra Snow Digital The Edge The number of stations has fallen from 31 to 28. DAB+ Test 1, DAB+ Test 2 and CRA Test have now gone. The DLS no longer refers to the Canberra DAB+ Trial.
  6. My understanding is that the ABC and SBS use a 5kW transmitter. The commercial stations intend to go from 5kW to 20kW on Friday. I did a scan today and found 2 new stations DAB+ Test 1 and DAB+ Test 2. on the 8 D band. The recorded announcement refers to Digital Radio Broadcasting Canberra Pty Ltd. ACMA set up this company and invited community broadcasters in Canberra to buy shares in this company. Those community broadcasters who do so, can use the company's DAB+ transmitter on a user pays basis. The ACCC gave the OK to this arrangement. So far, the community broadcasters in Canberra have been silent as whether they are participating in this arrangement.
  7. 2CA is advertising that it will shift frequencies and increase the power of the DAB+ transmissions fourfold in Canberra at 10.30 om Friday, 19 July 2019. Listeners will have to rescan their DAB+ radios at that time. They claim that this will improve the reach of the DAB+ signal. They also claim that the trial since 2010 is over and the commercial stations DAB+ broadcasts are now permanent. The ABC and SBS DAB+ broadcasts are already permanent.
  8. The new studio is at 51 Bellenden Street, Crace. Canberra ACT. On the 2CA FB page, the new studio looks very swish.
  9. I have sent e-mails to Capital Radio over the poor signals from 2CA and 2CC on DAB+. They have replied today: "We moved studios over the weekend from Mitchell to Crace and this may have a few teething problems. Also in the next 2 weeks the trial DAB service that runs all the Canberra commercial stations including us will be made a permanent service. This means an increase in power and a change of frequency (You will need to do a rescan on your radio when this happens). This should fix these ongoing issues." A techo also responded. He said that over the coming weekend , both 2CA and 2CC will be advising listeners to rescan next week as DAB+ frequencies will change.
  10. ort Canberra has now returned to having 29 DAB+ stations with the arrival of Snow FM. This station plays music and news and provides info on snow conditions. At the end of the ski season, I expect the station to be dropped in favour of ELF Radio which plays Christmas songs.
  11. The number of DAB+ stations broadcasting in Canberra has dropped to 28 with the exit of Elf Radio. Elf Radio will probably reappear closer to Christmas. There has been no sign of a community DAB+ station in Canberra. The Federal Government offered financial assistance for such a station two years ago.
  12. The current issue of Silicon Chip magazine has the first of a 3 part article about building a DAB+/FM/AM receiver. The magazine is also selling a PCB for this project.
  13. Canberra has now returned to having 29 DAB+ stations with the return of Elf Radio. These stations as at 14 October 2018 are: ABC CBR ABC Clas ABC Cntry ABC Gstd ABC Jazz ABC NewsR ABCRNat ABC KIDS DoubleJ Arabic24 SBSChill SBSPAsia PopDesi SBS 1 SBS 2 SBS 3 tripleJ Unearth 2CA 2CC Buddha ColesRad CRA Test Hit104.7 Kix Mix106.3 MyCan The Edge Elf Radio
  14. On 3 June 2018, there were 60 DAB+ stations in Sydney, viz.
  15. SBS Radio has announced that they will add 7 new languages to their digital radio broadcasts. Five new language broadcasts will begin today and another two new language broadcasts will start later. See: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/sbs-radio-launches-new-language-shows?cx_cid=edm:newsam:2017
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