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  1. Canberra DAB+ Stations as at 28 November 2020. I found 35 stations in total. ABC CANBERRA ABC Classic ABC Country ABC Grandstand ABC Jazz ABC KIDS listen ABC NEWS ABCRadioNational Chill Double J SBS Arabic24 SBS PopAsia SBS PopDesi SBS Radio 1 SBS Radio 2 SBS Radio 3 triple J Unearthed 1RPH 1WAY 2CA 2CC 2XX Artsound Club Lime Radio CMS Radio Coles Radio Elf Radio Hit104.7 HIT Buddha Kix Country MIX106.3 My Canberra Snow
  2. Further to my message above, Artsound has joined the other four community broadcasters on DAB+. Also 1XXR has been renamed as 2XX, however their signal is still very weak and distorted.
  3. My cup runneth over! After waiting since 2015, Canberra finally has community broadcasting stations on DAB+. These stations are: 1XXR – 2XXFM the oldest community radio station in Australia now broadcasting at extremely low volume on DAB+. 1Way – a Christian radio station that also broadcasts on 91.9 FM to Canberra. 1RPH – radio for the print handicapped. CMS – community languages A notable absentee is Artsound FM that received a government grant to connect their studio to enable DAB+.
  4. Yep, the My Canberra DAB+ station has changed the music format from MOR to rap music and young female singers squeaking instead of singing.
  5. Finally, a community radio station in Canberra has put up it's hand to be the first to broadcast in DAB+. Artsound FM claim that they will soon join many other radio stations in Australia in launching a Digital Radio service (DAB+). In the first stage of the rollout of DAB+, ArtSound will broadcast DAB+ as a simulcast of its FM stream. The digital service will stream to DAB+ digital radio sets that are quickly entering the market, as well as to car radios that have been equipped with digital-to-FM converters. ArtSound is one of several stations collaborating t
  6. About 40 years ago. I listened to a female announcer explain that her success was partially due to having a relatively deep voice for a woman. She said when a female announcer with a high pitched voice became excited, her voice became shrill. On ABC Canberra there is a female announcer - Anna Vidot with a high pitched voice. When she becomes excited, her voice becomes girlish. I find this sound to be unpleasant and lacking in authority. Over the last year, ABC Canberra has replaced older announcers with younger announcers (male and female) with high pitched voices. Appa
  7. Macquarie Sports Radio is no more. See: https://mumbrella.com.au/nine-replaces-macquarie-sports-radio-with-music-format-613930
  8. The SBS has released a confusing press release announcing a new digital radio service called SBS Arabic24, which is due to start on 7 March 2016. SBS Arabic24 seems to be a internet streaming service that will simulcast the Arabic programs on DAB+ radio stations SBS Radio2 and SBS PopAraby, as well as the BBC Arabic language service. There will apparently be a new Arabic language Drive Time Show between 4 pm to 6pm The press release also mentions that SBS Arabic24 will be broadcast on Digial Television as a audio stream in a few months time. The SBS is not the only broadcaster confused b
  9. The DAB+ trial for Canberra and Darwin is supposed to end today. There was a expectation that a committee would recommend that these trials be converted to permanent broadcasts.
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