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  1. Hi guys, What is the best way to connect a third sub at the rear of the room? My amp has 2 LFE inputs that are used by the the two front subs. What options do I have?
  2. yes you can test with a multimeter , see if there is a short between the drain and the source. Google will find info for you
  3. I would replace those 2 IRF 740 MOSFET for something to try, read someone claim that they are the main cause for these dying. Worth a shot for not much money
  4. So the TW3600 is the US Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 ?
  5. Does the DMR-XW350 play back xvid files from DVDR? or is it usb only?
  6. I have a P50G10A and have two questions I cant seem to find a direct answer for. 1. What is the procedure to enter the service menu 2. Does IFC actually work on this TV? I have tried it on and off with all video sources including 1080P at 24HZ. I have seen what its supposed to look like on a PZ800. I see nothing change with this set Thanks
  7. I just ordered, AUD is crappy wish I did it 3 days ago Anyway might get worse, now I have to figure out what screen to get and mount
  8. Hi guys, Im thinking of ordering one of these bad boys from price USA also. What cieling mount and screen setup are you guys going to use?
  9. I tried to claim my bonus and received this message: This product serial number has already been registered. Please contact Panasonic Customer Service on 132 600 between 9am and 5:30pm (AEDST), Monday to Friday. I rang Panasonic, and they told me the database is screwed up and they will call me back when their IT people fix it I thought some scumbag had copied the serial from the box and tried to scam my bonus
  10. Got a 50G10 for $2000 at JB Ballarat today, guy was pretty cool just did it when I said that was all I wanted to pay
  11. does the B550 have the crystal engine 100hz? Could this cause lag with 60hz gaming due to over processing? I need advice as you cant trust everything you read on the internet
  12. I have read that it can cause issues, thus why I want the b550 over the b650
  13. It does seem like a good set for the money, I also believe without the cinema smooth it may be better for gaming? I read people on a UK forum had luck enabling extra media functions via the service menu
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