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  1. Hi guys, What is the best way to connect a third sub at the rear of the room? My amp has 2 LFE inputs that are used by the the two front subs. What options do I have?
  2. yes you can test with a multimeter , see if there is a short between the drain and the source. Google will find info for you
  3. I would replace those 2 IRF 740 MOSFET for something to try, read someone claim that they are the main cause for these dying. Worth a shot for not much money
  4. Item: Plate amp suitable for a klipsch sw-350 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys, I have a klipsch sw-350 sub with no amp. I was hoping I could find something cheap enough to make it worth while to get it going Thanks
  5. It was a kit designed by Joseph D'Appolito , put all the cross overs together etc.
  6. Myself and a friend I worked with back in the day made the AUDAX HT KIT , think the main drivers are these http://www.audax.fr/archives/ap170z0.pdf
  7. thanks mate , looks like I really cant get away from a new AVR. What do you recommend I do for the best bang for buck setup?
  8. Looks like only high end models have analog outputs. Thanks for the advice
  9. Thanks for the help , I want to keep the 3802 if I can as I have looked at other amps output per channel etc and they are not as good. I do want to run a couple of addon atmos speakers from the L and R channels. And have a more powerful LFE setup. The player im using atm is just a Mecool m8s pro l feed into a crap aldi 65" 4k TV. What HDR player do you recommend that will decode the audio and allow HDMI source inputs for PC , media boxes etc?
  10. Thanks guys , thats what has put me off buying a new AVR. I just want to be able to do ATMOS etc , have HDMI processing for audio and video so when I do get the entry level 4K projector all will be working. BTW If I wanted to try a 5.1 setup with 2 atmos speakers how would I achieve this? What player can handle decoding the newer codecs and sending 7 channels of analog to my AVR 3802?
  11. Item:AVR and Sub woofer Price Range: $800 - $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys, I have a dedicated room for a HT setup but put it all on the back burner for years Atm I have a denon AVR 3802 , AUDAX HT KIT built back in the day and 2 x DSE 8" Subs. I have a new 120" LP morgan screen and plan on getting a entry level 4K projector. I would like to find a replacement for my AVR that does 4k HDR and the latest audio codecs. Also a proper subwoofer as the DSE units are pretty crap. Let me know what you have, I can arrange pickup via courier etc
  12. So the TW3600 is the US Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 ?
  13. Does the DMR-XW350 play back xvid files from DVDR? or is it usb only?
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