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  1. Hi folks, My Stan smart TV app - on a Sony, android TV - appears to have upgraded. This is not all bad (they fixed a couple of extremely annoying interface issues), but it's no longer pumping out a 5.1 soundtrack - I'm only getting stereo. Netflix is still happily playing surround sound, so it definitely appears to be specific to Stan. I've done some googling and really can't find any info about the upgrade - no one seems to be talking about it, not even Stan themselves! Has anyone heard of this? Or having the same problem? Thanks! Cam
  2. Awesome! I'd love to hear how you go with it! I'm kicking myself - I didn't buy one initially as I had an ok centre and was just getting things together bit by bit. I decided about 2 months ago to buy one and discovered Aaron had closed down about a month earlier! Aaannnnd I've been searching ever since! But I reckon there's a good chance of scoring some ATS-5s, I've seen a few pop up on Gumtree and ebay over the last couple of months. The "in South Australia" part of the equation might be the tricky part, but I'm pretty sure you'll get there. Enjoy!
  3. Hey @RunTheTrap, I don't have experience with the CC-240 specifically, but I want one so if you pass - feel free to pass on the details! :-) I've got a set of Aaron's ATS-5 fronts that I like, combined with some rears (sorry I can't remember the model off hand). I recently found an Aaron CC-120 centre - basically the baby brother of the 240 - and it sounds good, but I don't think it has the breadth to quite match the ATS-5. I'm definitely still learning at this point, but from my experience with the Aaron products, they're really capable. And that's why I've got a fair bit of blind faith in the 240. I feel like it will really do a nice job of dialogue, sound effects and music, combining them really smoothly. But I do feel like the Aarons have a very particular sound - really solid bass and fill, but a touch too much sibilance.... But as I say, I'm very much learning. It could be my setup, or any number of other factors that could be ironed out. But all in all I'm happy with Aaron speakers and, as I say, I want a CC-240, so if you're not convinced let me know! :-) Cam
  4. Ha! Yes it's becoming evident to me that my "negligence" is causing me issues I really thought it was going to be 80% a music system and a bit of surround viewing, but it's basically the opposite - so it seems it's time I remedied that one!
  5. OK well that's interesting feedback - I generally like to avoid the additional processing things such as dynamic volume, but when I turn it off I have to turn the volume right up to 60 or 70 (on the 0 - 98 scale) to really hear anything, and even then I'd say have the sound is barely there. That definitly seems strange to me, but I just thought maybe that's the way the receiver likes to play it. I followed the on-sreen Audyssey instructions - so turn everything on. let it detect speakers, then do all the listening points (is it 8? Can't remember)... I think I'll give it another go though - it does occur to me that I had a water 'fountain sound' in the room from a noisey fishtank and that probably didn't help things.
  6. No worries, appreciate the input! I have to admit it was my own idea not to get a sub - I really brought it with music as the first purpose, but a reasonable surround setup as secondary. Figured with a smallish room, with a couple of large fronts I just wouldn't need the sub and I'd be happy enough... Turns out it's doing very little music and a heap of surround. And now I understand that the surround setup works quite differently to stereo and a sub is pretty much essential!...so I guess I'll be shopping for a sub then... Errrr, any recommendations?
  7. Of course, good point. I did check a couple of times since I was switching back and forth between the speakers, so I think they're correct - but you've got me going back for a tripple check now cos it's definitely a contender! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Rocky! Interestingly I found a forum discussing the Marantz SR7009 (as opposed to the 5009 but pretty much the same creature) and a lot of people were reporting a similar issue and trying reset with mixed outcomes... I was holding off in the hope it was just a basic setting issue - mostly because, as you say, it'll lose all existing settings. But your tip on the menu pictures is great, so thanks for that! I'll see what else comes up but may well do the reset option soon.
  9. Hi Folks, I’m hoping I can get a bit of help with, well, what I hope is a set-up issue and not a technical issue. I’ve written a pretty detailed background below (a short novel – sorry!) which I hope helps. Background is: I have a Marantz SR5009 receiver running a set of Arron speakers - ATS-5s at the front, SS-120 rears and, up until recently, an Accusound Ref 8.6 centre. I’m afraid there’s no sub at the moment – which has recently been pointed out to me as something I should address, but that’s another story… It’s all in a moderate sized loungeroom, 4.2m x 3.2m So when I got this set-up towards 3 years ago, I plugged it in, let Audyssey do its thing and that was pretty much it… I know I eventually had to set the rears to ‘small’ because Audyssey set them to ‘large’ (crazy!) and maybe I did something else – I really can’t remember in detail – but largely it worked nicely from the get go (I’m sure a pro could have tweaked it better of course, but from where I started it was a damn fine solution!) I recently grabbed an Aaron CC-120 centre speaking – I badly want the CC-240 but it turns out Aaron closed down recently so I jumped at a 120 that was available, thinking it would at least be a tad better than the Accusound. (Still keen on a CC-240 if anyone’s got one hanging around they want to offload??? ) Again, I plugged it in, let Audyssey do its thing, but this time it just didn’t all gel like it previously had. Biggest problem funnily enough is the centre, it just seemed a bit muffled. I thought it might have been just due to a new speaker needing time to settle in, so I left it for a bit but the more I listened the more I could hear it. Plus, the volume I had to turn the system up to in order to (just) understand dialogue was now 55+, as opposed to 45 that previously worked a treat for just about everything. Next step of experimenting was to put the Accusound back in, but it seems even with the Accusound it was sounding like it had a thick towel draped over the front. So it feels like something has gone awry and I can’t figure out what! It really seems like tonal thing more so than a volume thing – people with deeper voices sound muffled while higher voices are a bit better but not perfect. I’ve also dabbled with increasing the volume of the centre speaker and that hasn’t really helped much (and I never had to do that before.) A couple of key tweaking areas I’ve tried: Dynamic EQ: I set this to ON initially and have experimented with on and off. It seems better with this OFF. Since turning it off I can understand dialogue a bit better, but it’s still not right. Dynamic Volume: Currently set to HEAVY. I’ve tried turning it off and I find I have no volume in the system at all when I do that (definitely not how it was before my centre speaker experiment) Crossovers: I have to note that in my original setup I never played with the crossover setting, partly because I didn’t understand it, partly because I didn’t have a sub and, ultimately, cos it just kinda worked – so I never ventured there and I haven't touched them myself this time either, but at the moment it looks like this Audyssey says Front ‘Full Band’, Centre ‘40Hz’ and Surround ‘Full Band’ If I look at manual config it says it’s doing Individual selection, but ‘Surround’ is the only one I can select and it says ’40Hz’ Bass: LPF for LFE 250Hz So, there’s my story – sorry for the length but hopefully there’s good info in there for receiving advice. Many thanks in advance!! Cam
  10. Righto, seems I need to do some investigating then! Thanks for your help John!
  11. Hmmmm, it seems you've immediately spotted part of my dilema - no sub I've resisted the sub as I always feel it's a bit unneccesary when the fronts and cente do a decent amount of bass, particularly in a smallish room. But maybe I need to revisit this idea. That said, I see you're suggesting small for the Mains (fronts?) - I thought it was normal to set these to large if you've got decent sized floor standing speakers? Thanks for your thouhts!
  12. Hi all, I have a Marantz SR5009 receiver running a set of Arron speaker - ATS-5s at the front, SS-120 rears and CC-120 centre. The receiver asks you to set the speakers to either 'large' or 'small', which I gather is pretty much what they all do these days. I've got the fronts as large, the rears as small. Question is - what's the best option for the CC-120 centre? Doesn't exactly seem small to me, but neither would I expect it to be large? There's a set of specs here if that helps - https://www.avconcept.com.au/av-concepts-products-toowoomba/for-the-home/speakers/other-speakers/aaron-cc120/ And I guess I'm curious about whether there's a general rule to follow for this setting? How do you decide what's large and what's small? Thanks for your tips! Cam
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