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  1. As the title suggests - in the market for a pair of excellent condition Paradigm Stylus 470's. Cheers
  2. Hi all - Im at a loss. I am running a 2012 Samsung UA55ES8000 (smart TV) wired networked through a Fritzbox 7390 to a QNAP 419P+ running version 7x of Twonky. The Samsung has been updated with an Evolution kit and all hardware is running the latest firmware versions. All my media files are stored together across three directories (A-L, M-S etc) and include a corresponding .jpg file identical as the associated .avi/mkv/mp4 file (using convention of 'movietitle (year)'). For some reason, when navigating to movies, it does not render the thumbnail images (it use to some time ago and the only real changes Ive made are firmware upgrades - cant pin point when it occurred though). What is really strange is that I have an older Series 7 Samsung TV (4/5 years old?)connected to the network via wifi which displays the thumbnails perfectly. There are no issues with playing any media. I have attempted to roll back Twonky to version 6X however this didnt make any difference, nor did using QNAPS beta DLNA player. Im obviously missing something small - but what? Based on the above, Im thinking it is TV related? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Joe - it's for sale - not "ill spend my time and effort sending you something for free".
  4. Hi all Powerfull and well respected sub. Recently stopped working and upon inspection from the tech guys revealed a blown switch mode power supply. Cost of replacement parts likely to be around $100. Guessing total repair cost in the vicinity of $200-$250 including parts. I opted to buy a new Ultracube 12 instead of repairing it. Have a copy of the tech report via Challenge Hi-Fi. Cabinet etc in excellent condition. Best offer gets it. Pick up in Adelaide. Thanks
  5. Are you in Adelaide? Is it an Australian model? There is a 3071 in Melbourne at present for $1200 - so similar money to that.
  6. As the title suggests - looking for a good condition amp. Please email if you have one for sale.
  7. As the title suggests - looking for speaker stands. Preferably in Adelaide but will consider courier services..........
  8. Id be interested in speaker stands - 600 mm if you have them..........
  9. Id consider 1100 if you included postage to Adelaide.................
  10. I thought $950 was a bargain for anyone interested. Drop the price to $900 to make it that little more attractive.................
  11. Im surprised too - although Adelaide is a smaller market. For those interested - have original receipt - bought in late November 08. E-mail me direct if interested.
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