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  1. It wont be pete, because its been built exactly to the size of the seats
  2. Thanks for clearing all that up everyone Ok so ive measured a few more things First row is at 2.8m Second row (first raiser) is at 450mm, second is at 840mm Ok what is 100% (thanks to you all) Sides are going to be bipole sourrand3 And the rears i will stick to the bookshelf mono which is the 200b I will put the rears within the light green line on my drawing which become within dolby spec angles, and it becomes inline with the front LR (within about 100mm) Also i have talked dad into lowering the rears and sourrand to about 1.7-1.8m Now the cc, dads not keen on doing the dummy wall and there is too much work in redoing the platform and hes very happy with the platform in terms of vision to the screen. Bar seating is not an option either. Niterda, All your measurements are spot on with the dolbys recommendation but im not going to be able to follow them exactly, while we are trying to get it good, there are somethings that they just wont settle for due to looks and practical So its not favoring the CC here..... But .. that leaves with 2 options... 1 is to get rid of the bulkhead at the front, which means the screen will shift up about 300mm and the centre shifts up 300mm.. So CC will be at 730mm... i know its still not ideal or in anyway perfect.. but its an improvement, and i can angle the speaker a little aswell, which will help. The second is the scope screen. which im still a little confused on TBH. So with the scope screen, you zoom out the lens on the projector and make a 16:9 fit into a 2.35 (vertical wise)? This then would leave you with bars on the left and right, am i thinking this correctly?
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply guys, melbourne has been a little crazy last few days and trying to get as much as work done before we go in a heavier lock down. Thanks all for your replys and knowledge Looks like i got some work to do. All the steps for the raisers have downfacing LED strips that can be dimmed right down enough just so you can see the steps... i seen that problem when dad was building it... and lights is my expertise so i wired them up. The sides of these will be the seats so it should be ok This CC channel is my main concern it seems. So with a scope screen. It keeps the horizontal scale the same, but cuts a little off the top and the bottom of the image? is that what a scope screen does? Meaning you might gain eg 100mm on top and 100mm on bottom? While the 6 heights sounds great... i think we are going to stick to the 4 heights. In reality its the middle row that we are trying to cater for the most. Def decided on 2 subs. And pretty sure it will be 2 x 12's and possibly 2 x 15's. With the angles of dolby, the rear speakers should go in the light green lines area. The side/sourrands, im going to get the bipolar. The rears if they are going in the light green line area, would you stick to bipolar again or mono bookshelf? Niterida do you mean these types for the heights? https://www.paradigm.com/en/in-ceiling-speakers/ci-home-h65-sm https://www.paradigm.com/en/in-ceiling-speakers/ci-home-h65-a Ceilings are 9 foot (2.7m).. First raiser from memory is .5m Oh man i hate this room 😂
  4. Heaps of good info in here! Give you's some room sizes to make a little easier to understand Room size 5.4metres x 7.43m MLP is currently set at 4.6m from screen So (7.43/3) X 2 = 4.95M = so My MLP should be at 4.95m by right? Means i am 350mm too forward Front row to screen.... i have to check that one i dont know top of my head If there is any measurements you want.. let me know hopefullguy Spoke to dad about the subs.. looks like we going 12 or 15 inch. and you guys recommend still going 2 even with the 12's or 15s? Thanks Betty boop for that info.. I wont be able to check that now till the room is done.. but the screen will be the very last thing we do.. so i will see how it is.. and decrease the size of the screen if its not looking good. If it was my choose believe me, wouldnt be doing 3 rows. Its my parents hope that their grandparents soon. dont get me started. im not happy with the center height either... i will try to shrink the screen size as much as we can at the end.. Currently its at 330mm from floor.. i know its low Davewantsmore Your explanation is brilliant. So dolby's angles for rears which is 135 to 150 ends up being the light green lines on my drawing... so you recommend put them there? The only thing by putting the rears in the light green line areas is it wont be on the inner line of front L & R as hopefullguy mentioned "push the front height as far forward as possible.... to get them closer to equidistant from the front (LR) and the ML" Lost me here though. What equal distances am i trying to get here? Petetherock Love that Atmos is in the house sign
  5. Thanks for the posts all Hopefullguy: and alot of headaches🤣 Yep!.. i tried to talk them out of the 3 rows.. but they are thinking future (me, brother and sister with familys.. dont get me started please) lol I fully agree, the sound is not going to optimal for every seat in the room, the idea is to try and get it as good as we can considering what we have to work with. I did have 6 seats setup (2 seats on each row), and the projector up as we fine tuned the heights. I had my Yamaha ns 777's there, the paradigm premiere 600c (which is quite large) and a couple of old Jamo surround speakers, and my YST 515 Yamaha.. It didnt sound too bad TBH. The sub was def lacking though. It sounded good, but i had it on full blast. About the rears... that is what has confused me the most. Have a look at the dolby guide link i posted... On page 8 it shows the rears closer to wall than the atmos and front left and right... but then on page 36... its shows the rears closer to the center than the atmos and front left and right... im thinking maybe it doesnt matter if its outer of inner of the fronts and atmos... and highly dependent on the angle from MLP... im not sure.. im scratching my head on that one The sides, are the multi directional surrounds,, so they should help for the 3 rows im thinking? With the subs... not sure if u mis understood me or i have mis understood you.. if i went 2 i was looking at going 2 x of the 120w rms.. not 1 of each.. Im not going to be able to get the subs at the front... they are going to have to go on the rears... is this going to make much difference? i thought it didnt matter too much with subs. I will def take your advice about the larger subs. So even 2 x the expensive X10's wont cut it im guessing? They are 300 RMS each... Or when you mean side.. you mean physical woofer size, and not so much the power? Betty boop: I did have the projector setup. and it seemed good? anything i should be looking for in what your mentioning? "is this putting main listening position (front seat) in middle of room... id try avoid unless is mid row thats aimed to be 2/3rd room depth and optimised for ?" : Sorry this part has confused me Ill have a look at the Prestige... another person mentioned SVS subs? The surrounds current position should be ok for front and second i think.. as its just behind second row.. correct? Petetherock: defenitely right... all seats wont be optimise.. But i picked the centre of the middle row as the MLP, as i thought... its better for all seats to be a little out, instead of having 1 row of great seats and 2 rows of bad seats? "If you can use the Premier all round that's nice. " : Defenitely will be using premiere all round except for the sourrands ..Do you think ditch the paradigm sourrand 3 and go premiere bookshelf instead? Directional tweeters... like these? https://www.paradigm.com/en/in-ceiling-speakers/ci-home-h65-a These ones are angled https://www.paradigm.com/en/in-ceiling-speakers/ci-home-h65-sm or these.. these are dual directional "Oh, I did notice you have an extra roaming German woofer... that counts those the mids and highs only though... " Oh man that made me laugh.. I need a good laugh after the headaches of this room. You should see her going up and down the platforms 🤣 Its like a playground for her Thanks heaps for your posts
  6. Hey guys, hope everyone is well in these troubled times Wondering if i can get some help from some of you gurus please Sorry if there is too much detail in the post.. i thought the more the better to make it easier Currently building theatre room at my parents place. We are looking at doing 7 channel, 4 heights, 1 or 2 sub They will mainly use it for movies, and occasionally for music... We are building the room more for movies. Alot of the items we have decided on, clarification that im on the right track would be great Sony VPL - VW260ES 4k projector 150 inch screen HTPC + blue ray player Anthem MRX-1120 - 11 channel amp Paradigm Premier 800F (fronts) Paradigm Premier 600C (center) Paradigm Surround 3 90% decided (surround) or Premier 200B (10%) advice on this please Paradigm Premier 200B 90% decided (rear) or Surround 3 or 1 (10%) advice on this please Paradigm CI Home H55-R (5.5inch) or CI Home H65-R (6.5inch) or CI Home H65-A (angled 6.5inch) or CI Home H65-SM (6.5inch with dual directional tweeter) As you can see i need lots of advice on this one Paradigm Subs Defiance V10 (300w RMS) , or Defiance X10 x 2 (120w RMS) (combined 240w RMS) We are unsure if we should go 2 x less powerful sub, or 1 powerful sub We are leaning more towards 2 x less powerful subs, recommendations please. I get mixed answers regarding 1 vs 2 subs from everywhere.. Some say 1 large sub, you can feel it more, some say 2 is a little more balanced in the room. Even with the 2x less powerful subs however, the RMS isnt as large as the same more powerful X10. The fronts i think im good (correct angle) Now the center is going to be very low... i know this isnt good.. but have no choice as dad wants the 150 screen. So dad is building a little shelf for it, that the speaker will sit on and it will be angled to help. The surround speakers by paradigm are multi directional, so this is why im unsure if picking them for the surround is correct idea, as it throws the angles out from Dolby recommendations? But with the setup it might be a good thing. I have talked dad in putting these lower in height than we were intending too... prob still not low enough.. but i think it will be ok. Angle is at 100 degrees Same theory with the rears, hence why im leaning towards bookshelfs to keep the angle tighter. The rears i need huge help on. Im unsure if to put behind the seat or more towards the corner of room. The angles dolby recommends are showing me more towards corner of room. But it feels like the corners are so busy with speakers that you wont know where the sound is coming from. I feel like the sound should come from behind you? or am i wrong here. Angle undecided With dolby recommendations - the rears should be in light green on my drawing. In Brown they are outside of Dolby angle recommendation To add to the confusion, Dolby shows on page 36 - atmos is in between rear and surround. But on page 8, the atmos are now before rear and surround https://www.dolby.com/siteassets/technologies/dolby-atmos/atmos-installation-guidelines-121318_r3.1.pdf The atmos........ im loosing my hair on.. i think im on the right track but need clarification Currently at 45 degree and same separation from MLP for front atmos and rear atmos The atmos speakers are about 250-200mm in towards screen than the front speakers. Best i can get it unfortunely Im hoping the diagram i made can help. Also please see spreadsheet for details/lengths angles All in metric Photos attached (The RED ladder is the back wall), the screen is marked with small pieces of blue masking tape (big thankyou to the guy who spent time making the spreadsheet template) and thankyou in advance for taking the time to read and post
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