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  1. I got a couple of mates doing Fox still in Melbourne. Ones been asked to take almost a week off, because he has another tech working for him. And the other mate is lucky to get 1 job a day, and he is a expert of it, been doing it almost 10yrs. If you wanna work saturday or sunday thou you can do as many jobs as you like
  2. Where are you located, like a suburb in melb? I know there are installers in Melb who will do anything to get out of 2story and townhouses.
  3. Satillite cost to install would be cheaper for Foxtel than Fibre, also Fibre will not be avaliable to all homes like HCF isnt, even though it passes it.
  4. Oh yeah that is right, I'm from BSA management. My Salary is at 200k a year Our weekly meetings consist of laughing our asses off at failed installers. Such as yourself and Sidor.
  5. I couldn't give a stuff about installing satellites for peopling wanting FTA DTV via Sat. Not my line of work anymore. But $800 to do an install in a residential area. Work it out > Labour at $100 an hr - 4 hours, you require 2 people, because you would be working at heights, so you need proper safety gear and OH+S procedures. $100 for dish $30 for mount $100 for STB $50 for cabling, connectors, wall plates $50 for LNB Add 10% for profit margin on cost of parts and a bit for the time to administrate the paperwork and you have around $800. But **** doing anything to do within a non regulated industry with monkeys who get on Internet forums and complain all the time.
  6. No I see common sense. ****ing on Forums doesn't solve your issues. This is reality -------------------------- This is the Internet (World of Warcraft Spec) 99% of people ****ing about BSA/Downer are on this side of the chart In fact most people in this thread ****ing are all ex installers that didn't understand what hard work was.
  7. Oh you got me, im the king pin from BSA. Stockyard workers do not get penalty rates for working weekends, lots in the hospitality industry as its as there work week. I know 3-4 guys in the abittors that dont get it as Sunday is in there shift cycle, roster etc. I never got it when I worked on the Call center at IBM people at the IBM call center still don't get it. Its not like your required to work 4 Sundays a month. Whats the requirement 1 Sunday a month? or 2 Sundays? But still after almost 12 months, everyone is on here ****ing about BSA still, there has been no increase in rates and there is no unified group of people pushing for it. But anyway I'm off to roort the government in the switch over to digital scheme and become a installer of satellites for them. $800 an install sounds alright.
  8. Working Sundays is a fact of life, comes with the jobs. Its like Shift Work, Mining etc, Nursing, Doctors, Food Processors etc etc etc Some people will love working sundays others wont.
  9. Wrong Filter being used, have the problem is the filters they put in are for ADSL1 and they are ****, you need acutal ADSL 2+ Filters, there are nothing wrong with the Ones BSA supply as we use them on Optus ADSL 2 installs with no problems. Half the peoples ADSL 2 problems are caused by the incorrect inline filter. It might sync at 8mbits-24mbits but the filter causes speed issues.
  10. Didnt Foxtel upgrade there links out of the MCG, SCG, Etihad and Gabba last year to support HD?
  11. I'm no Longer self employed, or a Fox contractor. I'm still in the comms industry just dealing with Fibre and ISDN/SHDSL/DSL services. How ever still have a contract with BSA (not full time, 3-5 1 hr jobs a week), but due to the high skill level required for what the contract is, payment for jobs is accordingly, all stock is provided (except Cat5/Cat3 Cable) but price is reimbursed correctly. And if I arrive on site and the job can't go ahead for what ever reason, any reason, a min payment of +$100 is still paid. Oh and get paid wait time if we are delayed due to the customer or the service provider, which works out $100 an hr. One thing is still common thou, there is still some troubles with our contact center and staff in BSA but thats no biggy. If rates were corrected in the Fox industry, and OH+S Standards were applied, proper JSAs, Harnesses, etc etc it would be around $600 a fox install. The Installers industry wouldn't exist.
  12. You can now if you signed the old contract. I know a few techs that told BSA to shove it, BSA couldn't do anything about it. As scope of works in original contract is Monday - Sat. The new contractors contacts stipulate 1 or 2 Sundays a month (can't remember what I was told). You can also specify how many jobs you wish to do a day. Thinks such as tool box meetings, late work orders etc run right across the board, you should try contracting to some of the Big IT services companies, IBM Contractors, JAV, etc etc there **** is worse than BSA's but you do it because when there is nothing else its a fall back medium for less money. But really, you need to work as a team to get the rates changed. Also if you don't like it, go do something else, thats what most people who can't be ****ed with it do, can't be too hard with all the skills that one gains doing satellites you cant translate it to AV, Security, etc etc etc. Jobs are out there no one wants to work thou.
  13. I would cable 3 RG6 to every room, run 2 to the foxtel box on the outside of the house and 1 to the TV antenna, then I would run 2 RG6 from the foxtel box on the outside of the house to the roof incase foxtel do drop the cable platform.
  14. My Personal Taxable Income was around 10k a year for 3 years. The Company/Business would turn over alot more than that, Profits. As for the guy having a 7k income, that was after all expenses etc? He would of claimed heaps. Also he "worked" 6 days a week how many jobs a day did he do, knock back etc etc etc. There is a difference between working 6days a week doing 2 Jobs a day and doing 5-6. And in that 7k income, has he struggled to go out on the weekend, take time off, eat etc? Its a PTY LTD company not a business, most business as a sole trader and what isn't a business expense is an income As a PTY LTD what the "company" makes is not ones personal income, you either have to pay yourself, and at the end of the year each director can take a share of the profits if they wish (IIRC), although Im not an accountant, thats what I pay them for.
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