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  1. fantastic show but theres no point buying a box set quite yet. incase you dont know, the series is still going. theyve done 5 so far and 6 is coming out sometime this year
  2. ive seen the r2d2 one before but no the terminator one. very cool.
  3. im yet find a player that supports ntfs. i use my wii to watch movies through my external but your hard drive still has to be formatted to fat32.
  4. this is the version i have, its 4:3 but good picture and as priory said its the uncut version.
  5. i didnt know there was an alternate ending, keen ot check this out. planet terror is awesome, deathproof is good but not as good. was very excited when i heard they were making machete.
  6. if these trees could talk - above the earth, below the sky. not sure if anyone listens to instrumental post rock stuff here but its worth checking out.
  7. i got myself a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and its the best thing i ever did. the music sounds very natural and you dont have to boost the volume to get over the outside noise so its only going to protect your heading in the long run, highly recommend speding the extra cash on a good set. as for music production, i agree that some cds are mixed/mastered terribly these days but its mainly due to the music industry. if you listen to a lot of older stuff you will notice its a lot quieter in comparrison but now everything is mastered much louder. which most people think is a better recording so artists are constantly competing with eachother and these engineers are pushing everything to the max limits in order to do so and in most cases, sounds quality is sacrificed.
  8. id be interested to know this, the best ive been able to find is $190 as well
  9. homebrew is a must and then you should soft mod your wii, its very simple. if youre looking at purchasing games these are all must have: zelda, mario galaxy, mariot kart, metriod. theyre probably not suited for a three year old though. having said that the wii is pretty much made for kids so im sure theres plenty of games that a young child would like or learn from.
  10. hey mate, thats a great deal. im looking at getting this exact one. would you mind forwarding the receipt to me. my email is onecruelcycle@yahoo.com thanks in advance.
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