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  1. Cheers for that info. I'll give them a ring to see what they say.
  2. It's certainly not cheaper than the STB I was talking about - but that may not mean much.
  3. I recently bought this as a back-up PVR. As it is not in the main viewing area - I tend to switch off power to it when not in use - but have found that I need to retune the channels frequently when powering back up. Is this a common thing or a fault? The STB I've had since about 2006 doesn't lose channels after powering off so it seems odd to me that a newer PVR would.
  4. Jeremy will be on during the week. You can see in the above linked promo loop. It was also clear this would be the case as he had started doing weeknight evening updates, and Deborah Rice has replaced him on weekends (not sure if this is permanent though).
  5. ABCHD is already dead in Tasmania from what I hear, with the move to LCN 24 and a News 24 loop completed. Sydney will go on Thursday according to ABC TV's twitter account: ABCTV_Australia
  6. There is no need for a soft launch though surely, not when they've been piloting for so long. I also think putting a channel on air before the kinks are ironed out is pretty "public" The launch feels really close now with the channel getting unique ads, not just information campaigns. Is it possible to change the name of the thread now? Seems weird to have a thread about a soon-to-launch channel with an incorrect name.
  7. I'm not sure I would call it frantic. The channel has been on the cards for a while, the idea was launched at the beginning of this year, and piloting has been going properly since the start of June (and according the The Australian, limited piloting has been going for much longer).
  8. Thought I might do up a list of the shows we now know will be on ABC News 24: Weekdays: ABC News Breakfast: Virginia Trioli, Michael Rowland, Paul Kennedy, Vanessa O'Hanlon. Mornings (Probably not the name; may not have one): Joe O'Brien Midday Report (Appears to be ABC1 simulcast): Ros Childs Afternoon Live: Ali Moore Afternoon Updates: Jeremy Fernandez Business Afternoon (Name yet to be confirmed): ? Evening Bulletin (Name & time yet to be confirmed): Juanita Phillips The Drum: Annabel Crabb The World: Scott Bevan Lateline Business (Before Lateline on News 24): Ticky Fullerton (Assumption) Lateline: Leigh Sales & Tony Jones 7:30 Report (Timeshifted): Kerry O'Brien Weekly Programs: One Plus One: Jane Hutcheon Four Corners Stateline Landline Compass Catalyst Foreign Correspondent I can speculate on others, but do we know any more?
  9. The problem with that is they are removing an SD service which can't be found elsewhere. If they made ABC2 HD then all the people with SD only STBs (regardless of what we may want, there are many out there) would lose the channel. This is the best compromise for the ABC, it removes a channel that can be easily found elsewhere, only at a lesser quality. Whilst removing ABCHD may upset many, it is nothing compared to what would happen if they did the same to ABC2 SD.
  10. Davmel do you remember when you saw it without 5.1 or what you were watching? I still haven't managed to see it without. Maybe I should watch TV more!?!
  11. What benefits does this give the channels? Is it like the Press Red function or something? Do you think this is a Freeview initiative?
  12. Thanks very much for that. I guess that shows exactly what we would want from the move. Is anyone else's ABCHD sound acting differently?
  13. Today is the day (according to the EPG outages) that the ABC was moving NSW/Sydney transmission to Ingleburn. I have no EPG for ABC1, ABC2, or ABCHD as notified (though I do for ABC3, which apparently is because ABC3 has been coming out of Ingleburn for some time). The only real change I can notice immediately is that ABCHD's sound is coming through my end as DD5.1 rather than the normal Prologic. I couldn't comment on PQ given I have just been watching rubbish youtube videos so everything looks good in comparison. Perhaps someone could use their wiz-bang software to see if the rates have changed? Update: I seem to have all the EPGs now - so I'm not sure if they were missing or if my STB just hadn't refreshed them (its a bit rubbish)
  14. My understanding of the EPG outages was that it related to moving playout to Ingleburn. The EPG outages are happening on different days in different states - but if playout is currently from Sydney, wouldn't a change of LCNs happen all at once? See here for a more specific announcement of the EPG down times: ABC EPG Outages
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