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  1. Um, what? Previously, if a customer wanted premiere movies from all major studios, they have to sign up for both movie packages. Now, a customer only has to get the basic movie package. Source? If you only had one movie package under the old system, you miss out on half the movies. Now, if you had basic movies, you will have a greater pool of movies to select from. A rather ironic statement coming from someone who has consistently misused 'your' in place of 'you're' throughout the thread. I'll take my 100% HD, thanks.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong ... but excluding timeshifts, don't we only lose one channel, but in exchange, we get all channels HD (and presumably 5.1 audio), and no requirement to carry 2 movie packages if you want all premiere movies? How is this even close to a negative change?
  3. Hopefully we FOXTEL customers get their online TV guide, and online/download player, both of which seem to be much, much better than the equivalent FOXTEL ones.
  4. How is that FOXTEL's fault that your Grandma didn't cancel her other packages? Don't see why pensioners should get a discount from a private company anyway.
  5. Can't they put some of the HD channels on the 'SD' transponder? I don't know what rate they use for SD (can't be more than 3Mbps given the usual PQ); wouldn't there be leftover space for a couple of the HD channels on 11886?
  6. Yeah, losing two of the worst channels ever known to man. Finally we can see NEW series in HD Just before I left the house, Discovery HD had Dirty Jobs in HD. Winning
  7. Don't give two shits about IPTV (I think it's a silly idea, satellite and cable do a much better job at broadcast than IP), but an overhaul of the user interface is long overdue. The UI isn't even properly widescreen for heavens sake. It's stretched and wastes so much space.
  8. Bullshit. Go to http://www.sky.com/quickbuy/build , and select everything in the TV section. You'll have to manually add ESPN, Chelsea and MUTV. I get 83 pounds, which is AUD $129. Not far off ours. Oh and there are 47 Sky HD channels, not over 100. There may be others but they are free to air and can hardly be counted. Considering our relative lack of population, and the fixed cost of satellite capacity, I don't think our pricing is too bad. Please, spare us the hyperbolic bullshit.
  9. Tennis from Adelaide is in HD. Also seems to be a FOX Sports production. Definitely seeing an increase in local HD sport. Hopefully when the footy season rolls around, all matches from the major grounds are in HD
  10. I have Setanta for free too. But interestingly, I don't have Ovation for free, even though it's meant to be free (http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2011/01/ovation-free-offer-in-january.html). I wonder if someone at FOXTEL has stuffed up here, and changed the entitlements incorrectly?
  11. Discovery HD's watermark just changed to Discovery HDWORLD, so it was just a rebranding of Discovery HD.
  12. I reckon it's a renaming of Discovery HD. If you search around, you'll see India just got Discovery HD, and they call it Discovery HDWORLD. The promo itself also makes it look like a rename; it sort of wipes out the Discovery HD logo. Bit of a copout if you ask me -- clearly this is in response to everybody expecting to see quality Discovery programming on the channel, not the cheap filler they currently air.
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