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  1. @Eagleeyes thanks, if that's the case I'll stick with my Primare Spa22/23 av. I was just thinking going separates for an upgrade to what I already have.
  2. Hi @Eagleeyes is this the 4KVM model? and didn't you have this price listed in the past? Cheers Marty
  3. Hi @MAXXX, I'm interested just a couple of questions. How many previous owners? The age of the unit? And the likely hood of the caps needing to be done? Cheers Marty
  4. Hi @2Brix you don't have to shuddup.😀 I've appreciated all of your input with your well crafted responses and suggestions better then I could do. I think your right about starting a couple of new threads which I will construct in the next few days and go from there. All the best Marty
  5. @2Brix thanks, All valid points! Don't get me wrong I'm overall very happy with my purchase just paranoia setting in after spending so much I guess. I was thinking of using a USB extension cable, that will sort that out having the port at the rear. Not planning to use the sub with 2 channel, purely HT use. The sub is nearly 2 meter's away from the corner but will play around with different positions. Cheers Marty
  6. Hi @2Brix no problems, I do wonder if the Bel Canto would have been suitable, having a little buyer remorse. The i35 is a good unit especially having Prisma app as it has no connection for a monitor to view settings, the screen is way to small to read easily and just working out some of the other niggles. It seems to work well with the fixed volume for HT bypass, pity it doesn't have a USB port up front for the hard drive. Sounding great with TT and streaming Tidal but my main problem is still trying to get the bass right with my system . I've been playing
  7. I've gone ahead and bought the Primare i35 Prisma. Can't wait to hear what different this is going to make in SQ over my current system especially with the TT. The dealer threw in some XLR cables for me to try out with the Oppo 205 because I've never used XLR cables before. He thinks I should hear an improved sound over RCA.
  8. I like the idea of the Primare i35 unless someone else has any suggestions. I've been ringing around today for best prices on the Primare i35 and will have some more prices tomorrow. Prices have gone up on the whole range since 1st of May from Primare an extra $500 on the base model rrp, so need to act fast, a couple of retailers haven't adjusted there prices yet.
  9. @Irek the Primare i35 looks promising especially the matching class D amp to my Spa22. This would also blow my entire budget. Because I have the Oppo 205 I wouldn't need the i35 Dac or Prisma models I'm guessing. Do you have any experience with the i35?
  10. @2Brix yeah, no partner objections, that's the beauty about being single. Now just need to wait for a back typhoon sub to get listed at a reasonable price. Thanks again.
  11. Hi @jdh500 it looks like I can use this with the Primare. They refer to the sound as neutral, I'm not sure what that really means as I like the warmer sound I get from the Primare. How do you describe the sound? Cheers Marty
  12. Thanks @AI.M Not sure how to go about changing to a different forum.
  13. Thanks @2Brixfor your input. Would you suggest a matching Whatmough Typhoon sub or just to big? I just left a post over on audio classified looking at Bel Canto Pre3 pre Amp & Ref500s Power Amp do you think this would be a good system to integrate into mine for 2 channel?
  14. Would this integrate well with a Primare Spa22 avr and Whatmough P31 speakers?
  15. Hi all, I would appreciate any suggestion to improve my current system. I'm prepared to spend 5-6K to achieve an improvement and prefer to go used for quality. I'm running my system as 5.1 and not interested in expanding to Atmos. I split my use with 60% movies and 40% music. My room size is 5.5m x 4.3m with the fronts and sub spread out on the 5.5m wall with no bass traps etc. I can't really do much with room treatment as its a rental. As much as I love the sound stage I get from my setup in movies and music I know it can be much better, it does lack good b
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