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  1. Hi @Esoterica I took some pics for you, I hope this helps. So I connected the sub's input to the bottom RCA on the switch output, and connected the Primare I35 Line input and Primare SPA22 SUB analog output to the switches output top RCA's. I think that's right. I hope this makes sense.
  2. @Ruffter The I35 was driving the fronts for 2ch and HT bypass duties (I have since gone back to this arrangement). But I had a problem not long ago when I thought I blow the I35 amp, I made a post about it. When switching equipment on/off or changing sources, I would get the odd pop, but on this day the pop killed all sound, didn't know what to do, so reached out to Primare and was told to do a factory reset, that fixed the problem. I just don't want that to happen again, just in case I do some damage, that's why I wanted the I35 to have it's own dedicated speakers.
  3. There's nothing wrong with the Whatmough's, I like them very much but I'm using them just for the 5.1 setup and looking for another set of speakers, purely for a 2ch setup to pair well with my Primare I35. I may revert back to the Primare I35 in HT bypass setup. Trying to get ideas first.
  4. These are currently listed in the classifieds, any thoughts? Canton Ergo 72 DC floor standing speakers for $500
  5. I'm looking at putting in a pair of extra speaker to pair with my Primare I35 for 2ch duties. If possible from the classifieds used. More bang for your buck with $1500 budget but flexible. (I'm spending more time and money on stereo equipment during Covid.) Should I go with towers to fit in between my current speakers, or maybe look at smaller ones to fit below my TV, on the ends of the TV stand. My current tower speakers are Whatmough P31 which I enjoy very much for many years. No real room treatment other than the curtain up against the sitting
  6. @Bunno77I was using HT bypass till a couple of weeks ago when I had a scare with my equipment. I thought I blow the I35 and speakers, because I had a pop in the speakers from changing sources and lost all sound. Had to do a factory reset, to many thing to turn on correctly in sequence I guess. So I'm thinking of getting another set of smaller speakers and have the I35 as a dedicated 2 ch system in the same room. I can connect to the I35 pre outs but I only have one set of inputs on the sub, where then would I then connect the Av receiver to? use
  7. Hi all, Which way would be the best to connect my Whatmough Typhoon 3 subwoofer, to my Primare I35 Prisma 2 ch integrated amplifier and Primare Spa22/23 AV receiver 5.1 together? Have I got the right or enough connections from the sub to do this? or should I use a two way switch or maybe start looking out for a second sub, to use independently with each system. Currently the sub is connected to the AV receiver by the 1 RCA cable, connected to the sub input and to the receivers sub output. I've included some pic for your reference taken from the w
  8. @dalyjoeHi, I have a Linn Sondek LP12 I would consider letting go at the right price, as I'm just as happy to hold onto it. This is what I remember of it, as its been put away for the last 3 or so years. Early model with no mods, purchased from George Secher before he moved on from Hawthorn. It had a clean bill of health, checked over by his turntable guy Rick I thick is name was. He added a heavy duty power cord and replaced the RCA cables, they work but could do with better ones. Overall appearance is great except for the smokey coloured lid it
  9. I should add that I'm looking for dedicated speakers for 2ch duties paired with my Primare I35 Prisma.
  10. Do you think they would work well just below my TV on the ends of the cabinet? Attached photo for reference. Cheers Marty
  11. I own one of these, first to import to Australia. Went from a Linn Sondek LP12 to this. Great TT
  12. Yeah, it a load off my mind. I really thought I stuffed up. Been looking in classifieds for a pair of small speakers to match the Primare I35 as a dedicated 2 channel setup instead of it sharing the load with the HT setup. Today I setup a Nuc for Roon, trying out the 14 day free trial, pretty good so far. This was my long answer to relaxing and listening to music.
  13. Received instructions from Primare to do a factory reset, that fixed the problem. All good now 😀.
  14. Hi all, I was happily listening to music, streaming through my Primare SPA22 and using the Primare i35 with HT bypass. Stopped listening for a few minutes to watch some catch-up tv through the amps and suddenly didn't have any sound, I was confused for a while, change different settings/sources and still couldn't get any sound from both of my fronts at all. So I unplugged the Whatmough speakers from the i35 and switched them over to the Spa22 all good. I haven't made any changes to my setup and everything was working up to this point, all channels and sources.
  15. @chimchimster I'll take this please. Any more Humble Pie? Cheers Marty
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