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  1. @Ralph thanks for the heads up, been a member on their group since May last year. Very helpful and friendly group. Cheers Marty
  2. Since I started doing the above, I haven't had any problems with the I35.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. This is how I am currently setup. Primare I35 Prisma is in HT bypass with the Yamaha rxr3080 AV for the front channels. The I35 is connected to my older Whatmough ported sub. I'm running a Nuc Roon Core to the I35 through USB. Sounds great and waiting to receive a reclocker to help improve the sound further. The Yamaha rxr3080 (hopefuly I made a good choice here replacing my Primare Spa22) is a 5.1 system connect to a SVS SB3000 sub, which has some builtin EQ capabilities, currently disabled.
  4. Hi all, I would like to do some auto room correction with my I35 prisma and sub and my Yamaha AVR and sub but know very little about it. I can't do much with room treatment because I'm renting so I'm looking at alternatives. REW, minidsp 2x4 hd and minidsp umik-1 combo seems to be very popular but not sure how to integrate into the systems. If you think there are better combo options please share.
  5. @Jez Hi mate, Since the factory reset I haven't experience any popping and maybe the latest updates had something to do with it. I hope that helps. Good luck. Marty
  6. Hi @NADbooffa It's getting a bit late now but I have an early model LP12 I'll be happy to chat to you about if interested. Here's a link from a previous post with some photos (I took quickly) of my TT. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/tags/thorens turntable/ Cheers Marty
  7. The other reason I was asking, if I use the Oppo with Roon Rock I get all the metadata info displayed on my TV screen.
  8. The sound is great with I35 I just don't know enough about chips and dacs. Connecting direct with USB gives me no dropouts or disconnections and I'm getting full MQA with Roon as I did with the OPPO USB dac. This just seems to work best and cleaner.
  9. Thank's I have looked at a better power supply but not knowing which one to go for and prices starting from like $400 for quality. I'll wait till something comes up in the classifieds. Just bought from the classifieds the Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker, I hope this will help with sound quality.
  10. All sorted, hearing no more hiss on my speakers or the Nuc making it worse. The problem was most likely the RCA cables I was using with the Primare I35 for the bypass to my Yamaha rxr3080 avr or the avr itself. I am now using some XLR cables for Bypass duties. Happy days.
  11. Hi all, Happy Holidays... Two questions. First? should I upgrade my standard power supply on my Intel NUC8I7BEH running Roon Rock for a linear power supply because I'm getting noise in my speakers when It's turned on and connect directly by USB to my Primare I35 Prisma? Second? does anyone have an opinion which dac is better using the above Roon Rock either the Primare I35 or the Oppo UDP-205 directly connected by USB? it’s much simpler and less equipment turned on if I use the I35.
  12. Some pics of my diy cleaner. I made this a few years when I needed a project, while I was recovering for about 12 months after chemo treatment. It looks a bit amateurish, a lack of skills and tools.
  13. Some good info, thanks guys. I'm currently using Ilford Ilfotol and considered using Tergikleen and polysorbate 20 for a low toxic alternative surfactant. I recently watched this video on surfactants, might be interesting too others. My current solution I use with my ultrasonic cleaner is, 10lts of distilled water 300mls of isopropyl alcohol 99% about 12ml of Ilford Ilfotol
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