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  1. Only if I had a power amp to drive it. How would my Primare Spa22 compare? looking out for an upgrade. GLWTS
  2. I think I'm interested as a Impulse purchase. What are the dimensions on these please? And can I bridge them and use it with my Primare Spa23 av amp?
  3. Thanks Zaphod, I've spoken with Interdyn, Primare distributor and waiting for some answers. If the board needs replacing it will most likely need to be ordered in from overseas. I've started looking at new units and thinking of the Cambridge cxr200 as a temporary replacement as I can't be without my processor.
  4. Hi all, Last night my amp went bang, and having a closer inspection the the power supply looks blown. It was my fault, I had the system on, listening to some music and doing some cleaning around the unit which I picked up about 2 inches to get underneath and carelessly dropped it back down onto the rack self which made it go bang. I thought it may have only been a capacitor or two but it looks much worse than that. I've included some images to show the extent of the damage and hoping I could get some advice to how bad the board is and maybe an idea in cost of repairs. Cheers Marty
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