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  1. Hi Quark, Thanks for the advice. I'll try going to mode B with one of the others with the lens in the light path this evening. I'll let you know of the results. Re- the black bars; yes I am aware. I have two black cloth panels for just such a contingency. Cheers.
  2. The following lists the movies we've seen so far. All have the same problem to a greater or lesser degree. The Terminator (16:9) [1.85:] Jurassic Park(16:9) [1.85:1] . Planes,trains & automobiles (16:9) [1.78:1]. Niagara (4:3) [1.33:1]. Gentlemen prefer blondes (4:3) [1.37:1] The Revenant (16:9) [2.40:1]
  3. Hi Quark, The theatre isn't configured for FTA and or Foxtel yet so for the moment it's blurays exclusively. Just to be clear the heads aren't being chopped off as such. Though the image fills the entire screen the actors heads look a little large...almost like the image is being panned and scanned. There seems to be no room above and below an actors face.
  4. Hi Quark, The JVC is set to "A" in setup so I would assume that it would do the stretch. However wouldn't the Xeit lens sliding in front of the PJ's beam actually do the stretch? As for the Oppo, it's set to 16:9.
  5. Hello everyone, My question is how do I correctly size the image hitting my 130" 2.37:1 CIH curved AT screen. Display devices are JVC X 95R through a Xeit CM4 anamorphic lens and an Oppo BDP-105. The issue I have is one of size. The image is just a little too large; tends to crop the tops of peoples heads while cutting off the bottom line of caption that occur in film content. When I check the geometry, zoom and lens shift settings on the PJ all is in order. Hope someone can help.
  6. Wow! There were a few firm points of view being expressed there. But that's one of the things that makes our country great; we can have a robust debate and be passionate about what we believe in and still be mates at the end of it. Bravo! Fwiw I have made a choice........de winner is......XEIT & Cineslide. Now for that other old chestnut; price. Thanks so much fellow forumers.
  7. Thanks Guys, Specs are a great way of levelling the comparison playing field but not much beats real owners feedback. It looks like the Crystalmorphic 5E will get the nod. As for the sled the Cineslide looks the business. How much is it? Is there a manual version which can be motorised at a later date? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone, It's been a while (over a year) since I've posted anything but I have enjoyed reading about everything HT. I'm about to pull the trigger on an anamorphic lens to use with my JVC X95. The dilemma is which one to choose; CAVX - Aussiemorphic lens MK 5 or the XEIT- Crystalmorphic CM-5E. I'll be projecting on a Seymour AV curved AT C130 XS screen in a completely light controlled room. So which lens will give me the biggest bang for my buck. Your thoughts?
  9. Hey everyone, Just letting you know that, through the fine efforts of bbar, I'm putting in my order for the X95 today. Super excited now! Thank you once again to bbar for organising and everyone involved in this GB. You've made this little black duck's Christmas.
  10. When I began this unending quest for audiovisual nirvana back in the mid 80's I thought My Loewe 840 Concept plus CRT was the bees knees. I mean 84 cm diagonal ! That was huge! My eyes hurt for a while just looking at it. In my humble house there hasn't been anything that rivalled it's beautiful PQ since. That all changed in 2011 when the lovely and I went to an AV show and clapped eyes on the JVC X 90 showing off the astounding "Baraka". We haven't been that blown away since we first saw the Loewe over a quarter of a century ago. We just stared at each other open mouthed and said "we gotta get one of those" Fast forward to today and we are lucky enough to be in a position to 'get one'. So this being my 5th post, this hopefully qualifies me to 'member' but more importantly gains me inclusion as interested party in your GB bbar (we are looking at buying an X 95) Thanks.
  11. G'Day BBAR - Could you include me in your JVC GB please. I'm interested in the X95 with the 6 pairs of IR glasses subject to a good price of course. However seeing that this is my first GB I have absolutey no idea how it all works. PM?? I would appreciate some simple instructions please. Thanks, leyjerry
  12. G'Day everyone, Can anyone let me know of any upcoming group buys for either JVC X90R's or Seaton Submersive's please. Any potential $$$$savings have to be factored in now that the new house is half built. Cheers.
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