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  1. I have the same problem with my Integra 6.9, however it's something that has progressively got worse. Its really odd, but I found what works without fail for me is to turn the AVR on and let it warm up for about 10 mins. It then just seems to work! To expedite I can turn the AVR off and on about 20 times and eventually it just gets it. But until then it just shows 'no signal'.
  2. I found myself in a dilemma when my 65 inch pana VT50 died. Long story short - potentially look for a second hand plasma. I claimed mine under warranty and ended up with the sony 65 inch X9000B. Overall I was quite dissapointed. Motion wasn't actually a concern for me on it. I like sport as well and I found it quite impressive with the motion handling. The big problem though was the 'depth' for me, along with backlight bleed and off axis viewing. I was frantically searching for second hand plasmas, as the sony just didn't draw me in like the pana did. I was lucky and came across a factory seconds samsung F8500 plasma. Ended up purchasing it and took the sony back for store credit (which is now sitting as a new fridge :-D). The F8500 is superb. Although I could only grab the 60 inch, I still think it FAR outweighs the sony. And was 3 times cheaper! Second had isn't without risk though, but I'm sure there are some buys out there for bargain prices and may just be worth the gamble...
  3. Update! Started going down Sony warranty but the process seemed convoluted with 3rd party needing to assess, report to Sony, order parts then take away for repair. On a positive, the supplier has given store credit for return. A bigger positive, I just located a factory seconds 60f8500. Had a couple of light scratches on screen and 1000hrs use. Picture quality is amazing though. Now store credit will have to be put aside for larger TV when some descent plasma replacement tech comes along...
  4. All, I apologise for the delay in responding to your messages. I opened my inbox yesterday to a fair amount of interest. I'll start messaging ppl one at a time to complete the sale. If the person is not immediately interested or sale falls through I'll contact the next. Thanks for your responses. Btw, all interest was with xpa5, so if there is any interest in the CD player please PM me.
  5. I can't remember the exact price but I saw the 58ax800 at jb the other day for around $2300-2400...
  6. I think you're in for a large disappointment. I was in pretty much the same boat but with the vt50. Ended up with the Sony x9000b. If you see my previous posts it didn't really float that well. Right now all the 2014 models are being run out so brings the higher class LED LCDs to that price range. 2015 models I believe will be a fair amount over it. My suggestion is whatever you choose, ask to try it in store. With LCD panels it's just too much of a lottery as to whether you get a good one or not (clouding/edge bleed/banding etc). My personal suggestion at this stage right now would be Panasonic ax800. The Sony x9000b would be good pending model with no issues. Or, if you can manage it, wait a bit and pay the difference for an ax900.
  7. Supplier doesn't have any to swap over so going to try Sony warranty. If no success may try to push a refund and purchase a panny ax800...
  8. Some good points there, ML. All photos in pictures represent what is seen with eye. Like I said before though, it is much better on certain scenes. The photo you have posted looks much better than the best mine can get with a similar scene. Really goes to show that it's just a lottery game when you buy one of these sets. With regards to black level, at the sony's best(with having a small something on black background) it is not quite as good as my old vt50. The problem is though through normal viewing the local dimming tricks make itself apparent (like a dark scene with subtitles - when subtitles pop up, the whole screen brightens slightly (fading gradually from source of subtitles away).
  9. ML, the first 5 are from just under 2 meters. The 6th about 2.5m. Really hard to unsee it. The problem is there's no replacement 9000b models left. Not much else in the same price bracket really...
  10. Yeah I guess I could have taken the photos at night! It's a really odd issue. On a black screen with a logo or something to stop it turning off, the problem isn't there most of the time. But other times it's quite evident up to the point of scewing colour up to 3-4 inches on both sides of the screen (shifting red towards yellow) Broken record here, but I really struggle to see how consumers prefer these issues over late model plasma's limited issues...
  11. For any followers, pics of backlight bleed started in new topic. Adam would like to hear how yours compared!
  12. Just after some opinions on who would find the below linked photos of the sony's edge backlight bleed an issue worthy of returning or not. Having come from plasma, is this an issue that a lot of people are dealing with or not? I certainly don't have any issues like this with my 32 inch Sony lcd however it's ccfl backlit... Any comments appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f987ojw0e0kmnzu/AADivkcguFX5jNG_uS7CZH5Fa?dl=0
  13. Yeah I've been thinking about getting a refund. I don't think I could live with my 50" as a stop gap though. Will just have to be a case of wasting money. I shouldn't have ever put my vt50 in for a warranty claim, because the issues it had were better than the common issues of the Sony...
  14. Adam did you end up finding another display to replace it? I'm wondering whether it's worth trying to swap for another one. This edge backlight bleed is getting frustrating. Do you think most sets suffer from this? It's so hard to tell in store...
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