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  1. You don't have Salvation Army or St Vincents/ Vinnies type charity shops that sell 2nd hand unwanted furniture, clothing and goods in Canberra ... where the proceeds go to those who need support in the community? This is the best place to pick up bargains ... as in one persons junk is another's treasure. Bit like 2nd hand speakers. Save a bundle and work great What do people do with all their unwanted gear, take it down the Tip? These OP shops are a win/win for everyone ... and it's recycling.
  2. Was checking out Vinnies OP Shop in Hoppers Crossing/Melbourne when I saw a brown leather recliner selling for $150. La-Z-boy. Next time I went in, I was considering buying it ... but it had a 'sold' sticker on it. Damn ... he who hesitates n all that. Next time, (I'm a regular) the 'sold' sticker was off it and it was reduced to $120 Spoke to the kind lady about buying it and mentioned the smallish nick it had on the side. Other than that small blemmish ... it is in excellent condition. She took another $10 off it. $110 + $50 delivery ... $160 all up. It was for when I get my Home Theatre setup. Oled TV has arrived. The recliner is fantastic and would recommend getting one. As fate had it - it was destined for my joint. It was love at first sight. Edit: OP Shops are a cheap alternative ... works for me
  3. Thanks for the welcomes and replies I have read through each of the replies a couple of times and trying to understand bits of information, yet I am still confused about the path I should be taking to maximise the benefit of the equipment that I hopefully will be getting later in 2020 and early 2021. I'm not sure whether HDMI 2.1 is a good idea for future proofing ... or whether it is a bit of a marketing con? LG is going for it, Sony and Panasonic aren't and Denon has just released an AVR series with only one HDMI 2.1 input. Is this just to cater for the gullible like me who get drawn into believing you should have it to take advantage of future tech..? I don't want to be spending the big bucks on cables if it doesn't make any or little difference ... yet would rather avoid problems with signal transmission due to inadequate cable quality. I should probably go visit a few HiFi / HT stores with a diagram of my house layout and explain what I want so that they can put up the options ... depending on how much I am prepared to spend ... so that I can decide which way to go. No doubt it will all be worked out In the end ... interesting journey. Cheers to all ps. Will be giving above replies further consideration. Thx for the info ... appreciated.
  4. Howdy ... new member here and after some info regarding cabling. I'm a noob trying to figure out the basics ... so please bear with me Not getting a new HT until hopefully around Xmas but researching prior so that I can make informed decisions to a) get best bang for buck b) hopefully some future proofing The aim is for an LG CX 4K HDMI 2.1 OLED with a Denon AVR. I'm considering the new X3700 with the HDMI 2.1 input ... only just checking the options at this early stage. My setup is that the nbn box (FTTH) and computer with modem/router is over one side of the house with the TV going up on the other side ... roughly a cable length of 15m with the AVR located roughly in the middle - approx 7.5m cable length from both. OPTION 1 - From nbn box direct to TV Q 1 I've read that the best PQ is to connect from the nbn box directly to the TV as the nbn box has an inbuilt modem so you don't have to go through your modem/router that is connected to your computer unless you need the router for Wifi for your TV. The HDMI 2.1 40Gbps cable from the TV to AVR needs only to be unidirectional and does not need to go through eARC inputs on TV or AVR? Is this correct? Q1a By bypassing the existing modem ... does the ISP know what is going on ... or does my info need to be re-entered into the TV setup menu? Q2 Due to cable length being 15m ... it is a long run and will require fibre optic cables at that length? Q3 The nbn box only has RJ45 connectors which suits copper patch cables, but fibre optic cables use HDMI connectors. How is this problem best solved. Are electricians allowed to alter cabling/connections like RJ45 in nbn boxes to accommodate HDMI connectors as they only come with these. OPTION 2 - From nbn box to modem/router ... then to TV Connect the nbn box to the modem/router with a copper patch cable ... and then from the Modem/R to the AVR with another copper patch cable ... then from the AVR to the TV with an HDMI 2.1 cable with Ethernet that does up to 40Gbps via eARC inputs. Q4 Is the use of copper patch cables limiting the ability of 40Gbps data and bringing it back to 18Gbps? Cat5e,6,7 patch cables are all limited to 18Gbps .... but Cat8 patch cables are available that apparently do 48Gbps ... Is using these the best solution for optimising the system and future proofing? Any assistance will be much appreciated
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