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  1. I'm with you on this, yorac. I saw it a week ago in glorious 2D and perhaps the marketing misled us in that it would be more true Sci-Fi like Blade Runner but what we got was like a combo of Alien and Aliens which totally makes sense because Ridley and James Cameron consider those the only canon films of the series. I do wish it was more pure Sci-Fi but personally I enjoyed watching this more than something like The Avengers (which I totally dig). Alien was Horror while Aliens was Action, I thought the natural progression would be Sci-Fi but Prometheus was very much a combo of the both and I'm ok with that it's just a shame Ridley didn't ask more questions.
  2. 3 trailers and we still don't really know the plot of this movie. Love it, wish more marketing was like this. We are aware it is coming without spoiling too much.
  3. Fun popcorn entertainement movie I thought the film was at its best when the team were talking/arguing with each other rather than the massive action set pieces. Still prefer Whedon's Serenity. See it in 2D if possible. Hulk totally steals this movie and I really enjoyed Hiddleston as Loki again.
  4. I've purchased from him a few times with no problems.
  5. I quite enjoyed this movie at the cinema. Does the Blu treat IMAX the same way The Dark Knight disc did? I know Brad Bird was debating what to do with it via his twitter.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about iparcel, I got a free upgrade on some shipping last month and the last update says it's in California when in fact it has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of weeks
  7. Argh I noticed you've been playing a bit, as soon as I got the game I’ve only been able to play an hour here and there due to life getting in the way! Have only done Mars and the moon level to get Garrus back. Trying to avoid spoilers from friends and the net but its getting harder by the day especially after complaints about the ending and Day 1 DLC. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Vanguard right now. Played it as my main on the last 2 games but now playing on Hardcore it feels just a bit easy, I take a shotgun along just in case but honestly I’ve hardly even used it since Charge/Nova combo pretty much decimates everything so far.
  8. I have both but pretty much use the Xbox exclusively, my PS3 collects dust unless an exclusive title comes out that i'm interested in. Sievers81 is my gamertag on both systems, hoping my phone lines get fixed soon because the net is running at almost dial-up speed right now - i'd like to try ME3 multiplayer before it dies off.
  9. I'll be picking up my Collector's Edition on the way home tonight but won't be able to get into it until tomorrow night. I can’t wait its my all-time favorite game series and I’ve been able to avoid all spoilers so far despite being out for a couple of days and the nature of internet trolls. I’ve been told that it should be played on a difficulty harder than Normal as it is far too easy and you’ll blow through the game. Lots of people probably just select default but I feel it’s a disservice to play this game as a soldier, you miss out on so much if all you do is blow off endless rounds into enemies for that long.
  10. Mine shipped with the exact same info as roachy. I have no doubt it will arrive well before that. Having seen the Australian version in JB yesterday I'm definitely glad I opted for the much better packaged (Aus one seems like it is just a slip in a regular cover) and priced US version.
  11. Currently $34.99 on Amazon.com , a steal at that price. I predict this series will sell very well for HBO, the show built its audience greatly as the series progressed and it has a broader appeal than the slower paced Boardwalk Empire (which I enjoy greatly as well). Everyone I know that has watched GoT loves it and watched the entire series within a couple of days.
  12. Wow the metal case version of T2 is worth that much to people? I kind of regret throwing the slip away now.
  13. After playing Uncharted 3 for a couple of hours up to the Chateau when it was first released I put it down because I was disappointed. Last Thursday on my holidays I put it in and decided to give it another go and ended up finishing the rest in a single sitting. While I don't think it soared to the heights of UC2 I just loved spending time with these characters again and some of the set-pieces are truly awe inspiring. Though I was slightly disappointed that the story ended up the same as UC2 . If Naughty Dog do another one they seriously need to overhaul the gunplay and AI because it already feels dated. The cover system is archaic and most of my enemy related deaths were caused by the shoddy chest high walls and not sticking to them properly etc – they need to look at the system games like Gears of War, Splinter Cell and Deus Ex use because it really felt like ND were just coasting by this time and used the mentality of “if it ain’t broke” well guys it is so innovate in gameplay as much as you do in the storytelling and UC will be the series to beat. The less said about the AI the better, how many times did you guys have an enemy kill themselves with their own grenades (without shooting at them)?
  14. Most people I know aren't really into owning BD/DVD's but I have a couple of the Harry Potter box sets on the way for my sister and I since we're the only fans. Other than that I just generally buy them on a regular basis and none are really going to be under the Xmas tree.
  15. Same as you guys on the HP Box set (Nov 30) i've ordered 2 as Xmas gifts for people - hope they make it in time.
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