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  1. wonder whats going to happen to win News? if win keeps their name
  2. 4ME will ceace Operating @ Midnight tonight . contract cancelled after production house Brand New Media called in administrators.
  3. because Medium is Sci Fi lol heres what it says on imdb Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller hope that helps
  4. glad Foxtel dummed the old Austar Air Look so outdated love the new fresh look more modern
  5. Correct it has and iQ2 dosnt i rang up the other day and the lady who must have been a former Austar consultant said to me to wait til iq3 comes out and not to rush it so i decided to wait worth the wait when i got no problems with either mystar boxes not wasting my money upgrading to IQ2 then again a few months down the track when iq3 comes out
  6. its channels 200 and 500 as 112 is the Comedy Channel lol
  7. considering Austar up the prices not that long ago cant see them up it again in this short time frame
  8. the only difference is the shapes of the buttons and the layout the select, up and down left and right is on opposite side
  9. same with Austar its not going to be on after that date
  10. considering the mystar boxes I heard costs $500 lol i think Austar did a rush job to get them out didn't test em properly lol i bet foxtel didn't do a rush jobn and made sure they all worked prior to released them lol least the remotes identical with the acception of Av button and the foxtel button.
  11. come on accc this is getting beyond a joke pull ya heads out of the sand approve it NOW!!!!! and no more excuses of delaying your decision it will be not acceptable we demand u approve the Merger . I hope Foxtel takes u to Court
  12. I'd say they will use the austar boxes until the roll outs complete. i saw the Iq boxes on the foxtel website can't wait austar rebooting all the time gives ya the shits especially when your on foxsports channel and press red and it reboots lol cant wait to see the back of it the sooner we get the new IQ the better
  13. if i Recall neighbours is moving over to 11 as well then sc10 will have no choice but to have Channel 11 if shows are going over to 11
  14. and they shrunk it a fraction defendant smaller then when we first got 7two on Prime they could make it white like the other which is less noticeable at times depending the Background
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