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  1. I went around all my local stores and quoted this price from Myer Highpoint, and they all just laughed at me ! I was even going to phone the Myer Highpoint store, but my local Myer said it must have been a mistake and even they wont be able to match it. So now I have the 480 on order for $748 as I dont want to pay almost $1,000 for the Blu-ray version.
  2. I have spoke to the guy who sold me the machine and as far as he knows Panasonic have not fixed this problem as they told him they will phone me personally when they are able to do it, so I should be one of the first to know when they have a solution, they also have a list of some other people who purchased this model and will let them know also. So I will leave it a couple of weeks and see if I hear from them then. I am awaiting a 480 model for myself and hope I dont get the same problem on that one.
  3. Thats what I thought, but then I had the thought of seeing if the tuner in my pana plasma showed up all the EPG for all the stations and it did, thats when I realised it was the tuner in the recorder that was the problem. But when I took it back to the store, and a second one, they said they had sold loads of them and never had any issues, even when I bought the 3rd one from another store they said the same thing so I can only gather people had the same issuses, but like you just put it down to it not being broadcast. The only reason I pursued it was to make recording easier for my mum. but now we have showed her how to go into prog check to manually do it, so she is happy with this until the problem gets fixed
  4. Hi I just thought I would let people know about a problem with the new model recorders from Panasonic. dmr xw380/480 and I am not sure if it affects the 780/880. I purchased the 380 and it would not show the EPG for Win and Go stations, that meant I was unable to record these programs from the guide. I ended up trying3 different ones and they were all the same. I have since found out that Panasonic are aware of this and said they have the problem on all the new models. They are looking at a solution and will either download it through the TV station or though a USB which their technician will install. I just want buyers to be aware of this so they dont have the hassle of returning things to the store or the time wasting that I experienced trying to get it to work. They are not sure how long the problem is going to take to fix.
  5. Just an update............. I ended up taking 2 x 380 back to the store, then bought another one from another store. I had the same issue of the tv tuners in the recorder not showing the EPG for Win and GO. The guy from the store tested some more in his shop and they were the same, He contacted Panasonic and they confirmed that they know and that there is a problem with these new models. So they are looking into it and said they will either be looking at downloading the correction through the TV station when they have sorted it out or otherwise one of their technicians will come out with a USB and download the correction that way. Just thought I would let you know in case others get the same problem
  6. Yes I have had the same problem Go into clock settings and make sure in the daylight saving time it reads 00.00 and not automatic or anything else.
  7. Go into clock settings and if it says automatic in the daylight saving time change it until it says 00.00
  8. The store gave us our money back. They said they will have a play around with the unit to see what happens then they will let us know the results. I told them I also wish to buy one but am put off a bit now. He said he has not had any others come back only these ones from us. So we will wait and see what he says. It could be some thing from the anntenna but my mums tv is ok and the recorder tuned in the tv stations ok its just this guide that is playing up. But if they guide is not showing and you cant record its a waste of $600.
  9. Looks like I have spoken too soon! The same thing has started happening to this one too, so now my mum thinks hers have come from a bad batch! But I dont know if she has done something without realising. Spoke to the store and we have to take it back within 14 days to get a refund (which is today)Grrrr Cant understand how it can be ok one min then nothing, even tried to restore it to default and shipping condition and it wont even do that!It shows some tv stations still tunned in and now a lot of the other guides are missing! Also after trying to restore it to factory condition, I was expecting the set up eg select region etc to come up but cant get that either! She wants to tape the tennis so it looks like she will be going back to her old faithfull video recorder even though the picture is s... Its put me off getting one for myself now as the only way to record win or go is to press the record on the remote to start recording and let it run until the show finishes, which is a bit of a waste. I am wondering if earlier models had this problem also, so it looks like I have a few forums to read through!
  10. If your other set up has no problem I would think it is the recorder. The only other thing is If the tv station has not got all their programs showing on their guides (win tends to do this) then I dont think you can record something by doing it the easy way by highlighting the program as it is not there, so I think you will have to go in to the manual part where you name the program and set the start and stop times. We have not tried this as the programs we want to record have so far been listed. I think there was definately something wrong with my other one as when I went into information button, which tells you what a program is about, that didnt work on win either, it just went back to the current show. So if this is happening to you it could be the same problem. This only happened on win and go channels all the others I had no problem with. The new one works fine and my mum is happy with it. But now we are going to buy one for ourselves so I hope we dont get another dud one!
  11. I think the only difference is the size but I did not go into that as my mum wanted to save a couple of hundred bucks and the smaller one would suit her as she will delete the recordings after she has watched them. good guys had it on shelf for $699 less for cash, so I asked how much and he said $629 I asked if he would throw in a hdmi cable which was $50 and he said I could have both for $650, which was the best deal I could get out of all the retailers. You can do a comparison test on the panasonic website so that will help you.
  12. Harvey Norman has just advertised this STB in their catalogue for only $49 It is around $90 in other places. I have only got a SD STB for the spare analogue tv and cant get all the channels so for this price I think it worth getting one. I have an older Pana DMR-EH50, which from memory I think is only a SD recorder. To set up the TV, Recorder and STB how would I do it and what sort of picture resolution would I get? and what would the recordings picture be in?
  13. Thanks for that Even though my Mum and Dad have a Full HD Pana Plasma, I ended up getting the DMR-XW 380 for them, as they said they wont watch blu-ray and only wanted to record free to air tv then erase after watching, so they were happy with this and saved some money. I would like a Bluray recorder for myself, but it would be good one day if they will bundle this with a surround sound system, instead of having only players with them, as my old surround sound does not have HDMI ports
  14. It's all good I phoned panasonic and they said to take it back to the good guys and exchange it, which I just did. I think I had a faulty one as this next one works fine, the only thing that I can see that may happen, is if win has not got all their programe guide shown I may not be able to set recorder from that and have to go in and do it manually. Another thing with this new one is when you put a dvd in to watch it starts automatically and when you take it out the tv comes back on. With the other one you had to go into settings and select dvd, so I think it may have had a few faults with it. By the way, I got the 380 plus a hdmi cable for $650 from the good guys if anyone is interested.
  15. Just bought th 380 for my mum from the good guys. We can record any station but when we try to record win or go it will only let us record the program that is currently shown. Even when we press the info thing it just goes back to what is being shown. We spoke to panasonic and he suggestet we take it back and try another one. so I will do that tomorow, hopefully they will exchange the unit, and I will get them to connect it to a tv to make sure I can record these channels. The main reason she wanted it is to tape the tennis! Has anybody else had this problem? I also thought it was a bit dodgy in when you want to record 2 stations at the same time, it seemed you have to record 2 hd channels for it to happen. if this is the case I wonder if a single tuner would suffice as they are a lot cheaper!
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