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  1. you dont need to use an adaptor, your internal motherboard connections work just fine, but if you must know it was this one http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.8110
  2. im more interested in the little luxo lamp that comes with it here
  3. if anyone still wants to watch this, the full episode can be easily found on http://www.sbs.com.au/
  4. only a few months before the remake airs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FqQsaK5KpQ
  5. hit Active, 1, 4, 1, down, down, down, and keep pressing right until it works
  6. Sure, first step is to buy a hard drive i dont think the IQ2 can handle higher than 1TB and it should be more than enough, id reccomend the WD AV drives here http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?driveid=617 since they're designed to be run 24/7, can pick one up at MSY on the cheap You'll need to get security torx screws (forgot size) to open up the iq2, you can also take care of the warranty stick with a hairdryer if you want. i forgot the details on getting the hard drive out, but it pretty much involved in removing almost everything around it first. next install copy+ and connect both hard drives to your computer, either internally or using a SATA to USB adaptor. start up copy+ and it should detect both drives, select the source and destination appropriately and hit copy. if it asks about conversion, you dont need that. few hours later, it will take hours, pop the new drive in, close the iq2 up and force a firmware update for kicks. thats it, enjoy. i'd also reccomend having the phone cord disconnected unless you're making a purchase, just as a precaution. be sure to keep the old drive, incase you cancel your foxtel or whatever. i might make a better guide later on with pictures if i have time to open it up again any questions, just ask.
  7. shazam doesnt know what it is unfortunately
  8. if anyones wondering, it does work, currently have a 1TB hard drive in it. have around 300 shows recorded, only takes up around 50%, beats deleting shows for new ones
  9. if anyones interested, the new version of copy+, used to upgrade the hard drives of sky PVR's (UK) retaining already recorded shows now supports foxtel iq2 http://www.skycopyplus.co.uk/
  10. only two times i watch a movie, at the end of weekdays when im too tired to watch the whole thing and end up sleeping halfway through or on weekends where i watch about 3-4 movies in a row.
  11. if anyones watching family guy right now, theres some really bad ringing on 7HD
  12. american channels dont have 16:9SD, therefore no 16:9 SD shows are produced as for HD cameras, i cant imagine they're any more larger than SD ones but they sure are more expensive!
  13. my aspect ratio is fine, must be the angle of the camera. anyway i was saying that the ghosting ringing whatever was only on 7HD and it must have been from the post processing they do on non-HD shows which apparently has a bad effect on animations
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