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  1. Thanks. I'll go ahead. Have factored in a donation to SNA. Will message you shortly.
  2. I'm pretty interested in this. I've had a faulty one for years and i'm missing the mic. It would have to be couriered, which of course i'd cover. Is that possible? They certainly are a heavy beast, probably 15-20kg.
  3. I've tested many of the glues available in Australia. These all seem to be pretty similar: -Monte Marte Washable School Glue Gel -EC (Educational Colours) Craft Clear Gum -J. Burrows Clear Gum Glue The J. Burrows one seems to be the cheapest and you can get it at Officeworks. It's made in Australia, just like the EC glue. The Monte Marte one is my least favourite as it is more expensive, made in China (I'd rather support a local manufacturer) and breaks up more easily on removal. I tried various PVA wood glues and they are much harder to peel off. Most wood glues leave a very faint mark on the record where they have been applied. They seem to be acidic and have a bit of a vinegar smell. One cheapie had a strong rotten egg smell. Selley's Aquadhere was particularly difficult to peel off. My findings seem to correlate with what others have said in this thread. I'll be sticking with the J. Burrows Clear Gum Glue because it's so cheap and easy to find. For really dirty or hard to clean records I even do multiple applications, sometimes with just thin lines of glue over the dirty spots. If any of it doesn't come off because i applied it too thinly, i do another application over the stuck bits.
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