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  1. You could easily apply that logic back the other way and say that 16.9 movies would look small on a scope screen. FWIW I think a 2.35:1 movie at 142” would still be pretty damn spectacular!
  2. How come you can’t turn it on? The last 2 houses I sold, the projector stayed and we always had it on for prospective buyers during inspections. Just ask the agent if they could have it running next time you inspect the house.
  3. Sorry for late reply. I was referring to first link, they look almost identical to mine. I bought mine from Super Amart.
  4. Pity you in Perth, I’ve got a black theatre lounge almost identical to that one in link I want to get rid of.
  5. This device fairly pricey but eliminates having to run wires everywhere. Could be an option for what you need. http://www.smarthome.com.au/actiontec-mywirelesstv-hdmi-av-sender.html
  6. ^^^ His wife has already chosen the furniture so that ain't going to happen
  7. Yep I've got one, I'm in Ballarat you're welcome to it ??
  8. Agree with needing at least 600mm space behind screen. With the seats being 1 row you really need to get your way and have them at 2/3rds back. The way I see it is either way you have "dead" space, it's either dead space between the seats and the screen or its dead space between the seats and the back wall. With the seats forward a bonus might also be that you find you could run a slightly smaller screen (140"/145") and get the same effect. Edit - Whatever way you go I have no doubt it will look and sound awesome.
  9. Massive house, very impressive. Definitely go AT screen. If you're only having one row of seats why not move them so they sit about 2/3rds of the way back? Re-position the door.
  10. Anti-Wanker virus protection, unfortunately doesn't always work too well?
  11. End of the day you will be the one watching it mate, so go for what you want. Get the projector and mount it as far back as practical. Zoom out the picture to maximum on the wall, zoom it in. Play 16.9 material, widescreen. After a day, week (or however much time you need) order the screen you think looks best size wise and aspect wise. Don't worry about others opinions/advice. Some people here only running baby screens not much bigger than a big tv, then scaring others wanting a true big screen experience with stories of artefacts and being able to see pixels. I'll trade off a slight degradation in PQ for a massive screen every day of the week. Who knows, you might find you prefer a 92" screen viewed from 4 meters over a 130" screen viewed from 3. Something in between may be perfect.
  12. All gear no longer available, thanks for all the interest, didn't realise how popular this stuff is.
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