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  1. Pepsii

    FS: Sennheiser HD650 headphones

    Pm sent wanting to buy. Cheers
  2. I've been using the Sennheiser ie800 for the past 2 years at work now and is extremely happy with the sound. There's an upgraded version ie800s but I not sure if its worth the upgrade at its RRP.
  3. Pepsii

    New Slim Ps3? Or Runout Model?

    hehe, he got mixed up with ps1...
  4. Yeah... but the movie adaptions are usually not as great as the original... Oh well hehe
  5. Omgg.. i should've read that blob of texts! its gone nowww
  6. You two even bother to read that blob of texts!?
  7. I have the 32" series 5 for about 2 months now and its been awesome so far. One thing that bother me is that 32" screen becomes smaller to my eyes each day hahah.. would've liked a 40" series 5 now.
  8. Pepsii

    32inch Lcd With Vga Input

    Just letting you know that mine is also an S panel.
  9. Pepsii

    32inch Lcd With Vga Input

    Oh.. unfortunately i use vga cables as my laptop does not have a hdmi input and the sharpness is disabled with 50 as its initial setting. However using it as a monitor is still pretty good. thanks for the info And how do you check the TV if whether you have a TN panel or IPS panel?
  10. Pepsii

    32inch Lcd With Vga Input

    Hi HDROCKS Just wondering if you got the LA32A550P1f (the one with the slightly wider side bezel) because i tried using your setting on mine for PC connection and it seem alot of the option such on detailed settings and Picture options are disabled. Furthermore I cant find options for colour and Tint adjustment and various other options. The model i got is this one http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/detail/...&fullspec=F . Thanks for any help
  11. Also, does anyone else thinks that the LA32A550 style look abit old fashioned with the winder pannel? Makes the screen seem smaller compared to other 32". Oh well.. atleast its abit cheaper than the LA32A650. When I google the LA32A550 , there seem to be pictures of another one with a thinner pannel on the side, but i cant find it in the shops!
  12. Just wondering if any samsung owners or any other people notice a hum / buzzing notice comming out of their LCD when the backlight is set below 10. Is this normal?. I previously bought a Sammy 32" series 4 and notice this hum when I set the backlight below 10. I decided it was a fault and after finally convincing the Good guys that the buzz was indeed a fault (they still think it isnt because it sounded so soft in the store!) , I was finally able to swap it for the Sammy 32" Full HD series 5 + extra cash. Brought it home and i could still hear the hum from the tv at night time when the backlight is set below 10. Been using it for 6 days now but I still cant get over the fact that I've spend $1000 on a faulty tv... if you know what i mean. I dont have a great job and $1000 is a very big investment for my room. so do any samsung LCD owners or other people notice a sound comming from their pannel??? I have been googling and finding information about LCD backlights and it seem people do have this problem. Sony and Sharp seem to be victim as well. However, i still dont know if its a fault or its common on LCDs and that I should learn to live with it. I have switched tv from the Good Guys once already ( and they seem really really reluctant, suggesting its normal because the buzz sound so quiet during the day and in the store) and i dont know whether I should give it a second shot going to the Goodguys for a different LCD brand. Shouldnt have picked a Sammy again after the first swap! Oh well.................. sight Thanks.
  13. Pepsii

    New Watermark 9 Hd

    I hate all channel HD logos. They have to be so big!
  14. Pepsii

    Optus Tv Dying A Slow Death

    Im also going to quit Optus this week