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  1. Thank you 100945 for the reply i will get onto the taps this weekend...I did lots of google searches for taps to suit the criteria and they all came up with nothing, I guess i should have asked here first. again thanks!! so sick of addiing suffixes etc to toppy files.
  2. Can this unit do this yet?...I miss it awfully since our old toppy 7100 died....atm I am painfully renaming every red dwarf file (because it's too dumb to pick a new non conflicting prefix like the 7100 could) and copying each one by one (because it will not allow any more than one at a time....dunno why) to the external drive....it's almost as user friendly as that commodore 64 I had way way back. Really painful stuff...anyone know?
  3. Yeah sorry people I was talking about the 2400 not the BW...my bad structure, was in a bit to much of a hurry. BW now wins hands down over the (topfield) 2400 IMO if one doesn't need quad.
  4. I was in the identical place a month ago (except that for my 7100 was a robust machine and still kicking on well) Just buy the trf2400/60 there is really no other option, your like me i just wanted something that was step up from the 7100 and didnt make more work to do simple core things, I dont need flash stuff....the 2400 failed here with more button presses over the 7100 and some simple things like moving a same named recording to a folder from the default position would be outright denied (you kidding right!!) nope because it has not the logic to add a suffix in the new folder lol...trully an amazing senario for a PVR. Anyway quad recording is great buit only ever seen tri so far, I would point you toward the Beyond wiz P2for a far fuller machine out of the box than the 4500 could ever be but no quad..not seemless recording either when another tunes starts up, gets some pixelation skip back 4 seconds at these times on the vision you are viewing. The ease of use the 7100 had over the P2 (i own both) is gone with the 4500....onwards and upwards. Taps are clunky and largely vile pieces of software compared to well packaged out of the box propietyry offerings but I did find one that allowed the 4500 to more or less (not as well as the 7100) delete a recording whilestill watching it (saved the entire machine from storage/ebay). oh one more thing....seriously it's hard to believe but a person is forced to watch a large chunk of the end of a recording as the skip forward doesn't advance to the truer end of the recording like the 7100 can so you sit there waiting for the recording to end of it's oven volition or deliberatly chase up the stop button...oh and thats another thing dont expect the 4500 to revert back to the fil/folder you played the recording from you will need to chase it aup again. cannot do series delete/move/copy either...no joke!! remote drives my wife crazy it clicks at about 90db with every button press, in the dark each end is identical until one brailes (sp) the buttons...rubbish unit at todays levels. Yep it's a piece of junk in 80% of all core useabilty over the 7100 but it is faster (but usuer input messier) and does quad/ handles the exterfnal drive 50% better but without series move why bother ...two steps back and one forward is a good way of categorising theis offering LOL! IMO. cheers
  5. I recently moved up (actually sidewys) from the 7100 pvrt to the 2400, the 2400 misses quite a few nice things the 7100 had but it is faster. I too looked for that option, doesnt seen to exist. The blue button I found came preprogrammed for 10 sec skip back which was lucky as it was the setting I chose on the 7100. One day topfied will get it right....taps are a bit of a letdown in restoring some of the quality core duties of a PVR that it lacks after the 7100. cheers
  6. Interesting as it is simply not possible to be happy with the new topfields core functions behavior in comparison to the old unit unless one simply accepts that modern is better, no way the designers could be users IMO. The new toppy has some very good things over the old one, don't anyone get me wrong here but they are all none core/set top box related except for it's handling of external HDD/files this portion of the new PVRs core function has it all over the old 7100. Ice simply will not work properly so far will get to that never ending on an off saga some time when I can be bothered.
  7. Oh Ok, possibly I should look into taps, fairly critiqued am i still going to be disappointed???, the user experience of the new topfield transcends the just does things differently/used to idea...it's truly and obliquely just a horrible unit in user comparison, I have had a BW P2 sitting next to the old toppy in the lounge room for well over 2 years already so know the BW experience inside out, the new toppy now takes it's leafs straight from the BWs book but more badly, IMO. i shall do a little researching into taps ( thanks for the tip), I was not planning to but hey this thing is fast in a straight line (all things set top box) lol.
  8. yep improving this product seems to have gone the way of oval wheels from what was once round ones, do the designers ever actually use PVR's? The old toppy was a Ferrari this thing is a wood sided family sedan with a big motor, fast in a straight line although cornering is useless as is the brakes, most roads are never forever only straight like in a desert. Lucky I can Indian give from my daughter the old toppy, the BW P2 was the loungeroom backup because of it's clunkyness that turns a 2 minute 7100 exercise in file management into 5 minutes, this new offering toppy - once one renames a gross number of files and moves them individually necessitating traveling through a procession of new screens/pages each time makes the time required nearer to 10 minutes and quadruples the chance of making a mistake through nothing more than mindless boredom. Seriously if I had of ever read a fair critique of this unit I would never have bought it and I warn everyone away from it with their cash ATM, I assume now mine is working properly. Absolutely Buy the BW instead or possibly one of the other more upcoming brands, the BW is a fairly laborious user experience compared to the old toppys but not compared to the new toppys, the core reason to own a good one of these now resides at the wreckers....this unit signals the end of my years long topfield PVR purchasing experience. My daughter can have it.
  9. Thanks Paul, first I thought it was junk, then read your reply so I followed it in the hope it was a dud somehow, included a couple of formats also to get it back to as basic again as when I did the first firmware update, now back to the latest firmware after also testing the former firmware with no luck.. Now I back to thinking it' just junk again compared to the non HD 7100 anyway. How come people don't complain that one cannot record a program in it's default place...move it to a folder, record another different episode of that same program (so the toppy gives it the same name) BUT this program cannot be moved into the same folder as the first one because it will not add a differentiating numerical suffix....gobsmacked I am!!! Also how come I cannot delete a recording on the fly. while watching .....it really strange I am forced to go all BW here! How come I cannot select multiple recordings from the default place and move these as a batch to a folder! ....really hopeless again. spoilt by the 7100 i suppose. The P2 gets better marks in the above now than this toppy, the old toppy got full marks in the above. Does it still sound broken??? It seems to be but without another known good unit to test side by side this might be as good as it gets...other little things but on these core PVR issues so far it has been an epic fail. cheers
  10. I bought one of these 2 days ago, I cannot believe how terrible it is compared to the 4yo7100 pvrt unit it is replacing. Sure it's more powerful, channels change faster and external hard drive support behaves better than code written by monkey in a dark room but is still a bit hopeless and here the 'advantages' end. I upgraded the firmware before doing anything else to this unit straight from the box so am running the November version, Seriously what a piece of utter junk, keeps telling me I cannot delete recorded programs because they are still in play when they are not or that it cannot do it in continuous of which it is not......cannot move recorded programs from default position to other folders because it tells me that the file name already exists in the folder I need it moved to. This unit ATM is almost totally and utterly unusable for any use above a dedicated set top box of which it does a good job. Seriously if your considering one of these think twice I want my 7100 back again....at least it did what the buttons on the remote told it to. Also the remote is crap compared to the 7100, noisy and buttons poorly differentiated in comparison and ice simply refuses to work. I put up with a lot before the final 7100 firmware upgrade....topfield is up to it's old behaviors again I suppose, easy to tell. The 7100 was a far and better unit than our beyonewiz P2 but this brand new 2400 ranks well below the P2. What a hunk of utter junk IMO lol
  11. Ok fixed the problem, bought a masterpice yesterday as the new main lounge recorder, the 7100 is now heading to my daughters room on loan and her toppro 2k is to be on loan in the parents bedroom. problem solved.lol cheers
  12. Cheers, No on the 7100 and the P2 the problem is quite minor esp as they have within their menu volume compensation to account for it, but the toppro has it in a big way and has no compensation within. Tried the toppros audio settings, uber basic they are. no 5.1 in my daughters room. Might need to try the RGB cables instead and see if the toppro does a better job through these than HDMI. Still it's a pain in this day and age even the most inadequate set top boxs sold at woolworths etc can get this right yet topfield/pro didn't.
  13. Cheers, No on the 7100 and the P2 the problem is quite minor esp as they have within their menu volume compensation to account for it, but the toppro has it in a big way and has no compensation within. Tried the toppros audio settings, uber basic they are. no 5.1 in my daughters room. Might need to try the RGB cables instead and see if the toppro does a better job through these than HDMI. Still it's a pain in this day and age even the most inadequate set top boxs sold at woolworths etc can get this right yet topfield/pro didn't.
  14. I just checked it's not the hdmi cable nor is it the TV it's the unit, when watching FTA through HDMI on the Toppro 2000 then one changes to watch digital TV the volume at the TV is now 100% louder than the toppros setting....need to decrease the TVs volume by 50% to reach previous viewing levels. This is a pretty serious fault...probably a bug, poor architecture etc......not a useable machine in the real world today IMO. Would love to hear if anyone with this unit has the same problem, to return it it's a 60km round trip and then possibly to return with another one with the identical fault. Our beyonwiz has the same problem but not as bad, the twin tuner toppy too but better again, this toppro thing is WAY out there!
  15. Yeah I did, I will try today changing out the HDMI and then if no joy set it up to the main TV which already has 3 pvrs attached, only ever come across this problem this bad once before and that was with a sony VCR after sony scrapped their higher quality standards.
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