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  1. From Kogan's online shop: AVAILABILITY - Will be dispatched on 30th June 2009
  2. All models will have HD tuners of course.
  3. Even if you watch it in Japanese the dub is bad. Japanese movies are known for bad dubs. I'm not sure if they don't care or if they don't have the time and money to do it right.
  4. The VR Extractor doesn't seem to like my VRO files from a Japanese Panasonic DVD recorder.
  5. No pausing or skipping here so far. You tried to re-format your devices?
  6. I would say 80% but all players with those super thin trays are that way. That's the design.
  7. 1.5m http://www.arlec.com.au/display.php?pid=34
  8. I thought about the Panasonic S53 myself because it's a great player over HDMI. It can output 576i/480i over HDMI and it can read DVD-RAM. My first DVD player 8 years ago was a Panasonic and I was prety happy with it. But I'm not sure about the region code here. The Pioneer V410 can be made region code free but I think you need to flash it with a cracked firmware (at least the US and the EU model).
  9. I never bought one of those Chinese Aldi models before. I know about those codes but for some models it's quite hard to get them or it takes some time to appear on the internet. I never found one for the JVC N670 for example.
  10. No but I'm not from here. Every player I bought in Germany and the UK was region locked. Also the last two players from Aldi Australia were region locked.
  11. The player comes already region code free! I just tested the German LotR special extended edition, region code 2.
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