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  1. paying there installers more money would be a start...
  2. If all techs just get along and form a a big group then there's no chance these criminals (BSA, Downer Edi and Foxtel) will have a leg to stand on. The only problem is convincing the ass kissing techs to swap sides instead of continuously polishing the contracting companies knobs and bending over backwards to get themselves brownie points which eventually leads them up **** creek... And theres no need for fellow installers to start blaming others because of skin colour or ethnic background remember we are all on the same team. thanks
  3. One simple solution. Don't get Foxtel anymore... Yes its that easy and you'll have no more dealings with dodgy sales reps or people that cant speak English...
  4. If anyone is a "joke" here its you. How can you ignore that fact that subbies are getting screwed over and go around saying that foxtel installers are making extremely good money. Yes you can make good money doing it but you have to bend over for BSA/Downer/foxtel and work six days a week from 7am to 6pm on average. Compared to other jobs in the telecommunications industry installing foxtel would be at the bottom of the list in pay, moral and how these companies treat their subbies like slaves. I'm just glad I left it before it came to this. It seems whenever something new gets thought up by BSA/Downer management and foxtel its all negative at the cost of the subbie. "Hey its alright will just pass the cost on to the monkeys working for us and if they don't agree then will just get some guys from overseas to fill their spot and pay them a shitty wage" I guess if you think its alright working conditions and pay then keep working for them but whose gonna come of 2nd best in the future when you are still paying your mortgage off in your 60's???
  5. Another BODGY BSA/DOWNER management employee decoy account either that or a "Brownie Points" Tech who loves to be punished and kiss maximum a** lol
  6. Another reason not buy "monster brand" products. Your paying for the name basically when good old HPM powerboard will do the job without the added wankery...
  7. If you read my post I simply said I don't understand why people pay for "Subscription Television" only to care more about receiving "Free to Air" its a bit moronic isn't paying for "Free to Air" There is no need to be an uptight p***k about it. Thanks
  8. I never understand why people pay for Foxtel yet they complain about not having free to air on it. When they already have a tv aerial
  9. I don't work for Downer anymore so I thought Id just post some new news as this thread was going a bit dead. I'm just saying what I have been told by old mates of mine who are still doing the job and getting treating like slaves. No need to act like "Mr know it all"
  10. It's all gonna come crashing down on Downer in next few months. With more QA's and techs leaving as Downer have really taken things to the extreme with the new "life preserving rules" b.s . On average I have been told that at least 3 times a week techs all over Australia get a txt msg telling them that fellow subbies have been suspened for 2 weeks simply for not wearing PPE, not tieing a ladder off or not filling a fcking take 5! Downer still dosent get it! They simply don't pay the subbies enough money for them to abide to these new rules. Downer are just trying to simply trying the ole brain wash technique by striking fear into techs and backing them into a dark corner and forcing them to abide to there silly over the top safety rules to make there company seem more attractive on the share market to potential buyers rather then look after their "life blood" the techs its shocking isnt it. Ive heard other techs weekly profit go from $1200 to a mere $550 things are not looking to good.
  11. Pay us installers more at least that would be a start!
  12. Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war f*** norm!
  13. Being and installer I was shocked on the first day after next gen was launched that after completing an IQ2 installation for a customer I had my first glimpse at some of the new HD channels and I knew straight away that some of the channels were just purely Upscaled SD picture. Its definitely an issue that foxtel needs to look into because honestly paying customers aren't getting what they have been promised.
  14. Well I can understand techs cutting corners on jobs to save money so they can pay they bills but when your 35 miles behind the line and work for Foxtel as a Customer Field Supervisor its obvious your going to say something like that.
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