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  1. Can anyone find a guide for this channel? I have no epg for it, so i have no idea what's on it or when anything is on! hmmmm
  2. So what should we expect from this channel? Same sort of stuff on TVS or any of the other community channels? Can't say I'm excited, but I'll check it out when it starts. Some shows on community TV can be absolute gems.
  3. Thanks mate. Looks like I'll pick up the individual movies tomorrow.
  4. Anyone know if JB has the box set? I haven't been out there today and there's no sign of one on the online store.
  5. I get the Newcastle ONE signal and today the PQ looks worse than it normally is. It looks like somewhere between ONE SD and ONE HD's normal pictures. Is anyone else noticing this? Is this also the case for metro ONE HD (although it might not be as evident)? It makes me wonder if testing for the third channel has begun.
  6. HAHAHA. That's just as bad as someone calling the pest exterminator because of the 'crazy ants' in the tv. lol
  7. As some of you may have read in the papers/online (http://www.smh.com.au/sport/play-ball-new-life-for-local-league-20100413-s7oy.html) or seen on Sports Tonight last night, the Australian Baseball Federation have officially announced that the Australian Baseball League has been rejuvenated and restructured. The inaugural season begins in November and will have teams from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with the potential to expand more teams in time. Although Ten/ONE have not announced a broadcast partnership for the ABL, since ONE's summer schedule is rather baron, i see this as an excellent opportunity for Ten to get rights for this. I'm sure there are plenty of other peeps on the forums here that would love to see this on Aussie FTA. Hopefully ONE can pick this up for the inaugural season.
  8. I think what Avoidz meant is newer episodes of South Park. According to the guide, the SP eps are repeats and not new.
  9. Well V must be doing well on GO. Although tonight is another Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles double episode (because of the repeat on Nine), V returns to GO next Wednesday. Looks like Nine/GO have given The Listener the flick in favor of [more] V repeats. Who knows when The Listener will return to GO.
  10. Impressive schedule! ALL matches up until the final group matches will be LIVE on SBS ONE, this is the case because each group play their last matches at the same time to avoid possible match-fixing. I've only glanced at it, but it would seem that ALL matches will be replayed on SBS TWO within 12 hours of it airing on SBS ONE. Very nice indeed. Edit: Complimentary programming: SBS ONE: Every morning at 7:00 or 8:00am will be the FIFA World Cup Morning News show. Every afternoon at 5:30pm will be the FIFA World Cup Match of the Day Highlights show. Every night (from Tues, June 22) - at 10:30pm will be the FIFA World Cup Show. SBS TWO (it would seem will become the temporary FIFA WC Channel) Every morning at 7:30am will be the FIFA World Cup Morning News show. Every afternoon at 4:00pm will be the FIFA World Cup Match of the Day Highlights show. Every evening at 6:30pm will be the FIFA World Cup Daily Highlights show. Every night at 7:30pm will be the FIFA World Cup Show.
  11. Believe it or not, but ONE gets its best ratings for motor-sport than any other sport they broadcast.
  12. Don't forget about the Queensland Cup! It's the best second-tier rugby league competition in Australia. I can't see this happening. Have you seen how congested the ONE schedule is at present? They barely have time to scratch their arses. It's amazing that everyone was complaining about repeats galore a couple of months ago and now there's barely a place to put repeats. Yet people still complain, this time because ONE not being able to show certain sports live, because there is something else being shown live at the same time. Madness! It just goes to show that you can NEVER please everyone at any given point in time. State league NRL comps are probably better suited to the ABC anyway. After all, the ABC show NSW Rugby Union games each weekend. Plus it would give Mr Robilliard yet another sport to commentate on.
  13. Because the ABC went the safe way and used actual numerals instead of spelling out the words of numbers. The use of actual numbers is acceptable. I'm sure there's a more technical description as to why, but it is simply so.
  14. According to a couple of articles cited on The MediaSpy Forums in recent days, Nine seem to be content with wasting their HD channel on a Crime specific channel, Ten say they have their new channel genre all set - just waiting on a few details before going public - and Seven, well no one has an idea what Seven will do until the day they announce it (ala 7TWO). It makes me wonder if Seven will let PRiME know what the new channel will be early or again leave it until 7 days before the channel launches?
  15. They have the Spring Tour or Cup, whatever its called. I think they've shown some other Rugby also. Some of you are suggesting stuff that already gets air time on ONE. I'll attempt to list most of the sports that ONE has shown at some stage since its inception (not a small list by any means): AFL Netball Football (soccer) Baseball NFL NBA Golf Formula One NASCAR Rally Touring Cars MotoGP Swimming Lacrosse Beach Volleyball Tennis Twenty20 Cricket Rugby Union Poker Slamball Red Bull Air Racing Boxing MMA Wrestling Paintball Triathlon City to Surf BMX Bull Riding In House Shows: Sports Tonight One Week At A Time (AFL show) Thursday Night Live (sports variety show) The Pro Shop (Golf show) World Football News (soccer news show - EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and A-League highlights. Also European/Asian Champions League and Socceroos highlights) MVP (American sports wrap show - NBA, MLB, NFL) Other (includes magazine shows): Sports Unlimited Transworld Sports OmniSport.tv Sports Soup As a reply to the actual topic, I'd like to see: T20 Cricket World Cup T20 Cricket Big Bash A-League (from 2013) EPL (from 2013) FA Cup (from 2013 - not just the final, perhaps from the quarters?) more Tennis (as ONE doesn't have much for its summer schedule) NBL NHL/AHL (or at least some sort of ice hockey) Field Hockey (Champions Trophy + World Cup)
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