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  1. Well I have had the TV back 10 days now and it has now failed twice - same as before. Paid $630 and still not fixed. I will wait for one further instance than contact the repairer again.
  2. Now been running for 24hours - no issues - just a bit dirty on the cost of repair. Parts $260 - that is OK. Two hours labour at $120 per hour - I guess the hourly rate is about right these days - not idea if it took 2 hours to find the fault and replace the board - I guess so, seems OK. The callout fee of $130 seems a bit high especially as I know that they did another 3 customers on the same trip. However I guess it is the cost of doing business these days and why repairs are becoming less frequent - particularly as the price of new products are coming down. Any way - still cheaper that buying a new TV that may have a better screen but has less features that I actually use. Garry
  3. Tv back all OK now - I am keeping the old mainboard as it still works with an occasional fault - plus it has bits like the tuners etc that can be easily desoldered if needed if faults crop up in the future - apparently parts are running down. So TV all working OK for another 10 years
  4. Hi - TV is not back yet - rang me early in the week and said they need to put in the new mainboard and test etc - cost will be $380 and this is in addition to the $250 already paid to collect the TV and take it to their workshop. So hopefully it will be back this week but I am getting used to my Dick Smith el cheapo 30" LCD tv.
  5. Ok the antenna guy came out this morning - issue was the mobile phone tower and fixed with the filter - call out and filter $100 which is not bad - just cost me $250 to get my TV carted to the TV repairer. The guy new all about it and asked my Mum whether she had seen the advice sent out to everyone about the phone tower and TV reception - well no, because she thought it was junk mail and threw it out . Now I asked my mum to get the guy to reorientate the antenna to pick up the Belmont Tv Tower transmissions but she forgot to write it down so the aerial is still pointed towards Sugarloaf - but not such an issue as we never had the ducting interference problem from the Illawarra. Will just file that away if it plays up in future, Thanks for the advice provided by you guys - was spot on, on all counts. Cheers garry
  6. Thanks guys - I appreciate all the information. The guy who who put up the current antenna arrangement (before the Belmont Transmitter tower and the closer OPtus mobile phone tower) is booked in next week to sort the problem. He will definitely have to orientate the antenna to the Belmont Tower, possibly replace the actual aerial with one more suitable, remove the current amp and possibly replace with a 700Mhz filter - up to him to get it all sorted. I very much appreciate the advice and help provided - has been a bit of an eye opener. Garry
  7. Interestingly I tried to ring OPtus to discuss the installation of the mobile phone tower nearby but soon gave that away as a bad joke. I intially rang the advertised number and got through to the Phillipino Call centre. Unless you have an issue with your mobile service they are not interested. I asked to be put through to the behind the scenes admin area that deals with tower installation and got no where - a blank we have no numbers like that. To sound racist and I am not - Optus and Telstra really need to better understand the culture of the places that they set up their call centres because if the operator does not understand the issue the shutters come down in a face saving measure and you get no where. The guy did not understand that we had Free to Air and my TV service was not being provided by a service provider. If you get through to an Aussie they do actually try to help. I had a similar issue with Telstra last year and managed to find the private email address of the CEO - that got a response within 30 minutes - all sorted. I tried to find the private email of Allen Lew the Optus CEO but could not find it. These Telcos really need to also have contact details for more admin type issues not associated with day to day account delivery and get rid of the overseas call centres. Service is not in the lexicon for companies like Optus and Telstra I then tried to lodge a complaint with the Telephone ombudsman about not being able to contact the telco - not their problem though they did have a direct tel number for the OPTUS Fixed Infrastructure section but it was a dead number. Now I am not accusing the Optus tower of causing the issues but it would be nice to discuss with Optus so I may better understand if there could be a conflict.
  8. Yes it is the suspect but if it was the mobile phone tower it would cause interference 24/7 - as it is interference only starts in the afternoon and goes into the evening - there is no interference in the mornings.
  9. You could be correct but the Belmont tower has been up for some time and issues only started a couple of weeks back. Even to realign the aerial the antenna guy will still need to come out due to its height above the house. Unfortunately due to high buildings near the boundary (Bunnings is one) a high antenna will still be needed even though the transmitter is only 1km but not line of site due to shielding buildings - both brick and steel. Thanks
  10. Just an update - I was passing the actual service agent that delivered the TV when it was new so dropped in to discuss. They did a house call and connected the Tv to his computer - all looked Ok but when the shutdown sequences were viewed most indicated shutdown by remote which is OK but a few also indicated shutdown by "timeout". The technician did not recognise that code so took the TV away to investigate. 10 days later, they rang to say that the tv had not faulted since they had it. I asked if they had chased down the fault code but they said it no longer had any - hmmm they had set it back to factory so everything was wiped. I asked them if the TV had just been left on or used as I would use it at home - changing channels etc - hmm just left on. I said that they needed to use it to fault - they then said they had used the LG master remote and it had not faulted. I took the TV's remote to them and straight away it started to fault - now I dont actually use this remote as I use a Logitech learning remote - the issue is not the remote (they could not answer why my TV faults with the proper remote that is never used and did not fault using the LG Master Remote - something about the Master using a different pathway?). Anyway - they say the mainboard has a fault and needs replacing (they assure me it is cheap) - I hope so because their callout and hourly rates at a bit steep. Hopefully the Tv will be back in a day or so all fixed - albeit me being a lot poorer. Garry
  11. Thanks Alan - I agree the tower is a suspect - the only thing is that TV reception changes as the atmospherics change in the afternoon and evening - no issues in the morning then past 12 noon TV reception deteriorates - if it was the tower the interference would be 24/7 but anything is possible. I am physically 450km away and tried to get my mum to retune the TV today but I gave up as a lost cause so she is going to have to call the antenna man to come and fix - she will probably go halves with the neighbour who has worse reception. i was hoping the same one may have heard of a specific reason for the issues in the area. I appreciate your input - thanks Garry
  12. Hi Alan - i have no idea - the aerial and all the others in the area point to the North West so not Sydney. The aerial was professionally installed when digital came then a couple of years later the whole lot fell down in a storm and a totally new aerial installed - it has a phased array aerial similar to the one you linked above and under it a linked basic yagi style antenna underneath. As I said all was OK until about 4 weeks ago then it started playing up - it is related to the transmissions not the aerials - the neighbour cannot watch TV at all where at least my mum's is watchable. The TV says signal strength is good even though it is pixulated. Oh - at about the same time a new mobile phone tower was erected about 300m away - should no be an issue but who knows. cheers Garry
  13. Thanks for the information but that all seems relevant to some time ago - at least a year ago and TV reception was fine then. This issue has just started in the last 4 weeks or so. Indoor antennas do not work in the location and never have and as such all antennas in the area are about 6m higher than the roof line. The current antenna is fully digital and worked fine until a few weeks ago. So do you know of any changes made in the past month. Cheers garry
  14. My mum lives in Belmont Lake Macquarie and for about a month has been having TV reception problems. Usually no problems in the mornings but as they day progresses, the channels become pixelated or the signal dropping out for a few seconds before coming back for a little while then dropping out again. As the location is behind a ridge most of the antennas are high up on poles so not easily retuned by homeowners. My Mum does remember receiving a note in the letter box from the local MP a little while back saying some areas were suffering reception problems but does not recall the detail, Neighbours have similar issues and some have called in antenna installers to fix. Obviously the networks have changed their transmissions somehow and this is causing the issue. Does anyone know if any such changes have been made and what they were. My Mum at 89 is a bit too old to climb the pole and move the antenna to a new position. Thanks Garry
  15. Thanks Peter - your point about just reloading the software is agreed but the authorized service agent will not do a "house call" but will collect the TV for $100 and take it back to his shop or I can take it there. I appreciate that reloading the software may not fix the problems but is a logical first step. I have firmware V03.05.00 but am not sure if that is up to date. I have searched the internet on the subject without success. Thanks Owen - I will take the back off and ensure it is dust free. Unfortunately buying a PVR will not fix the problems of the TV. Cheers Garry
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