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  1. Here is an ACMA response to the networks to clean up their EPG: Last 2 pages shows SBS and Network 10 consistently accurate compared to Nine who are always wrong: http://www.acma.gov.au/webwr/_assets/main/...rt_aug_2010.doc http://www.acma.gov.au/webwr/_assets/main/...rt_sep_2010.doc
  2. Not really a fair comment about the BBC. They have 8Mhz channels delivering a stack more bandwidth than our old 7Mhz channels. The digital dividend is too much...the government want the cash over giving up the bandwidth required for higher quality, especially in the latest economic climate and with the Telco's on their heals for 4G...this shouldn't be about the networks, it should be about the government agreeing to a restack that gives the broadcasters more bandwidth. Then you can blame the broadcasters if they don't increase quality.
  3. Id love to know if it could defrag too. I pretty much keep kids movies permanently on my IQ2 as I couldn't be bothered getting the DVD's out and after a few months, the program shows breakup with some no longer playing past a certain point at all. Does anyone out there know if you can defrag an IQ2?
  4. Nothing to do with Ch9. Its only available off the old Ch44 Gore hill antenna and not all the translator sites and its less power so if your antenna doesn't have enough gain or you are in a black spot you wont get it!
  5. Except each set of glasses will be about $200, now there is a premium for every set of eye balls
  6. Agree, ads a re a necessary evil to keep these shows on free to air. I just wish they stop the clock when they go to the break. Add another bunch of ads, I don't care, gives me a chance to do something, but don't cut out the action. And as for its no longer live by the time the event ends, Im not too worried about that but I do prefer to see all the action.
  7. Hi tonymy01 You were right the first time. Artarmon is the SBS main site for Digital, Gore Hill the backup. For Analogue its only available at Gore Hill. Cheers
  8. You need to be careful if you try this. The proposed MHEG spec is not the same as other regions as it has Australian only extensions so its likely any compiled data now would be wrong.
  9. Im not so sure there is that much malice in it. Sure the government provides legislation such as simulcasting but EPG's have popped up well before any legislation. As you are probably aware, broadcasters by equipment every 7-10 years or so and often in system wide bursts. Most viewer features become available when they buy new gear and spec those features as opposed to not turning a feature on for strategy sake. Of course, skipping ads is another story. As for freeview, IMO its about future positioning in a world of convergence and ensuring the industry as a whole can work together to provide a future avenue but they don't want to alienate others who don't have the service yet....thats just a way of loosing customers. Whether or not its achievable depends on how well they all work together.
  10. They made recent transport stream changes when putting Go! on and it killed many STB's for a few hours. My undertsanding is that they have corrected it so if you still have probs after a re-scan, call them and report it. All my LG equipment at home (Circa 2007) needed a rescan after the event. The known issues LG are coming out to fix is probably just the lipsync issues with the TV's from back in 2007 that they offered to go to every house to do a firmware upgrade. (Mine to ten minutes).
  11. Unfortunately its both...EIT and MHEG. This way its backwards compatible. What it really means is another 256Kb/s of bandwidth on every channel gone to retransmit the same thing twice and thats just nuts. Also the MHEG stuff is a cross carry and both ABC and SBS have to carry the data for 92 separate markets due to the different combinations of markets possible around the country they are in. IMHO all the STB's should have just stored EIT in memory until next time you switch to that channel or a second tuner when not in use could cycle every minute between all the frequencies to update. Could have still had a common featured EPG and with the networks starting to do live Now/Next triggering, the PVR's can accurately record a program even if the EIT data isn't updated.
  12. ABC also operates lots of SFN's but they haven't had any complaints about tweaking the parameters for higher bitrate. Don't forget about the UHF vs VHF.
  13. Getting bit rates just right is a bit of an art form and very subjective. Just looking back you can see that it took all the others around a month or so of tweaking before everything starts to sort itself out. Its a little difficult to judge PQ right now as they have never had anything decent before on this channel to bother.
  14. I switched to it this morning on my LG LCD. Images came up for a few seconds then disappeared. I got "No Signal" warnings on the TV. Did a manual scan on their channel. Works just fine now.
  15. Did anyone notice how bad the lip sync was tonight during the F1 GP commentary at the end of the race? It wasn't just the in-studio shots but the drivers interviews as well. Audio led video so it was rather noticeable. I switched to the SD and it was a fraction better but still out. Then again, it could have just been my TV.
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