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  1. I only wish Foxtel would dump the IQ and get a custom built Cable STB from TiVo, TiVo shits all over the Pace anytime. TiVo: * User friendly Interface * Records programs properly * Provides detailed EPG Information for Movies/TV Series/Docos etc... * Made by a reputable company which is recognised worldwide * Proper HD * Enhanced recording capacity 320GB Internal Hard Drive + External 1TB Hard Drive (Optional) * Enhanced Broadband and "On Demand" services Foxtel IQ: (Pace BS) * Terrible UI * Limited recording capacity...only 320GB * EPG reminds me of the TV Guide found in most newspapers...very little info * Interactive features are quite slow and often unstable * STB crashes anytime of the day and often at the most inconvenient times (Especially Crapsatellite)
  2. They're both just a waste of bandwidth as they are, It should be allocated to other services on the Multiplex. Keeping them there is just highlighting the fact that our broadcasters are continually heading backwards.
  3. "No HDTV, No Beer make Homer go something..something.."
  4. PVRs like Tivo would crap themselves to death with that EPG list GoForMoe
  5. I thought Eleven was supposed to be "Distinctively Youthfull". I'm only 20 and shows like Happy Days, Jag and Macgyver aren't from our generation, older people may disagree but we didn't grow up with any of it.
  6. Just like GO!. Californication will be the only thing to look forward to on Eleven
  7. To be more helpful FOX LCN = Channel Name 202 = ABC News 24 207 = 7Mate 209 = GEM 210 = ONE HD 228 = SBS ONE HD
  8. Same for the Herald Sun in Melbourne.
  9. I've personally used it found the Audio Quality was way better than My Revo Uno. However I was appalled that the DAB+ features were quite minimal * No Program Information Display eg. Music Information or News/Weather Updates. * Lack of Signal/Frequency Information. * No Ability to be used as a recorder considering how big it is. * It has a CD Player which is kind of 1999 to me but atleast it's convienient to have on board. * iPod/iPhone Dock looks messy, should be a seperate module. (To be included in the package of course)
  10. Would it be possible for you to please provide some cap's since your going on about the 7 and FOX HD broadcast will be different. Thanks
  11. We should be surprised to know (sarcasm) SBS and C31 have moved into the 21st century and done so. Didn't we used to goto channel 28 for SBS One and 31 for C31, when now it's LCN 03 for SBS ONE and (44 for C31 how stupid )
  12. Thats good enough considering they don't really make any last minute changes to their Program Lineup, unlike 7/9/10/SBS/ABC/FOX
  13. Mostly our FTA's are backwards thinking, just like the management of DTV here whether it be Foxtel/FTA.
  14. Does it really matter where a HD channel is placed? No ABC HD was redirected to LCN 24; However if you didn't rescan your TV/STB it would show ABC News 24 on LCN 20 because ABC used the same parameters as ABC HD for News 24. Keep in mind as to what yabbal stated in an earlier post. Nobody get's the idea of what LCN's are used for.
  15. I haven't seen one on any STB/DTV. Why only on TiVo?
  16. Just reinforces the lack of foresight into 3DTV over Internet, just wait for the NBN to come and you'll have people screaming for it. NBN could have more bandwidth than the Digital FTA Multiplexes
  17. I cant wait for Community radio on DAB+ When are the Community stations going to appear on DAB+?
  18. If ABC got rid of their Digital Radio stations on TV Would they have enough bandwidth for another SD Channel?
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