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  1. The best thing to do is go to a Telstra Store and speak with them, don't do it over the phone. My girlfriend is a Manager of a Telstra Store. And believe it or not. Telstra place a very high value on customer service within its stores and all of her employees that I have seen absolutely love there jobs and give great customer service. With that said there will be some stores which offer great service and some which won't. But that's like that everywhere. If you go into the stores and still have no luck. Contact the ombudsman. This will get a result and will get a result fast. I know people who have had other issues and once you go further down the chain of command all of a sudden they "can do something".
  2. does anyone know how to find out how much hard drive space you have left on the iq3 and is there a new update yet
  3. I am just messaging to find out if anyone else is having problems with the iq3 remote. i have had to re pair mine 3 times this past week after resetting the box. The other day it was particularly bad and did not work out all. Normally it is just a few buttons not working. I rang foxtel and confirmed i have the current software which is and notified them of the issue. The box is also slower since the update. Well it was alreasy slow prior to that. Anyone else experiencing similar issues.
  4. I don't care. I'm happy with the coverage. We as consumers want all matches, around the clock coverage of sporting events. Limited commercials and all for free. The reality is that rights will go to the highest bidder and that's fair enough.
  5. Well if u won't pay then for tv then don't complain. Simple really. It really irritates me people that complain about picture quality of free to air products. Now if u pay for a product that doesn't meet your standards then fair enough.
  6. I love game of thrones. It's my favourite show I have ever watched on tv. Don't get me wrong I watch a lot of porn, however I am not missing the reduction of nudity. I love the storylines. Mind you there is still plenty of nudity compared to other tv shows.
  7. Yea great news, for the nostalgia and marking it will be a loss, but finally it appears foxtel are listening to people telling them that its too expensive. As one as they pass the savings onto us then I am all for it.
  8. I think it's really annoying that there is no post Match show Saturday night. They have post game Friday and Sunday night. I actually turn it onto triple m after the game which is an indictment on foxfooty. There coverage is brilliant of the footy but this is the one hole in there coverage. All they need is a half hour show or do they same thing that they do Friday nights but with a different crew.
  9. I have notice over the past few weeks that the iPhone and iPad apps no longer search for free to air programs in the search function. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong. The website version of the TV guide works fine with the free to air channels. It's a weird one as its always been fine upto a few weeks ago.
  10. I know why is that I like the feature It's still on the iPhone app but not on set top box
  11. Do u still get the 2 free box office movies
  12. Am looking at aldi catalogue and there advertising the following http://aldi.medion.com/md86589/au/?refPage=aldi#mediaplayer_anker I was wondering what a DVB-T tuner is and will this work with our free to air hd channels in Australia. I currently have Foxtel IQ2 in VIC and don't get HD free to air so this sounds like a winner to record shows on free to air to a hard drive as well as have the use of a home network. So if anyone in the know understands technology. Will this work when analogue gets switched off and Will it pick up every channel my HD Plasma pics up. Cheers
  13. Is there anyway to setup the IQ Box to fully utilize the fourth tuners for live TV. The way I currently understand it is the 4th tuner at the moment is on demand. I would rather disable on demand as I never use it and utilize the fourth tuner, whilst I dont think that this can be done and that we are stuck with the 3 tuners. 2 to record shows and 1 to watch live tv. Can anyone fill me in why in 2012 the so called 4 tuners still isn't available? If it is available how to enable it? And Is it ever going to be enabled? Cheers
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