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  1. mikezilla2


    So there is Yet another update - wonder what it dos
  2. mikezilla2


    somewere in betwean but the trouble is getting any of the partys to respond might have to do a few more tests but yea i dont no what to do TBH .........
  3. mikezilla2


    Got my C7 replaced with a C8 for nothing a Few months back but i still Have this Problem https://bethesda.net/community/topic/237592/wolf-2-ps4-pro-problems-oledc7-8 it wont go away and I have not Heard anything From anyone
  4. mikezilla2


    So what Dos LG do about teh burn inzs ?
  5. mikezilla2


    for the LG ?
  6. mikezilla2


    Ouch .... Image retention on My C7 wish i had Hidden the Task bar now .........
  7. mikezilla2

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Recommendations on Screensavers For desktop users ?
  8. mikezilla2


    So No one Knows what that LG oled update dos eh ?
  9. mikezilla2


    that was its Debut tho
  10. mikezilla2


    Whats this New LG update Do ? @JSmith
  11. mikezilla2


    will probbly get back to Sound bars in the future but what in blue Blazes so i have had this C7 for over a Few months now and havent thrown many games at it relly just a few BDs , dvds and windows playing wolfestin 2 and this started to pop up during gameplay segments along with white dots and Black Lines Looks Way Worse in Motion and is a very destriacting Bright Blue Shade and its only in this game - flicking RGB on and off a few times at diffrent intervals did sort of change it - ran Js pixal fixer but eh ... problem just came back and Worse - this is a cell phone Shot taken from the PS4 version of the Game ...
  12. mikezilla2


    i did See a 5.1 samsung thing at JB for less then that thing you linked If i recall ( has 300 or 500 off) for some reason and no dosnt go in a cabnit but it dos go behind the Tv - on a Desk no less what do you make of those menufacture referbed 7.2 ONKYO receivers being posted on Ebay ? suppose if i did invest what would i Need ? also people Say to Stay away from the sony sound systems ?
  13. mikezilla2


    recommendations for a sound Bar in a Tight Space ? also anyway of getting the sound bar to output dolby atmos ? dont want to spend 1k on one ....
  14. mikezilla2

    New Oled 55C7T owner Few questions

    Fair enough but what about this Peice Of **** Remote that i Paid for ?
  15. mikezilla2


    alternative Remote options ? really is a Bummer that i Cant Pair via Blu tooth .........