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  1. The difference is if you're paying $120 for dish network for the everything pak...you get around 50 movie channels and far more overall content. Even in the $75 package top 250...they still give you around 20 movie channels, the rest is the same as the above package. Assuming that sports drives subscription in the US like it does here, i highly doubt many are paying more than $100 for pay tv in the US, and dont forget you can go on basic packages like $10 or $20 ones that still give you channels like Espn. Over there its actually worthwhile going on a 2 yr contract because you do save for the first 12 months...if people could get $30-35 off platinum package per month for the first year of a 2 yr contract on foxtel many would sign up for that. Lets face it $75 with foxtel gets you peanuts. This is no gimmick, i've visited relatives in the US who have dish and who are on that americas top 250 package and it craps on fox...and they were in the first yr of the contract so they were paying $40 for it, they even had a Greek package on it which gave them 6 channels for $30....here you have to pay $20 for either Antenna/Rai. Yes i know they have multiple providers and a much larger market, the reality is we still get jibbed here.
  2. If you actually go to the new foxtel movies website you can see how bare the options are now compared to before, i've also noticed certain movies already appearing on 2 different movie channels, i wanted to give it a chance but i cant defend this, its a major downgrade.
  3. Turns out the whole thing is a scam lol
  4. The movie options destroy foxtel....how do they have hbo and hbo 2?, news options are decent, docos good, kids has more the same except buzpyTV has disney XD and Nick toons and one other extra i think, entertainment is about the same Comedy channel, E, Arena UKTV, Bio etc, Sport im not sure, they do have all the ESPN channels + tennis and golf channel and then it says TNT Soccer, TNT Rugby etc which i have no idea what they are, but again looks interesting...and finally a whole heap of channels i've never heard of but they look promising. Especially the ITV stuff. The way i see it, basically a much better version of foxtel minus fox sports for peanuts, if this is legit i dont see any need to have foxtels platinum package anymore, i would keep foxtel just for the sport and hook up with this...i'd still be paying MUCH less then i am fo foxtel now, if you dont like Sport this is a no brainer.
  5. http://buzpy.com/?page_id=101 Does anyone know anything about them, on wikipedia it says its an offshoot of comcast, the pricing is so cheap, free hd etc it just doesnt seem legit. The content looks great.
  6. Does anyone know if this buzpyTV is legit? im reading all about it on facebook and i just clicked on the website, it has a channel listing its basically a much better version of foxtel without fox sports with pricing in the 30-40 dollar range, sounds too good to be true....they have a heap of movie channels!
  7. Must say the Sport IQ pack looks like good value...just feel like im getting jibbed with RAI being $20...its more then the actual individual packages lol...but i pay it for the folks.
  8. Im currently on basic + sport + foreign channel and iq2....any value for me with the new packages? The foreign channel is a killer....$20...any change with that?
  9. 3 new sports channels? i'd assume one would be fox sports 4....what could the other 2 be...eurosport maybe?
  10. Speaking of shows what happened to Spin City? it was on fox classics and never got moved over to 111 hits, any idea if its coming back?
  11. Thanks, had been wondering what happened to it. Any idea if spin city will be returning?
  12. If i series link a show today which started say 2 weeks ago wouldnt the episodes from now onwards get recorded only? say its a series with 15 episodes and i series link it halfway through.....what happends to the earlier episodes? do i miss out?
  13. i cant believe the whole countdown thing they had going for it like its something massive, wow Friends is on...woohoo cant see that on any other channel! Im shattered that spin city on fox classics looks like it will be off for a while...and not likely to move to 111.....i cant win, lol. Anyhow meh, back to back episodes of friends, king of queens....in 2 months they will probably shut down the channel for a few days in anticipation of everybody loves raymond moving to 111...complete with a molly meldrum countdown....oh foxtel
  14. Cant say im overly excited about it, in particular the shows that are currently on other channels. Why dont they just bring back shows that they havent aired for many years? for eg Welcome Back Kotter which was on tv1 last shown about 7 years ago, how about shows like full house, family matters and step by step which were last seen on fox classics about 3-4 years ago, sure its nothing special but by foxtels standards it would be "new" content, basically if your gonna have a repeats channel why not repeat some of the stuff that hasnt been shown for a very long time?
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