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  1. So I got a master powerboard with the slave outlets on them and hooked up 2 computer fans (sold in a pack at local shop) and they are very quiet at 19db. Use a 12volt power adaptor plugged into the slave outlets and amp in the master so they come on and off with the amp. I had the receiver running yesterday for a few hours playing music I have never felt the top of it so cool before, even when it used to sit on top of a cabinet in the open air. Very happy with this setup and thinking I might wire another 1 into each side of the cabinet for xbox and bluray players etc as those sections have doors.
  2. I just realised my receiver has an AC outlet (american) on the back of it so if I get a travel plug adaptor and plug in a 240 volt fan from Jaycar it will come on and off with the amp. Can anyone see any problems with doing this?
  3. I wonder if can get a ceiling/wall fan quiet enough to run off a master/slave powerpoint. Im used to projector above head so not fussed if can slightly hear it in quiet room but all other fans in my house are very noisy compared to a computer fan.
  4. The receiver has a DC trigger but says the following which I take it as it means it cant run something? DC TRIGGER output terminal Connect a device that needs to be triggered by DC under certain conditions (screen, power strip, etc…) Use the system OSD setup menu to determine the conditions by which these jack will be active. Note: This output voltage is for (status) control only, It is not suffi cient for drive capability
  5. Because there is no door on it the wife doesn't like the idea of seeing all the cables hanging out the back. I agree it does look messy. I like the idea of the USB powered fan however my receiver doesn't have a usb connection on it. I could connect it to the tv or other device that has usb's however that wont help me if have just music playing though amp. Perhaps get it to run from powerpoint from a smart powerepoint or whatever they called that turns off other appliances if the main one is switched off?
  6. Hi all, On the weekend I bought a new TV rack and the wife has told me she wants the AMP (Marantz SR5003) to go inside the cabinet now and not on top like it used to be on the old one. The shelf its on doesn't have a door at the front but the glass shelf above it only has a gap of about 20-40mm and about 40-50mm either side. There is a board at the back with one long oval hole cut out of it for the cables. I know a lot of people use computer fans at the back of the cabinet to pull all the heat out. I am thinking this is going to be my best bet and have them come on when the amp is being used. Id rather not to have to switch it on manually each time. Any ideas of best way to set this up or tell me the way you have extracted heat from your cabinet.
  7. Sorry I am in Cranbourne West. S.E Suburbs of Melbourne.
  8. Hi Guys, I am selling my Epson EMP TW700 720P Projector along with the 92" Redleaf pull down screen. Will also throw in the 10 metre HDMI Cable as it is of no use for me. Regret sale but moving homes for work and wont be any room for it in the new place. For a 720P projector the picture on this is amazing especially when watching blurays. The projector is just under 3 years old and has about 930 hours on the lamp. It has been used in a dedicated light controlled room on theatre 1 / 2 for its whole life. All reasonable offers will be considered. Due to screen id rather pickup but can ship at buyers expense. I will leave it on here for a while and then its off to e-bay.
  9. I noticed this in junk mail catalogue for sams warehouse down in vic. Probably crap but its good to see the prices coming down. $74 would have to be the cheapest one has almost gone for wouldn't it? http://catalogues.samswarehouse.com.au/por...+Blu-Ray+Player
  10. HahAmazing stuff. Imagine getting to the level where instead of watching a movie you are in the movie. So basically just a really good dream you cant control. Imagine some of the horror movies. That'd be awesome and scary as hell. Then there is Porn...lol
  11. Yer mate. Didn't even think to check at the store but luckily when I got home it was the correct one. Got it from JB Cranbourne.
  12. Grabbed myself one of thse last week. Dont have any region A only blurays but have a lot of region b only so changed the coding as suggested and wouldn't play the region B anymore. Changed back and worked fine. Looks like I can now start buying region A if I wish. Shame it cant be turned onto region free instead of just going to region a then back to b.
  13. I bought a new flat screen tv for our family room and got a cheap hisense one. The mrs wanted to watch a dvd so I quickly hooked up an old cheap dvd player laying around the house (conia). Some of the buttons on the dvd player are obviously using the same signal as the t.v as when use 3 different buttons it changes things on the t.v or goes to t.v menu etc. I want to get a new dvd player in this room anyway as I want a black oneto go with everything. Since I have never had this problem before is it common to have these issues? As I dont want to waste money on a dvd player if its going to do that.
  14. I watched 5-10 minutes the other day and the sound didn't stop the whole time. Gave me a headache. Every highlight I have seen on the news has it in the background. Its enough to make someone crazy. Hopefully people dont start taking them to AFL and NRL games or are they banned here?
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