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  1. I did call LG about it a while back but they didn't do much. As I said during most content the banding is invisible, it only shows up on very specific material.
  2. Hi guys. I am putting this out there as I have decided to sell my B6 OLED that I bought in late November, hoping to get $3k ono for it as the TV is still pretty much brand new. The reason for selling is due to some vertical banding that bothered me during certain content (specifically horror games) & only appears against dark tones like grey or brown. This is not so much a fault with the unit as pretty much all current OLED models will likely have this to some degree. This also may not be an issue for you as it is not visible 90% of the time & I am a particularly picky person when it comes to this sort of thing. It is very hard to capture with my camera & the TV is currently packed away in storage which is why I don't have any current photos to show off. PM me please if interested or have any questions. I live in Central Coast NSW & would be willing to post at buyer's cost.
  3. All the current OLEDs apparently are prone to this banding issue, right up to the flagship G6. The 2015 models had it much worse from what I've heard.
  4. Yeah, it's like a single tiny pinprick of light if I display a fully black screen. As for the banding, it pretty much appears as multiple vertical lines & some other artefacts on a dark grey screen, although I have seen it in real content on a few occasions. As it stands I'm about 1 month +1 week into ownership. I called HN & they said I would need to ring LG direct for them to authorize a replacement, what a headache. This panel is so close to perfection, which makes these minor issues all the more frustrating. I bet most other people wouldn't even notice this stuff from a normal viewing distance, but for me it's hard to entirely ignore.
  5. Ok so this is just over a 1 month update on owning a B6. I'm still very happy with the picture in general, however a couple of things have me on the fence about calling LG support. The banding in dark scenes is still an issue & has not improved, even though it is almost impossible in most normal content to spot it. When you do see it, it's still annoying. Secondly I have just noticed that there is a white dot on the lower left part of the screen, like a pixel is stuck 'on'. This is visible even with the TV turned off. I swear I must have the worst luck with screens, every time I've ever bought a new TV there has almost always been some problem with it that just drives me up the wall.
  6. The only game I have tried in HDR is Deus Ex & it looks bloody brilliant. Can't notice the lag as is, so I'm sure it will be even better once the update is out. I have also tried playing a couple of horror games & unfortunately this is where the banding on my set shows itself due to there being alot of darkness, especially in something like Alien Isolation. This is kind of a pain because I am a big horror fan & the deep black levels should be perfect for this kind of material, but it's marred to an extent by this uniformity problem. Just curious what your B6 looks like when displaying dark grey, any visible lines or streaks?
  7. I considered the C6 as well, but I'm not thrilled about curved screens. It's a cool novelty to see them in a shop, but I bet that would wear off fast once you got it home, especially if you sometimes sit off to the side, then it would just look weird I think. Been putting my B6 through its paces more today, still blown away by the picture. The contrast is really something to behold when you have bright whites & colours right next to absolute black. One small thing I have noticed is that if you push the brightness past a certain point (for me 62) it creates weird uniformity issues, so I would avoid that. Also I have noticed some banding only when displaying very dark grey, apparently this is common with all current models of OLED, even Panasonic's one. Usually I'm super picky about this kind of stuff, but so far it hasn't really bothered me during actual content, not as much as the banding on my plasma did anyway. Otherwise the screen is absolutely perfect.
  8. Just got my B6 delivered & set up today after I got home from work. First impressions here but holy hell it's a thing of beauty in person. I've been messing with the picture settings & pretty happy with the results so far. Input lag is pretty much imperceptible to me, and I play ALOT of games. Did the time trial in Titanfall 2 with high scores no problem. I also tried out 4K HDR on PS4 Pro (Deus Ex) for about 5 minutes, might have to check out more of that later. It's certainly a much brighter display than my ST60 plasma, in a dark room it's almost eye searing if you don't rein in the settings. I'd love to post a photo from my phone but it says I'm restricted by file size.
  9. After cancelling my order for the E6 last week, I absolutely could not pass up this price on the B6, especially since they apparently have near identical picture quality. That's a total steal especially with the $300 gift card. When I get it I'll post my thoughts & first impressions in here.
  10. Ok so I haven't posted here in a while, but I just wanted to point out that Good Guys have a crazy sale going on right now. The 65" B6 & C6 OLEDs are under $4800 & the E6 is $6000. This is by far the lowest price I have seen on these yet & after a couple of years waiting I finally pulled the trigger & bought the E6. I might cry when it gets here lol.
  11. I saw the JS9500 going for as 'low' as $5690 recently, it's back up in price now though.
  12. Watching SD material on a 4K screen isn't exactly ideal. The image has to be upscaled & blown up alot, which is why it probably doesn't look as good as your previous 1080p set by comparison.
  13. Pricing has been officially confirmed by Panasonic, their OLED will retail for 10,000 Euros....which equates to more than $16,000 over here. Congrats on making an already expensive technology even more out of reach. Although they are adamant that it will be affordable in "two to three years."
  14. Here's another article on the new Panny OLED http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2015/09/03/best-tv-ever-hands-on-with-panasonics-tx-65cz950-4k-oled-tv/ According to this early preview, it seems they may have ironed out the uniformity issues some people reported on the LG sets. They also seem to think the price might be in the neighbourhood of $10K USD.
  15. Where did you see that price? I haven't found anything on that. If it truly will cost that much they're going to have a hard time selling many of them.
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