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  1. Bought Lost in Space the TV series (which is region free) on Blu-ray from Amazon US for 122 AUD including delivery. That's about half of what it would have cost me if I'd bought it through an Australian outlet.
  2. The move is one big spoiler. Ninety or so minutes of my life was spoiled by watching it.
  3. Biggest turkey I've seen all year. The scene where the Rock just happens upon his ex-wife waiting to be rescued atop the crumbling office building is a comedy classic, as is the scene where he and she just happen upon their daughter waiting to be rescued from a building in flooded downtown San Francisco.
  4. Lost in Space the TV series will play on Region B machines, woo-hoo! http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Lost-in-Space-Blu-ray/86616/ Now all I need is for the Oz dollar to make a miraculous recovery and I'll be laughing.
  5. Kmart has had a number of older movies on Blu-ray for 8 bucks each for some time now. As you would expect from Kmart, there isn't a huge range, but it's still worth checking out the next time you're in one of their stores. Movies such as The Firm, Deep Impact, and Species are some of the titles on offer.
  6. I have to visit a shopping center that has a JB tomorrow, so I'll pick up Guardians and maybe some other normally overpriced movie then.
  7. Well, I've had a good day. Popped into JB and bought Avengers (first movie), Captain America Winter Soldier, and Cyborg for about $46. Yeah, I know Cyborg is 1080i, but I don't give a Van Damme. Avengers and Captain were already discounted but I got an additional 20% off both movies, so Avengers was less than $20 and Captain was about $20. Will be paying JB a visit next week to get Guardians of the Galaxy.
  8. Marvel on Sale??? You little beaudy!!!! This is what I'm getting tomorrow. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/action/avengers-the/302495/ https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/action/captain-america-the-winter-soldier/581232/ https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/action/guardians-of-the-galaxy/637970/ I'd like the last two to be the same price as the first Blu-ray, but what the hell!
  9. I know. But I want it to be available in Oz. The dying Oz dollar has made it too costly for me to buy from the States.
  10. I think more in terms of movies that haven't been released here on Blu-ray, rather than movies that haven't been released on Blu-ray anywhere, though some of the movies in my list fall into the latter category. What About Bob? Planes, Trains, and Automobiles The Raven (Vincent Price version) Terminal Velocity Break Down It's Only Money It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Count Yorga Vampire The Return of Count Yorga Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
  11. Either price sure beats Minotaur's. https://www.minotaur.com.au/site.asp?action=detail&ID=1616961
  12. Picked up Psycho at JB yesterday and, when I was looking for it, happened upon A History of Violence for $9.99. Great movie. Great price.
  13. Well, what do you know, we got the movie before the US. How often does that happen with older movies on Blu-ray? http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Last-Man-on-Earth-Blu-ray/66538/
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